Hi friends, how are you today? I pray that you are having a good day today.  The past few weeks have been absolutely gorgeous. The temperatures have been in the 70°s and the 80°s, the sun has been out in all its glorious beauty; even the rain has sometimes been a welcome relief.  Although our household has been busy, it has been a pleasure seeing the Lord at work in our lives.  I have found that in the busyness of life, gratefulness can sometimes be tossed by the wayside.  How thankful I am that He has not given up on me; my heart is prone to wonder away from Him.  But He is such a loving, forgiving and faithful God that He always draws me back to Himself.  (Thank You, Father).Ps 150 9  It’s easy for life to become routine in order to accomplish the various tasks in our lives.  Sometimes our quiet time can easily become route. We find ourselves (I know I do) giving the Lord thoughtless prayers and His Word goes in but does not take root.  But then the Lord sends beauty our way to remind us that He is God.  He reminds us to slow down and be careful.  It’s easy to forget that the cares of this world are not permanent because this is the life, we live. The Lord sends roadblocks our way.  He warns us to be aware of the subtle arrows of the enemy that tries to steal our hearts away from Him.  He tells us to be aware of the relationships that we may potentially ruin if we neglect our time with Him.  He emphasizes that we need to take our eyes off the tasks and care more for the people.  He tells us to take note of our actions; they are becoming reactions instead of intentional responses.  He admonishes us against being so busy that we give Him the leftovers of our time; that we regulate Him to the background.  Psalm 144 15 He sends the silvery light of the moon and stars to tell us the cost of our salvation was too steep a price to live life irresponsibly.  He sends the gurgle sounds of a new born babe to remind us of His unlimited grace and mercy.  He cautions us against waiting too long to repent; we just may start a series of unfortunate events.  He sends the birth of a new day to bring to our recollections, the fact that He promised to never leave us nor forsake us; He can be trusted.  He sends a variety of birds in all shapes and sizes; their cacophony of sounds reminds us that if He provides for them, He is surely able to give us abundantly anything we can ask or think.  He sends the whispers of the night to say, ‘be still and turn to Me, I’m still here”.2 Tim 2 5So then I run to my God.  I ask Him to forgive me, I ask Him for a new beginning.  And I am reminded that He absolutely loves me.   He gives me more grace and extends more mercy my way.  He forgives completely and brings healing to my soul.  He loves me and He most certainly loves you too, my friend.  Run to Him, find comfort and rest under the shadow of His Wings.  Oh how He loves you!2 Tim 4 7Have you been too busy for Him?  How will you respond to His love?closing1brenda