Hey friends, how are you today? Really… I took the time to listen today.  How are you? Can you believe June is here already? I mean really! January was just a few days ago, how is it possible that we are already in the month of June? As the pandemic loosens its grip on our world, busyness has once again become the norm.  Except there seems to be a more pronounced shift in the things that matter, especially in our lives, as Christians.  

There appears to be among us, the attempt to control our own little environments.  The past two years literally ripped control out of our hands because most of us were unprepared for such an event.  Who knew that such a catastrophic incident could happen in our era? Although history informed us of similar pandemics in the past, the idea of such a thing happening today was unfathomable, especially for that length of time.  But here we are…

Most of us stayed home, of course we didn’t have a choice at the time.  We huddled in our little worlds and held on even more tightly to the little we could control.  As time went on and seemingly there was no end in sight, some lost their way. Quite a few Christians seemed to have given up on this “untrustworthy God”.  Of course, most of us will never actually say such blasphemy words, but surely our lifestyles confirm this story. 

Does not trust equal surrender? Does not surrender equal worship? Does not worship equal obedience? When we fail to obey does that not say we believe our God is untrustworthy? He must be, right, else why do we fail to surrender our lives to Him? 

I would dare to say this shift among us as Christians to take control of the people and things that matter most to us rather than surrender it all to the God of the Universe occurs because we don’t know Him.  We really do not because if we really know, that we know, that we know for our selves that His Word is His bond then we would know that those that matter most to us are safe in His Arms.  

On Sunday, in our Ladies Sunday school class, we talked about our reasons for our failure to surrender our lives to the Lord.  The number one reason most of us cited was that we didn’t believe in His goodness.  And that’s the truth, isn’t it? We don’t believe that God is good.  We say the words, but our fruitlessness display unbelief.  If we believed in His goodness, then obedience would follow.  

We’ve allowed the pandemic to draw us away from the Holy One, rather than toward Him.   We’ve taken our eyes off Him and placed it on the immaterial things around us; more government control, less government control, more gun laws, less gun laws when the truth is what is truly needed is for more Christians to believe in the tested and true goodness of God because it is then we will go before Him and surrender it all into His keeping.  

So, in the meantime, we squabble and fight among ourselves and we tell the world that the God of the universe can’t be trusted because He isn’t good.  We tell the world we can do better than God because we are more loving than Him. We pick up our causes and allow them to divide us and our common enemy laughs.

What’s our soul worth? What do we own that is equivalent to the cost of our souls? Our houses? Our cars? Our causes? The tighter we hold on to these things, the more we are likely to lose it all, because we should remember that our good and trustworthy God will not share His glory.   

Believe that the things and the people that matter most to us are safe in the Hands of the God of the Universe. He is more than able to keep them and us right along with them.  He is big and mighty enough.  

There is none more loving, more kind, more generous, more forgiving than our God. There is none more faithful, more merciful, and more gracious.  We would know that if we spent more time with Him. The more time spent with Him, the more He makes Himself known to us.  The more He makes Himself known, the more likely we are to believe He is worthy of our trust because He is always good, all the time. He cannot be anything else but good because His very nature is good.  He is the pronouncement of good.  When He says something is good then and only then can be be good. 

May we choose to demonstrate to this world, that Jesus IS the Answer.  Not only IS HE the Answer, but He also brings us answers and solutions to our problems.  We do this through our surrender and obedience to His Word.  

What do you do differently today that you didn’t do before the pandemic?

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23 responses to “COME ON… LET GO”

  1. Great reminder, Brenda, to let go and let God…I remember at the start of the pandemic laying down for bed one night and being completely overcome by worry thinking ‘what is this virus about and what affect will it have on my family and friends’ …and then I simply started praying and peace quickly and gracefully washed over me and has remained ever since, thanks be to Him…now if I could just give up my control freak nature in other areas!!😅

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  2. Anita and I wear masks whenever we go out in public. Friends in Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong have worn them for years because of the crowds. We are not fearful, but being in a “high-risk age” group, we just figure it will make sense with whatever next comes along (think Monkeypox) or whatever fear the government wants us to cower under.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  3. Brenda, you could not be more correct about those two horrible years! The pandemic was ridiculous and in the big middle of it my Aunt (I was her caregiver/POA/Executor) passed away and we couldn’t even have a funeral! I no sooner got her buried and was working on the estate (with courts that were closed but trying to get set up with remote services), than my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, and at the very same time my little dog was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and we had to let her go. As you described, my heart tilted and I lost my way. I went numb and started making lists just to get through the day…, by day…, by day. I leaned heavily on Romans‬ ‭8:26‬ ‭NIV‬‬. Thankfully, my prayer has changed from a desperate cry for help to asking Jesus to help me listen and obey…, again. Although I lost my way for awhile, I never lost my faith, but it is a conscious effort to get back to Jesus. Praise the LORD from whom all blessings flow.

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  4. Sister, you hit the nail on the head with all that’s going on in this world. AND you give the solution: JESUS!!

    “There is none more loving, more kind, more generous, more forgiving than our God. There is none more faithful, more merciful, and more gracious. **We would know that if we spent more time with Him.** The more time spent with Him, the more He makes Himself known to us.”

    Amen and AMEN!!

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  5. Alas, we humans decide whether God is good or not as correlates to getting our wishes granted. We SO do not have the mind of Christ. We do not have God’s thoughts – His are higher than ours, and we are so stubborn we don’t want to believe it.
    And you’re right. Our discontent often comes because God will not share His glory. Our fleshly desire to be as gods stands in the way – we become discontented.
    But thanks be to God! As you say, “There is none more loving, more kind, more generous, more forgiving than our God. There is none more faithful, more merciful, and more gracious.”
    By His grace, may we equip ourselves to show the world that He is the Answer.

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