Hey friends, how are you today? Phew!! There’s been a lot of happenings in our world recently, haven’t there? It’s enough to grey the hairs of most sane people if we allow it.  It’s hard to look up when so many earthly mishaps vie for our attention.  It hard to remember the unfailing, unwavering, unconditional love of God when we focus on the trials in this world.  When our eyes are not fixed on the Savior, we forget this world is not our home, we’re just passing through on our way to eternity. The roses are still red, although my hubby found me blue roses (can you believe it?), the skies are still blue, spring must give way to summer, the birds sing their songs, the squirrels still misplaced their nuts and now trees are growing among the grass in the backyard.  God is still God; God is still good; God is still sovereign; God still sits on His throne.  Now comes the hard part: believing it! 

Is it even possible to live a life free of stress?  A life devoid of anxiousness and worry, can it be done?  Have you ever thought about a world where everyone lived a life of serenity?  I would love to be a ‘cool, calm and collected’ someone, but He is still working on me.

 ‘Life isn’t fair’, I tell the girls all the time. Life throws us the unexpected, sin does comes at a high price. We want people to be right, to do good, but how can they, if they know not the Lord as their Savior? .  Deception, greed, and selfishness rule instead.  But then what do we expect? Have we looked in the mirror lately? It is easy to see the evil in others, usually because it exist in us! 

What is to be gained by allowing people and circumstances to deprive us of the peace and joy, the Lord promised? In spite the life’s disappointments, and trials, it is possible to live a life free of worry.  Perhaps not completely free, because we are prone to worry about things.  But as we draw closer to the Lord, the time spent in that worry and anxious state will start to diminish. Remember, this Christian living is intentional, keeping your eyes fixed on Lord and His precious Word is necessary for a stress-free life.  

So, what are we to do when life throws us disappointments in people or in circumstances?

Here are 10 steps to living a stress free (not totally, because of us) life.

  1. Pray – (I Thessalonians 5:17) commit the people, the circumstances to the Lord.  Tell Him of the frustrations, perhaps the bitterness and anger associated with the stress.  Allow Him to replace these emotions with peace and joy and contentment. 
  2. Read the Bible – (Psalm 119:105) Here are a few helpful passages that help relieve my mind and settle my thoughts: Psalm 27 (my all time favorite), Psalm 1, and 121 (Benny’s favorites). 
  3. Trust the Lord throughout this disappointment- (Proverbs 3:5,6) He holds the universe together and causes all of creation to work, He is more than capable of holding and keeping the fears at bay.
  4. Be ready to forgive or perhaps ask for forgiveness- (Matthew 6:15) Asking for forgiveness is uncomfortable, but necessary in order to be at peace.
  5. Remember whose child you are– (I Peter 2:9) We are children of the Alpha and the Omega (the Beginning and the End)
  6. Talk to a friend– (I John 1:7) A mature, godly person may not always say what we want to hear, but they will ensure that the Word of God is the authority on any given advice.
  7. Listen to a friend-(Philippians 2:2) Because the problem has consumed our every thought, we’ve magnified it in our heads, listening to others allows us to put it in perspective.  Also helps us to remember, there are others with bigger issues.  
  8. Begin a prayer journal– It is easy to forget the faithfulness of the Lord, after a time.  Keeping a journal helps in memory retention.
  9. Be thankful– it is hard finding anything to be thankful for during this time, yet in order to be content and at peace, thankful we must be.
  10. Take every stray thought captive– (Philippians 2:5) Remember living a stress-free life, depends on us.  Well, that’s because we lay our burdens at the feet, only to take it back up again.  Be aware of the thoughts while we live life.  When we find our selves dwelling on the problem again, surrender it back to the Lord.  This we may have to do several times, but that’s okay.  Peace and contentment isn’t far behind.  

Stress, most times sneaks upon us, but surrender to our God must be intentional. He lightens the load, when we lay it at His feet. How are you today?

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57 responses to “10 STEPS TO A STRESS-FREE LIFE”

  1. Wise words, Brenda! This question especially grabbed my attention: “What is to be gained by allowing people and circumstances to deprive us of the peace and joy, the Lord promised?” When we DO allow people and circumstances to deprive us of God’s peace and joy, we’re only hurting ourselves. It is counterproductive behavior for sure. Thank you for the Spirit-inspired, good sense that your question addresses!

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  2. It’s not in the Bible but I fully endorse going for a walk or run to relieve stress. You can pray or listen to a sermon or talk to a friend while you walk. 😊 great list! Blessings, Paula

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  3. Thank you for this post! I completely agree and enjoyed the things to do to get our hearts and minds focused. May we each choose to trust God no matter the circumstances. God bless 💗

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  4. We do “(allow) people and circumstances to deprive us of the peace and joy, the Lord promised,” don’t we? And God never wanted it that way! We must cast down imaginations and take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor 10).
    I love the Psalms you listed…
    … And every point you made – always it must go back to God. 😊

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