Hey friends, how are you today? Did you just say ‘fine’? But is that the truth though? How are you today? Remember today matters.  I have said before, I have the tendency to live in yesterday’s memories or tomorrow’s promises. But ‘sufficient for today’ we have been told, we have been given the exact amount of grace and the exact amount of mercy to stand firm when the exact amount of troubles come our way.  

Because the God we serve shows no partiality among us, He supplies each of us with all we need to be strengthened to carry our cross.  Therefore, we can find pleasure in today. Today, the skies are blue, the sun is out, and the trees welcome the breeze as it ruffles its leaves.  Today, we chose to outshine the birds as we lift our voices in praise to our God.  We choose to outdo the squirrels as we go about our ‘Father’s business’.  

Guess what? Today is my special man’s birthday.  I have celebrated more birthday with this sweetheart of mine, than he did on his own.  Surely the Lord blessed me when He sent this man my way.  Of course, for the other 363, he is reminded that I am his blessing.  But today matters.  Today, we celebrate him.  And Lord, I do thank You for the blessing of this man.  You have blessed with a hard working, intelligent, street-smart man. He is a great dad and the best husband (even though I’ve had just the one, I still choose him). He goes out of his way to make me happy. Remember that time he built my closet? Good times! My life is richer because of him. I am stronger, happier because of him. And best of all.. he absolutely loves the Lord. I pray that my girls find a man just as wonderful.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart (because he reads all my posts).  Love you, Benny.   How are you? today?

32 responses to “TODAY’S MATTERS”

  1. You two are cute!!! My oldest daughter’s friends say of my husband and I this phrase: “couples goals” …idk some type of generation z saying but I’ll take it as a compliment…I know they’d say the same of you and Benny!!❤️

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  2. Happy birthday, Benny; and bless you, Brenda, for blessing him. And Benny: Thank you for being such a blessing to my friend Brenda.
    My day was lovely, thank you for asking. No birthdays. I spent two hours in the morning with a girlfriend, sharing prayer needs and answers, and catching up. I spent the afternoon with two ladies at tea (after we took a tour of her beautiful garden). We spoke of life things and God, and loss, grief, recovery, and grace. God is good.

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  3. Happy birthday to your hubby! I love the example you and your husband set with your lives. Thank you for being two people who show what a loving godly marriage looks like. 💕

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  4. Trying to figure out your math: “for the other 363, he is reminded that I am his blessing”? Does this mean you have celebrated 363 birthdays; he’s one OLD dude if that is the case.
    Do you mean you only remind him 363 days a year that you are his blessing? That leaves his birthday out, and one other day? Maybe July 4th? 😂
    Just teasin’, of course. You’ve got one handsome guy with which to spend your time on earth and he has one beautiful woman.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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