Hey friends, how are you today? It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Just a brief minute, right? Since we last interacted, both spring and winter have been to our neck of the woods. We’ve had winter storms and 60° temperatures in FEBRUARY! It’s been just about two weeks since we last spoke and so much has happened.  Time certainly brings with it the unexpected.  Sometimes the unexpected brings laughter and joy and sunshine, perfect days to provide shelter and refuge.  Other times the unexpected brings tears and sorrow and blizzards, perfect days to find shelter or seek refuge. Time seems to move at the speed of light lately.  I blinked and February has almost come to an end, in just a few days, March will be in sight.  

While I’ve been gone, I noticed Blue Skies and Green Grass has designed her ‘mom cave’ and Matt has been under the weather.  How are you doing? What has time brought your way?  How have you coped?

In our women’s Sunday school class, we began our study with a new book called ‘Becoming a Woman of Prayer by Cynthia Heald. Although we just started this conversation on prayer and I do know we will more than likely be there for most of the year, this topic is a good one.  I have already written a few posts on prayer, and I will link the previous ones here and here.   Check them out when you have the time.  

Why pray? Have you ever thought of that? Why should we pray? When I was younger, I would at times say to the Lord, “According to Your Word, You know all things, why should I say the words, after all, You already know it all?”  

As a parent, most times I know what our girls need before they ask, especially when they were younger.  But on most days, I waited for them to tell first, because an audible response was necessary.  It left no room to waver or doubt.  Secondly, it got them acquainted with various responses to their requests, namely the ‘no’ and ‘wait’ answers.  Thirdly, it developed a relationship between us.   That communication allowed our relationship to grow and flourish.   They were allowed to know our heart as we got to know theirs.  In the passage of time and communication, they now know the responses to some of their requests even before their ask, because we’ve talked throughout the years.  They are now able to align our character with their possible ‘wants’.  

Before we answer the why, we should acquaint ourselves with the what.  What is prayer? Let me start by saying what prayer isn’t.  It isn’t ‘talking TO God, rather it is ‘talking WITH God.  Prayer is never a one-way conversation.  How would you know your words went even past the ceiling? Prayer is a two-way conversation between God and His ‘royal priesthood’.  He talks and I listen, I speak, and He listens.  We communicate.  But unlike parenting, this communication brings no new knowledge to the Creator God.  Because I was formed and shaped by Him, all knowledge about me is already His.  But as for me and you, we can never exhaust our knowledge of God.  How does God speak? Glad you ask… He talks to us primarily through His Word.  He speaks through others, (using various mediums, such as books, songs, even blogs), He speaks through nature, but their voices must align with His Word.  When a disparity exists, His Word must have the final authority.  

So now, why should we pray? Prayer connects us to God. Prayer allows me ‘see’ the Lord at work in my life and in that of those around me.  Prayer brings understanding of my nature; it reminds me that I’m not as good as I think I am.  Prayer gives me the freedom to off load my cares and woes and worries.  Prayer brings me strength and courage to accomplish tasks that could be intimidating and fearful.  Prayer gives hope and sanity.  Prayer tells me more about the Trinity.  It shares with me their character and their personality.  Prayer provides me with the standard for living life.  It tells what is expected of me in every aspect of life, whether joyful or sorrowful. Prayer tells me how to behave, especially in the company of unlovable people.  Prayer prepares me for the future and for battle. Prayer strengthens my relationship with God and brings growth.  

Finally, we pray because we have been commanded to pray; no negotiation, never a suggestion, but rather a commandment: “pray without ceasing”.  You would notice that prayer benefits one person in this relationship and that’s you and me.  Prayer is for our good, for our benefit.  Through prayer, we are drawn closer to God.  

How are you today? Share your suggestions for a consistent, intentional prayer life.

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26 responses to “COME A LITTLE CLOSER”

  1. I love how you follow God’s example of waiting for your daughters to ask even though you know beforehand about their need. God does the same in wanting to develop relationship with and for us.

    Matt is slowly getting better thank you Brenda 🙂


  2. 6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Philippians 4

    I’ve been quoting that one to myself a LOT lately!

    And thanks for the reminder that prayer reminds me that I am not as good as I think I am… and that’s why I need to pray more about everything… and it benefits ME in getting to know God better and becoming more like Christ. You can’t do it without prayer.

    Thanks for the wisdom in this post…

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  3. Thanks for the shout-out! Yes! Prayer is so important. You gave all the reasons . I think I would add that it sets my heart in the right attitude towards God. It puts me in my place as his child, in need of Him. He’s the boss, not me. 🙏 It’s very warm and humid here today. I’m not ready !

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