Hello Friends, can you believe it is the last Friday in the month of May already? This is Friday #4; what has the month brought to your doorstep? So far, just in the past two weeks, we’ve celebrated two birthdays, participated in one Awana graduation B059496F-2D02-4E0A-B3C9-9BC6EB491BD9and one Homeschool co-op graduation (for which we are grateful because we did not attend co-op this year), held our own church’s Awana closing ceremony and attend senior prom.  5D81A79B-447E-477B-8A07-033197150576We also threw in a few doctor’s visits, (I mean, why not?).  It has been very busy, these last few weeks.  Thankfully everything went very well.  Everyone (including me) remained sane and harmony was maintained.

Shall I share a secret with you? I love secrets!! The busier I become, the more tightly I hold on to my schedule.  A schedule held in stone usually (well… almost always; Okay! Okay! ALWAYS) provides opportunities for arguments and disagreements to fester.  I just need people to follow my schedule! Why are people prone to do the opposite of what you want them to do, when you need them to do it! Don’t they understand that my way is the best way? I usually act like an army general with the expectation that everyone will fall in line.  Well, I suppose you know how this story ends.

BUT I did say that harmony was maintained. What did I do differently? Glad you ask! I can’t control people nor can I accurately predict circumstances.  I know! Why didn’t someone tell me this couldn’t be done! Of course (because it wouldn’t be right, if I didn’t) I wrote out the schedule, BUT this time I brought it to the Lord.  I loosely held on to the schedule and allowed Him to make adjustments. I thought of writing out a Plan B (you know, just in case) but realized that was me again, trying to hold on to control (pray for me).  Here is my battle plan for life’s busy seasons:I Thess 5 17

  1. Prayer and trust that God is in control. 
  2. Write out the schedule (I have to do it)
  3. Prayer and trust that God is in control. 
  4. Tentatively begin assigning tasks and responsibilities
  5. Prayer and trust that God is in control. 
  6. Adapt when necessary
  7. Prayer and trust that God is in control. Proverbs 31 26I can’t emphasize enough, how important it is for me to remain in the presence of God.  It is easy to become overwhelmed with life’s busyness. But harmony and sanity must be preserved, because people matter to God.  And because they matter to Him, they must matter to me enough to adapt and adjust.  My focus can’t be on what they are or are not doing, but rather on the person the Lord is transforming; that’s me.   I wait for others to conform to me and my ways, but I must transform and I must begin to conform to His ways.  I must believe that He is in control and because He is in control, I have peace and I can live peaceably with others.  What do you do when you are overwhelmed or when busyness prevails? What is your battle plan?
  8. closing1brenda


42 responses to “HELP! I’M DROWNING!”

  1. Whenever I have a lot going on I rely on Jehovah God for help as well. Throwing your burdens on Him can really help you to think clearly so everything gets done. Here is an article that provides bible based guidance on how to manage things so it’s easier to handle.

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  2. So true! I have a post it note taped to my desk that says “Everyone is important to God” just as a little reminder to daily walk in the Spirit when dealing with other people who I may or may not vibe with. The bible says as much as we can help it, to live in harmony with others. So even if other people are wildin out, we do the best we can to live in harmony and being led by the Spirit and not ourselves helps to keep us in check. Great post<3

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  3. I need to remember this. I’m in the midst of the chaos right now. I know that if I hand it over to god he will bring me back above the water. Thank you for the reminder!

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  4. I’ve been reading this book called “Anxious for Nothing,” by Max Lucado. It has been really helpful in understanding the roots of our anxiousness and how we can release them to God.

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  5. Congrats on the graduation and glad to hear you’re harmonizing in the (not so) merry month of May! I like your ideas of facing overwhelming circumstances with prayer, a schedule, and flexibility. I often want to to change others but also learning it’s me who needs changing by the Spirit.

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  6. My battle plan for those overwhelming times is prayer. Do I always follow this? Heck to the no! 🙂 I try though and have been making small, but noticeable (at least to me!) progress. I pray it continues:) Your daughter looks beautiful!!

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  7. First, I want to say that I love love love your hair – been on that natural journey and it’s a process in the making or a thorn in my side I should say…lol. Yes, your month has been busy, your daughter is beautiful, didn’t see the whole outfit but loved the part I did see. Yes, yes, yes – our plans and schedules vs. Gods plans and schedules. I have to admit, I’ve had many instances where I took my plans and schedules and went flew solo only to realize that in the end, God should have been consulted all along about it, things just turn out better that way. I even try to acknowledge him when I’m writing a post or anything – I love your action plan above, we just have to realize that God is in control of everything and once we accept that…..everything else falls into place as it should. Another great post!

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  8. Oh, those schedules. I find them becoming my desperate need to control what feels out of control. Grateful God has grace for all the ways I need it!

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  9. Well said, Brenda 😊. We must contantly be in prayer and remember Who is truly in control (it isn’t me!) …☝️… Still, I have a little plaque in my living room that says (proclaims????) “I am not being bossy I just know what you should be doing.” BTW, you and your daughter are beautiful 😁

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