In Mandisa’s recent album called ‘Out of The Dark’, there is this most beautiful song, titled ‘Unfinished’. I love this song.  It is a wonderful reminder that we are unfinished, imperfect people.  Yeah, I know some people are absolutely shocked right now.  Imperfect, you say!  There’s another song called, ‘He’s still working on me’, that we sing with our Awana kids.  I love songs that reflect God’s grace and mercy; His unfailing love and unending patience with His people.  In ‘Unfinished’, Mandisa talks about being the one preaching to others that they could overcome, as a matter of fact, in 2013, she tilted her album ‘Overcomer’. She continues in ‘Unfinished’ that things started changing.  She began to have doubts; her faith began to waver. It wavered because her prayers were not answered the way she thought it should have been.   Elijah is an Old Testament prophet; his story can be found in I Kings 17 – 19.  Elijah had seen God demonstrate His faithfulness, yet when hard times came, he believed God had abandoned him.  His faith began to waver.  Romans 8 35 Why do we find it so hard to believe that God loves us? Why do we have so much difficulty in trusting the love of God? Why do we continually compare the love of God with ours and find His lacking?  Is 46 6Personally, I know and have seen the faithfulness of God’s love for me on numerous occasions.  Over and over again, He demonstrates His love for me. But I have found it hard to trust His love sometimes.  I struggle most to understand His love when my prayers are seemingly unanswered or the answer is not one I expected. When it appears as if the ‘rug was pulled out’ from under me, I find it easy to doubt His perfect love for me.  My problem is that I believe with eyes and not what I know to be true about God.  I also sometimes, forget that this world with all its issues is temporary, that rather my God is preparing me for a more permanent home.  Sometimes, I also think I’m better than God.  I do not do that knowingly, but it is what I believe when I waver in my trust, because He did something contrary to what I wanted.  My beliefs about the God I serve begins to shift and I now start to doubt what I know about Him.  I begin to question His love for me.  “If He loved me, why did He let this happen”?  If He loved me why didn’t He stop this from happening”?  If He loved me why didn’t He do this or that”?  The truth is that God’s love (is): Rom 5 8

  1. Perfect and complete.  He loves me in spite of me, not because of me. He loves me even when I am unlovable to everyone else.  (Romans 5:8)
  2. Always good.  He withholds nothing good from me.  (James 1:17)
  3. Always solves all my problems (Romans 8:28)
  4. Gives me exactly what I need, when I need it. (Philippians 4:29)
  5. God’s love is eternal (Psalm 136:1)

God’s loves isn’t:

  1. About my will for my life; but rather His will for my life.  The truth is I don’t know everything and I can’t see into the future.
  2. Solving all my problems, my way.
  3. Giving me what I want, when I want it; even though it may seem best to me at the time.
  4. One I can control
  5. Based on what I do or don’t do.

Let’s trust His love for us, friends.  The enemy of our souls desires to take our eyes off our Savior.  He does this by supplying the reasons why our God’s love can’t be trusted.  Let’s believe what we know to be true about God in spite of the circumstances.

What are some ways God demonstrates His love to you?



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I love the Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior. I love my husband (Benny) of almost 24 years, yes, he is still the love of my life, I love our two blessings from the Lord (Cleo and Anna). We are the parents of two beautiful girls that we home schooled through high school. I love fashion shhhhh

54 thoughts on “ARE YOU SURE HE LOVES ME?

  1. Hi Brenda, Mandisa is one of my favorites! I followed her story from her American Idol days and then had the honor of meeting her at a conference we both attended! The message of my heart is our identity as a child of God and His unfailing love for us. It is why her story immediately resonated with me and why this post does, as well. Thank you so much for joining me at #MomentsofHope this week ♥ Your words are a blessing!

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    1. Thank you Lori, for providing such an awesome opportunity to link up. I love Mandisa. Our identity as a child of God; most times, I believe that’s exactly our problem. We don’t know or believe who we are, or becoming, in Christ.


