7AE45D86-E3BB-4F3D-BA74-78BF05A78C47Hello friends, it’s a beautiful day in my neck of the woods.  The birds are singing praises to my God, the sun is out and there are a few yard sales in my neighborhood that I do pray I have the time to peruse.  I love yard sales, consignment and thrift stores.  I should say that’s because of the amount of money one can actually save on these places, and that’s one good reason.   But we know there is something about finding a ‘one of a kind’, unique or special gem that makes it all worthwhile. Rom 5 8 GROWING FAVORITES

This also reminds me, that I’m a ‘one of a kind’, unique and special gem.  I know that not because people or things validate me, but because the Word of God tells me so. My God thought me special enough that He desired to bridge that gap that existed between me and Him.  It existed because of my sinful, fallen nature.  He thought me unique enough to offer me life more abundantly.  He thought of me, as a special gem, so He offered me joy, peace, and rest.  He offered me fulfillment and completion in Himself.  Because He declared me ‘one of a kind’, He sent me His ‘Only Begotten Son’ as proof of His love for me.  He offered me a chance at a renewed and transformed life, so I say, “thank You, Lord”.  And now I am in the process of living life more abundantly.  Will you join me? Psalm 144 15

BEAUTY FAVORITES9C74C70D-E024-4462-8048-1B2412CBD09CBy now, you should know, I enjoy makeup.  I enjoy everything that has to do with beauty, why do you think I ask the Lord into my life? He said true beauty is found in Him! But I digress.  We are enjoying beautiful weather over here, in Upstate NY.  Anais Anais is my perfume of choice during these summer months.  I absolutely love the floral scent.  It smells so good, I just want to capture that scent and breathe it in everyday. It is very unique in its scent with hints of jasmine and lilies; this is one of the few perfumes that are always in my collection.  (Yes, I said ‘collection’). Try it, here, you won’t be disappointed. F4F97D98-5400-4545-8EDF-7FB38288E44D These two lippies from Anastasia Beverly Hills are beautiful. The pink color is called Dollhouse Lipgloss. Although it is a lipgloss, it isn’t tacky nor sticky.  It also isn’t very pigmented, which is perfect for the summer months.  It leaves a lovely hint of pink on the lips, with moderate staying power.  I bought these at TJMAXX, but you can find it here. and here44ABDF69-9368-471D-A8ED-7E0914E8B863 I find myself reaching for it, because of the easy application.  Sarafine Liquid Lipstick is the name of the red color.  Now that lipstick is very pigmented, with a longer staying power.  The application process is quite easy, even without a mirror. The color is beautiful,more of a burgundy red.

FASHION FAVORITES6CE68212-6C08-4662-9236-6E5CB18638D8These Steve Madden shoes have become my ‘slip and go’ shoes.  I have had these shoes for a few years now; I bought it at the thrift store.  They are comfortable, light weight with wooden heels.  It’s just about 4” tall.  I love the trio of colors that come with these shoes.  It makes it easy to pair it with almost anything. Love it.9A65C0C0-AF37-4444-885D-AF4008ACD901 I love this handbag. This was my most used handbag during the month of May, perhaps because I received it for my birthday. I love the unique handles, the closure and the design element of the shells. It can be paired with everything. It’s a statement piece. 8D5A3F54-FF84-4CA7-8FFA-67534FAA997DThe shells are covered with a clear plastic, making it impossible to snag any clothing. I should also say it does not hold much, it has a zippered divider on the inside.  I must admit I do love this fashion trend. It was purchased at a consignment store.D13C317D-908F-4046-A5E9-F58647CFA262When I was a little girl, my church (at the time) was very big on the ‘thou shalt not..’.  Thou shalt not wear pants, thou shalt not wear jewelry’. But by the time, we became teenagers; we had pushed back the boundaries.  The beauty of growing up in a church where the people love God is that they look out for the young people. Some of the boundaries held firm because of the time period.  This anklet is one boundary I am thankful I no longer have to keep. F3C95A3A-7479-40BB-AF19-AA24174D05B2 I have always loved anklets; to me they usually exude elegance and confidence.  My husband, the best, most excellent husband that he is, bought me this anklet for my birthday.  It is special because it’s my first and because it’s from him.  It was the thinnest I could find at Hannoush.  I love it.  pro-31-30 The Lord has given us ‘stuff’ to enjoy.   But ultimately true beauty and contentment is found in Him.  What are a few of your May favorites; it could be a Bible verse, a fashion or beauty piece.closing1brenda

24 responses to “MAY FAVORITES”

  1. Amen, Brenda! This is such a great post! Also, I think one of your favorites have become one of my favorites. Haha! I love pink, so I’m really digging the dollhouse lip gloss. Thank you for sharing! Blessings! 🙂

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  2. Another inspiring post Brenda! 🙂 I’m all for thrifting: finding one-of-a-kind treasures, easy on the pocket book and keeps things out of landfills. My next post is a thrifted top. Such a cute wicker handbag and as you say, goes with anything!


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  3. I needed some positivity today 🙂 Thank you for the mood uplift! Also, it is a beautiful, sunny, warm day for us as well which always helps! My favorite verse of the month was “O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His name together.” -Psalm 34:3 God Bless and Have a wonderful day!

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  4. Isn’t it great when you find something that ends up being something you wear all the time? Sometimes for me it’s the one thing I was not sure about getting but I went ahead and loved it!
    I haven’t been to a yard sale in a long time! I’d like to go though!
    Happy June Brenda! 💗

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