Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Well… winter has decided that she isn’t quite done with us. In fact, she has decided to send us a few inches of snow; a blessing, I’m not sure, for which we are thankful.  Usually, our city is in the top five snowiest cities in the country, but this winter, we’ve had more rain than snow which indicates our temperature has been above normal for most of the season.  But here we are…winter is back and has been forecasted to outstay her welcome.  What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

Because we have a teacher in the house again, I looked at the school closings for today.  In the past, I wouldn’t have bothered, not only because we homeschooled, but also because this snowfall would have been fairly normal for us.  But in that short space of time, I became familiar with a new normal.   Because we’ve had more rain than snow, I believed any snow on the ground would bring about school closings.  Well, unfortunately for our schoolteacher, this was not so because it was not necessary. 

How long do you think it takes for new habits to be formed? For the ‘new’ to become ‘normal’? For the unfamiliar to become familiar. Commonly, most people believe it takes an average of 21 days although other studies have theorized that it takes a minimum of over 2 months.  In the scheme of things, new habits really do not take that much time to be formed. 

For the next month, I’ve decided to go on what I termed an ‘inward, outward body transformation’.  The past two years allowed me quite a bit of idle time.  I hate to be idle, but there is just so much one can do, when there is nothing to be done.  What transpired is a ‘yes’ to every task and event as soon as the world opened and now not surprisingly is the becoming overwhelmed, which in my case, leads (believe it or not) to doing nothing, in other words, back to being idle.  Ah the cycle! Not enough… too much…. too little.  I don’t do well when I am overwhelmed, which is also a bad habit of mine. 

King David had the right idea, when in Psalm 61, he says; ‘when I am overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I’.  At the feet of our Lord, Jesus Christ, I can take stock of life.  I can with His wisdom, take only what He has given me.  If (and that’s IF) I have too much, then through His direction, I will remove some tasks, but I have come to the conclusion, that a lot of the overwhelms (yes, yes, I know) is simply because I’ve taken my eyes off the Lord and placed them on the tasks and events.  Nothing brings on that overwhelming feeling faster than to itemize the tasks to which we’ve been called.  My first inclination is usually to complain about the number of things I have to do (as if I didn’t say ‘yes’ to it in the first place) and then to renege on a few others as I weigh the importance of each.  I understand that about now, there are some of you that probably frown on such behavior, it’s ok though, I’ve lived long enough and have walked with the Lord long enough to know I am not alone in this.  How are you doing?

New habits demand intentionality.  Sometimes it is becoming familiar again with something we used to do, we need time, and we need practice. That feeling of overwhelm will probably always seek opportunities to consume, but before it can reach such proportions, we have an escape clause.  We run to the Rock that is higher than we are, that steadies our foundation.  In His presence, we take the time to ask, ‘too much or in my own strength’? Because both bring about that overwhelming feeling which leads to becoming unproductive.  How will we know for sure which it is? Spending time with the Lord brings clarity.  In His presence, we can be honest with ourselves (believe me He already knows).  

Do we really have too much to do? Go ahead… write it all down.  Seek the Lord’s wisdom on those things that are flexible. The case for ‘un’wife(ing) and ‘un’mother(ing) are not supported by the Bible (sorry) these are not optional, but perhaps some things outside the home may be.  Of course, we are familiar with the few Christians that are in every ministry in the church (for a while there, I forgot I was not one of the pillars needed to keep the church standing), believe me if the ministry needs you to keep it going, perhaps it is not as necessary as you think. Ministries exist to bring God glory, it’s a failure when we lose sight of this.  Instead of daily trying to achieve every goal, perhaps set a goal for each task separately. One by one, set realistic deadlines.  Let us begin the good habit of taking our cares to the Lord, let’s take our schedules to Him and allow Him to make the adjustments.  It’s for our good and for His glory.  

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21 responses to “TOO MUCH? OR NOT ENOUGH?”

  1. Hi there, we moved down to Missouri at the first of the year. The weather is so inconsistent, but on the whole, it is much warmer than Minnesota was or what you are having. I’ve been studying habits some lately. Turns out a move or get away is the quickest way break old habits and form new ones, just from how much everything is different. I can definitely see that, since there are some things that I have just completely stopped without realizing it, and other things I have begun. On the whole, it has been good. I’m without internet, unless I walk to camp, and that has been weird but good. Our attention has been refocused, and without all the news and the “chores” that come with upkeeping things online, I have found that I do not feel as much pressure or overwhelm. Just lots more time, listening to Jesus! 🙂

    So good to read your blog today!


  2. The weather here in So. IL. has been sunny and warm, cold and rainy, windy and calm-all normal for this time of year! And I did have one of those days this week where it was trying to give thanks and count it all joy but the Lord is faithful and put me in perspective.

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  3. As always, good insight. What has been hard for me this past year is to accept that I cannot do what I once did. Because of my age and health, I have to say no to many things I would love to say yes to. I’m trying to learn to accept this age of my life and realize it is okay to sit and smell the roses. I’m learning new ways to be used of God. While I can no longer work in the nursery or do many of the ministries requiring physical strength, I can send cards, I can speak a word of encouragement to the younger ones doing ministry and I can pray. For one who always said yes I’m learning it is okay to say no.

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  4. I agree that spending time with the Lord brings clarity. I enjoy helping out at church but lately have been learning to say no to new projects; my schedule is full. Hoping the snow melts and spring weather reaches you soon. 🌷🌺

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  5. I read somewhere “if you think you’re important, stick your finger in a cup of water, pull it out, and see how big a hole you leave.” Another person said “Don’t start working where you think God can use you, start working where God CALLS you.”

    Thank you for this message. Being overwhelmed is not Gods fault! “Ministries exist to bring God glory, it’s a failure when we lose sight of this.” Amazing Grace! No matter how many times we mess up, He is faithful and forgiving and still loves us! Hallelujah!!

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    • I like that analogy of the finger in the water cup; really puts us in our place, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing ♥️in the eyes of God, we are His prized possession, but we should always remember that we have been called to bring glory to our Heavenly Father


  6. “a lot of the overwhelms… is simply because I’ve taken my eyes off the Lord and placed them on the tasks and events.” I think of the Israelites in the wilderness, complaining to Moses instead of using wisdom, and asking. If we access and assimilate God’s wisdom all along, we have much less reason for complaining.
    “if the ministry needs you to keep it going, perhaps it is not as necessary as you think.” – ha, good point! Love it.
    Another great post, Brenda! Thank you. 😁

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