  2. Amen Brenda. There is so much Truth written in this blog post.
    “God’s love is perfect and complete. He loves me in spite of me, not because of me. He loves me even when I am unlovable to everyone else.” Praising the Lord for this Truth. “God’s love isn’t giving me what I want when I want it; even though it may seem best to me at the time.” This is something I need to pray about and ask God to help me with, because often I pretend that I know more than what God already knows about my life. Thank you for giving us a better perspective on what God’s love is truley like.

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    1. I remember a time [sometimes I still do it] I would be very dissapointed when the Lord did not answer my prayer, the way I wanted Him too. But He faithfully reminds me that His ways are always best, all I have to do is trust Him long enough to realize that!


  3. Hi-this is what I battle with from your article above “God’s will isn’t solving all my problems, my way.” It has taken me many years to learn God wants to take care of me and loves it when I depend on Him for help. I totally resonate with this article!

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  4. I think the reason we have a hard time believing God loves is that our definition of love is flawed. We see love as performance based, if I do or don’t do certain things then God loves me. The truth is I am loved not because of what I’ve done, not because of what I do or might do in the future, I am loved because of whose I am. That is so comforting in a performance based world where I often think I’ll never measure up.

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  5. “I believe with eyes and not what I know to be true about God.” – You hit the nail on the head right there, sister!
    And amen! God’s love is ALWAYS GOOD! It is impossible for His love to be bad, and it is impossible for God to be bad! The evil one tempts us to think that God doesn’t have our best interests in mind, just as he did with Eve in the garden, and we fall for his lies when we take that seed thought and run with it.
    I love your “what God’s love isn’t” list! Interesting how much better a perspective we can get of a subject by looking at both sides of the coin.

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  6. Interesting how I try to tell God HOW to answer my prayers instead of resting in Him, His timing and His unwavering love. You’re focused on His Word and that’s right where we all need to focus!

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  7. Those five points on how God loves us I am putting on a board to remind myself every day. I think we close ourselves off from God full blessings by thinking small of how much He loves us and wants to bless us. Thanks for this!!!

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    1. Thank you 😊 May the name of our Lord be praised. Indeed to Him be the glory. Knowing that nothing that truly separated us from God’s love should be a reminder to live like we know that! 😀 thanks for commenting


  8. I love this!! Definitely a great reminder for all of us! One thing I’ve been learning is that closed doors are an indicator of how much God truly loves me just as much as opened doors are. I try to think about it this way…He loved me enough NOT to give me what I wanted because He knew that what I wanted had the potential to destroy me! Now that’s love!!! Once I got the revelation of how much God truly does love me and how He truly does have my very BEST interest in mind everything changed for me. Now I can praise Him even for the unanswered prayers….HALLELUJAH!!🙌🏾🙌🏾

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  9. Oh, how I love this! I went through a season of struggling with the concept that if God loves everyone perfectly, how can I be special to Him? It wasn’t that I was feeling selfish and wanted God’s attention to be on me more than another, but I was believing the lie that God didn’t actually love me for me, but rather I was just in the mix of everyone He loved perfectly. A friend told me to think of ways God had specifically loved me according to my love language, and that same night God drastically revealed His love to me. It was a moment I will never forget for my entire life. I’m now fully confident that God loves me perfectly and uniquely because He created me and desires an intimate relationship with me! Visiting from #SittingAmongFriends. 🙂

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  10. God demonstrates his love for me by reminding me of his word whenever my “feelings” get in the way. It’s in moments of worry, sadness, even anger that I am reminded or scolded as his love for me is demonstrated in his word. Even in the little things and the people his places in my life, I am reminded. It’s so amazing to be loved by God!

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  11. He shows us his love in his Son, Jesus, and through the love of other people too. He has always provided what I NEED, not necessarily what I want and loves to surprise us with good gifts! Like Mandisa’s music…uplifting and REAL.

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  12. So true, sister! A way that God shows that He loves us is that He answers our prayers with His perfect timing. That’s one thing that I still can’t understand, how perfect and sinless He can be, but He just is, Amen to that!😁 God bless xx

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  13. You asked, “What are some ways God demonstrates His love to you?” My answer – by having you write this blog! Just yesterday I was asking Him about His love for me. And your post is part of His answer! Thank you for being faithful!

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