DSCF2586Hello my friends, how are you today? Take a minute to think about it.  How are you? In spite of the circumstances, I wish you a very blessed day.  Can you believe it? We are in June! Happy first day of June! How should a new month be celebrated? Well, glad you ask! It should be a time of reflection; how are we doing in our walk with the Lord? Have we been walking in accordance with His Word? Is His Word at the center of our lives? Are we aware that true success in life relies on obeying the Word of God? Do we wish to be better, wiser mother/father, brother/sister, wife/husband, worker, and friend? Read and obey the Word of God! That is really the solution!  F73A1302-EF25-414F-A99E-71939FE3142ALately most of my time has been scheduled.  But yesterday, I went for a walk by myself and do you know what I found out? I absolutely loved it! It was so serene and peaceful.  It was exactly what my soul needed.   I said hello to strangers as we passed each other.  I stopped to admire the family of geese and goslings.DSCF2562  I walked across a bridge that looked like it should not hold my weight, but was very much stable.


I enjoyed the bird daring me to come get its insect (if only she knew I do not knowingly eat insects).CB873296-F707-4E09-8701-48AAC178B095 I listened to the rushing sounds of what used to be a vibrant and busy canal.  I touched the petals of what was thankfully not poison ivy (although I love plants, I know very little about them).


It was a pleasant walk; there was just one hidden agenda… take photographs.  A good agenda, because it forced me to slow down; to take the time see God’s handiwork.  I was reminded of God’s 19 1  I was reminded of His unfailing, unwavering, unconditional love for you and me.  I was reminded that creation itself speaks of God’s love.  Creation calls out and says there is Someone bigger, greater, mightier. ps 24 1 There is Someone more trustworthy and dependable. There is Someone more amazing and awesome. Creation points us to the Almighty God of the Universe. Does creation bring a soothing peace to your soul?


Lloyd of Lloyd’s Lens Photography takes the most beautiful photographs.  He really has an eye for detail.  AND most of his photos have a story.  Check out his site, you will not regret it.  Just click this here.closing1brenda