Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? As I look through the window, our backyard has become a winter wonderland. I do enjoy this picturesque scene from the inside looking out. As far as the eyes can see everything outside is white; the skies are white, the trees are white, the grounds are white, even the cars and most of the house are white, a sea of white.  I love the almost absolute silence that usually comes with the snow. Because the snow is so dense and heavy, most of the noise cannot filter through it.  Amazing! 

The snow usually reminds me of the wonder of God’s amazing grace.  It’s the completely blanketing of the snow that does it for me.  The snow literally, if left unattended, covers everything in its path.   The snow reminds me of the shelter, I can find in the arms of the God of the universe.  I am reminded that I have an Anchor, I have a Refuge, I have a Rock in the God of the Universe.  There is safety in Him. 

The song ‘Whiter than snow’ usually comes to mind too when I look outside.  I can’t even imagine anything whiter than snow, can you? At times, when the sun comes out, I must wear my sunglasses because I can barely keep my eyes open.  The reflection of the sun on the snow makes it almost impossible to see.  Yet when the Lord forgives me, He forgives so completely that the whiteness of snow cannot compete. How many times have we heard or perhaps even said, “I forgive you, but I won’t forget”.  Yet we’ve been told, the God of the Universe chooses not to remember our sin.  Such amazing grace! 

When I was little girl, I was quite fascinated by pens that came with an eraser.  That’s an ingenious idea, whoever came up with it.  I guess I could find out, I’m sure Goggle would know, but that’s irrelevant information, if you want to know, you know what to do.  But having the option to erase my work, after writing with a pen, rather than crossing it out, or starting all over, depending on the teacher’s desires, was very satisfying.  I loved it and the only pen I wanted for school was one that came with an eraser, because undoubtedly, I would make a mistake in my writing.  Even better is Word correcting my spelling mistakes.  Thank You Lord, for blessing man with this wisdom.  

Isn’t it wonderful that our Perfect, Holy, and Righteous God gives us great do-over opportunities? I love new days because it’s a do-over day.  It’s an opportunity for new grace and mercy.  It’s a new day filled with moments for me to repent and seek forgiveness.  I can assure you; I will need it.  Forgiveness is an eraser that never comes to an end, as long as there is life in this body.  The Lord’s forgiveness just keeps giving when I sincerely seek it.  He certainly forgives freely, because my debt has been paid through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. According to His Word and unlike the pen’s eraser, there is no record of wrong against me.  He washes me whiter than snow and let me tell you, as someone who lives in an area, where snow isn’t a rarity, snow can be blindingly white.  Forgiveness – to let go of an offense against another.  And that’s I’ve done, that’s exactly what I still do; I offend the Lord with my sin.  When I sin, I desecrate His Name; I violate His commands.  When I repent, the blood of His Son wipes it all away.  I am clean.  (Natalie Grant has a song by this name) Yep! Gimme that God (another good song by Kirk Franklin). 

Snow days allow me time to be introspective, time to breathe. In order to avoid accidents, we are forced to slow down during snowstorms. Even though we may be indoors, snow days are not given to busyness.  It’s for fireplaces, soups, robes, and cuddles.  It’s for comfort.  But because snow days are seasonal, I have need of more consistency and more stability.  I find that in the always present, presence of God.  He uses snow days to remind me that this beautiful, unfolding scene taking place outside was fashioned for me.  It tells of His great love for me, of His faithfulness toward me, of His amazing grace that compels me.  

I stand in awe of the Creator God of the universe.  I am thankful to be alive.  How are you today? 

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23 responses to “AMAZING GRACE”

  1. Hallelujah in JESUS NAME I Pray AMEN ❤

    Goodnight my Sisters and Brother s in JESUS and may our ONE TRUE GOD the HEAEVNLY FATHER BLESS YE ALL and Your families and friends!!

    Love ❤ Always and Shalom, YSIC \o/


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  2. Love this post and your great analogies about erasing pens and backspacing and changing what you have written. God starts with a clean slate for us every day and that makes my heart glad.

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  3. I was intrigued with your appreciation of snow, even in mid-March. In our neck of the woods, everyone I meet is sick of snow, cold, and wind; waiting in deep anticipation of some sign of SPRING!
    It comes down to expectations, doesn’t it?
    May we, with childlike faith (like you) appreciate what God gives us in His time. May we cast away our expectations, and just lean into what God wants, and provides, for us.

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  4. With Passover/Easter coming up, I have been thinking about how Jesus blood literally protects us from death. When we truly understand that he was crucified for our sakes, we can see how much he loves us.

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  5. A wonderful analogy! When a patch of gravelly dirt is comletely covered by a blanket of snow, it’s hidden. Just as the Blood of Jesus covers us when we give our life to Him, it hides our sin so that when the Father looks at us, He sees only His Son’s sacrificial blood and the Father forgives us; and that indeed is AMAZING GRACE!! Hallelujah!!

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