Hey friends, how are you today? How are you, really? Take the time today to share yourself with someone.  The world needs listeners, don’t you think? Did you know listening is a skill that has to be taught? Most of us are wrapped up in our own bubbles of life and every so often the Lord has to remind us to look around and ‘see’ the people.  Deliberately slow down, take the time out of our day and just listen to someone else share their tales of woes.  “Slow to speak, quick to listen” we are told in James 1:19.  And again in Psalm 141:3 we are told the same:

How are you today? Most of the us habitually say, ‘fine’, even when we hurt, because so few actually desire to hear our story without the sharing of their own tale.  Listen and then pray.  Pray for the sharer, even though the solution seems self-explanatory (because sometimes it is).  Sometimes people just need to untangle their thoughts out loud.  We already know what needs to be done, we just need the time to process.  How about you and I make a pact today? Let’s be a listener to someone.  

How are you today? Just today… let’s take the time to listen and commit that person to the Lord.  We already know that every solution to every problem is found in the arms of Jesus anyway.  

Personally, I have always found the Lord to be the best Listener out there.  Throughout my day when I need to process the events of the day or when I need to detangle my thoughts, I talk to Him.  This activity with the Lord, usually proves how very little listening skill I actually possess. Usually when I start to talk, I realize something: I’ve been here before.  Yet, no matter how many times I come before Him with the same problem, saying the same things, He listens; He actually listens! Because He knows that I know.  He has told me a thousand times before, when I came that thousand times before and the answer to the problem has not changed. People still need the Lord.  Throughout the ages that has not changed. Yes, we know the solution but before we pound them with the Truth, let us care enough to listen.  

How are you? How can I pray for you?

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37 responses to “PLEASE… CAN YOU LISTEN?”

  1. Yes an “I’m fine” or “good” when asked “how we are” has become more of a standard phrase. Praying that people would feel comfortable enough to share their heart with someone, it’s so important.

    As for myself I feel I’m a good listener but don’t always have the advice skills to give.😬 The Lord always does though and I’m thankful to have the opportunity to lift others up in prayer.

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  2. Listening is such a gift! I love to hear people’s stories and pray right then. Sometimes it takes people back when I can see a heavy heart and ask them to give me more than just “fine.” The relief on their face is evident. Other days I can get so busy and move by too fast. Thanks for reminding us all to slow down and hear!

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  3. Listening is a lost art because people seem to be thinking of the next thing that they plan to say instead of actively listening. God is always listening for our cry to Him, and we should likewise be active listeners, ready to respond if needed, but mostly just listening well. Great and needful post, Brenda!

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  4. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed when I think of all the work yet to be done this summer re-modeling our next house before we move off the farm and our son moves into the farmhouse. Thanks for listening, Brenda 🙂 I will talk to God about it too.

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  5. I find listening begins with learning how to hear the voice of God. How often do we stop and intently listen without any distractions? It is a skill we must learn, practice, and continually carry out. It takes intentionality-and an understanding that it doesn’t come naturally. (I love your blog and your heart! Stay strong.)

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  6. I recall living in RI in the late 70s, a guy in NYC was collecting a handsome paycheck by charging people to listen to them on the phone. He offered NO advice, gave no opinions on their politics or views, and only would speak to ask questions for clarification, or to “hmm” to show that he was still on the line. I don’t remember how much he was charging, and whether or not this would go over in our age of privacy-cell-phone issues, but I wonder. Maybe I could generate some retirement income? I’m all ears if anyone wants to paypal me $30/hour. 🤗
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  7. “Yet, no matter how many times I come before Him with the same problem, saying the same things, He listens; He actually listens!” AMEN! The unfathomable grace and mercy of our Lord!! Hallelujah!!

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  8. Listening is an art, one we need to practice. When people are hurting, I was taught to listen, love, and pray.
    It is a blessing that the Lord is patient and listens to our prayers. Have a wonderful weekend, Brenda!🌺

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  9. This is such an important post. We have become so used to asking “how are you?” without really expecting an answer other than “fine.” It has become little more than just a way of greeting. Often when people do share a need, we say “I’ll pray for you” and then move on. I have been trying to be more aware of the need to stop right then and pray with them. Thanks for sharing this need to really listen with us.

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