Hey friends, how are you today? Happy 1st day of March.  Apparently, today is the unofficial first day of spring, along with the first day of ‘Women’s History Month’.  We are already two months into the new year, which continues to seemingly move at the speed of light.  Blink and December will be here, and we will remember so … More DO NOT FRET; PRAY!


The word ‘attitude’ is bounced around a lot.  It is used quite often in phrases.  We have heard and I am sure we say things like, that attitude will be your downfall, or change that attitude, perhaps even more often as parents, I don’t like that attitude.  We also say such things as positive attitude … More CHANGE THAT ATTITUDE!


Did you know we could talk WITH God? Sometimes, I forget that prayer is talking WITH God, Himself! Many of us would prefer talking TO God. Perhaps some of us enjoy talking ABOUT God.  But God has granted us direct access to Himself! Isn’t that amazing? The King of Kings and the Lord of Lords … More ME… PRAY?


Recently I had the privilege of participating in a nationwide prayer event hosted by True Women 2016.  The theme was Cry Out.  Usually, when children are asked the question, “what is prayer?” the most common response is ‘prayer is talking to God’. But prayer is more than just a one-sided conversation, isn’t it? Very few of … More PRAY