Hey friends, how are you today? Although today is cloudy and overcast, I actually love days like this. It means the temperature may not dip too far below freezing, and a great reminder that God loves change. Creation, in its seasons, speaks of this God Who loves change, our temperatures also tell us the same. Thank God, He is a God of change; how thankful I am, for the changes He is making in me. ii cor 3 18
On Saturday, the sun was out in all its glory. The skies were blue and even the few birds left in this tundra were chirping and enjoying the wonder and beauty of the day. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. But no one was outside though; there wasn’t a soul (not even the kids) playing, power walking or even leisurely walking, because it was cold, it was not just cold, it was freezing. 2232738a-f6eb-4059-b5f3-4c2727802c32Everyone knows beautiful days like this say, ‘if you’re smart, you are going to admire us from the inside’. And because we’re smart, we heeded the warnings that come with beautiful days, like this. We stayed indoors; we enjoyed the blues skies and the sunshine with a hot cup of coffee, safe inside our very warm bathrobes. We take deep breaths of the warm circulated air pouring through our vents and say, “thank You, Lord, for the best of our world” (of course we are talking about this very immediate environment). We know that some you are enjoying beautiful, bright, summery days at the beach, playing frisbee, with your friend and family. Well, I am sure that neighbor wished for warmer temperatures, right about now, there she goes all bundled up, taking her dog out for a walk; she should have gotten a cat.ADC2137E-1D8D-40A5-A326-09BC78BC2972
Sometimes, days like these can be very disheartening as well as comforting. The disheartening comes because I long for green trees to go with the blue skies and warmth to go with the sun. I want to run outside, rather than on the treadmill downstairs. I want to hear the kids playing outside not tucked away inside their homes. I guess the reality is; I don’t want what I have; although I knew it was inevitable, still, days like these bring the reminder of beautiful, warm, laughter filled summer days. That’s what I want today. These days also bring comfort, because I know that today could just as easily be a cold, dark, gloomy, blistery kind of day.Phil 4 4 Sometimes, I’m in a betwixt, I can’t decide which description should dominate my feelings, disheartening or comforting. Back and forth and up and down, my feelings go. Shall I choose disheartening or shall I choose to be comforted? Finally, I decided to go with being comforted, for what will disheartening accomplish? Will it bring warmth and green trees back into my world? Will I be suddenly blessed with kids playing and neighbors on their porch? Since this is going to be my world for the next few months, I choose to accept it and be comforted.I Thess 5 18
This brings me to another dilemma; should I just accept my lot with long suffering, while I wait for spring and summer? In my neck of the woods, winter has the tendency to outstay its welcome. Usually she (maybe he) lingers for a good two months longer. Shall I just mope around, while I remind myself that this is ‘CNY after all’? Time is a gift, isn’t it? We all know of at least one person, who left this world, ‘too soon’. Let’s choose to mope for five minutes (okay maybe ten) but then let’s make the conscience decision to do more than just exist. Let’s remember God never makes a mistake, and even our mistakes, He is able to mold and shape into a thing of beauty. Let’s choose to live life abundantly! John 10 10Abundant life is always lived best, when lived according to the plans of the One who came to ‘give us life more abundantly’. Let’s enjoy and bask in the ‘now’ moments, believe it or not, it could always be worse. As a Christian, the best is always yet to come. We are privileged, in that, we can moan our lot to a God, Who listens and brings comfort. And the longer we stay in His presence; somehow, He always brings praise, which leaves us with the song, “How Great is our God”. If we complain about a person, somehow He shows us ourselves, He reminds us, that we are not perfect either’. If we whine about our circumstances, He reminds us that it could always be worse. What then shall we choose? Shall we choose to live life one day at a time? Shall we choose to live life abundantly? Shall we choose the Lord’s plan for our lives? I’ve linked a few blog posts which touches on the subject of change and choices here and here and here.  Check them out.  Today, what shall it be?closing1brenda