Hey friends, how are you today? Just today… how are you? Although our circumstances can affect our feelings and our emotions, they do not have to define our identity nor dictate our character.  

Well, that has been my mantra as I go through this stage of life called menopause. Usually I enjoy warm weather, but the hot flashes make me long for winter. “I know… I know Lord, I know I said, I couldn’t wait for summer…but I’m hot! All the time, Father, I’m hot.  I am combusting from the inside out!”   Well, you did ask me how I’m doing, right?  When I complain to my husband about these hot flashes, he just laughs and says, “well… I know that honey, that’s why I married you, because you’re hot.” Which isn’t at all funny because what I’m looking for is sympathy.  

Life and menopause really shouldn’t go together.  And another thing… which I definitely lay at menopause’s feet; I do feel irritable at times, not all the time, mind you, just sometimes. It’s all menopause’ fault, of course The computer put the word ‘irrational’ as I began to write ‘irritable’ but I’m not sure I could blame my tendency to being irrational on menopause. I’m tired, I’m irritable and I’m hot; there! I said it! And its all menopause fault!

Although our circumstances can affect our feelings and our emotions, they do not have to define our identity nor dictate our character… oh! Did I already say that?   Menopause and God; menopause and walking with the Lord, menopause and loving people.  “Do I have to, Lord? Can’t I just say, ‘I don’t want to; I don’t feel like it; or menopause made me, do it?‘” Just today. I want to wallow is self pity.  

Although our circumstances can affect our feelings and our emotions, they do not have to define our identity nor dictate our character… the sun just came through the clouds as they dissipate, tinges of blue skies can be seen peeking through the already leaf covered trees.  Not even for menopause did God abdicate His throne.  He is still God.  And not even for my circumstances will He lower the standard.  He remains the Just God of the Universe. 

Although our circumstances can affect our feelings and our emotions, they do not have to define our identity nor dictate our character. It is time for me to believe it.  So, she did! How are you today? 

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26 responses to “MENO…WHAT!!”

  1. I, too have been on that wild ride!! Many years ago, now. It started for me with night sweats, around the age of 48. Then hot flashes started once menstruation ceased. I was almost 51at that point.
    I swore I would never use synthetic hormone replacement, but by the age of 57 I started to experience brain fog, did some research, and learned that bio-identical hormones could be what I needed.
    Then I sought the care and advice of a functional/integrative nurse-practioner who specialized in bio-identical hormones It was time. I had learned about eating cleaner, using essential oils, other modes of naturopathy. I learned that adrenal support is very key in controlling all the weird temperature things that happen in our menopausal bodies so even just using a good adrenal support supplement by a reputable company helps a TON with hot flashes.
    Supplementing with topical bio-identical hormones cream can be quite helpful in raising and maintaining declining hormone levels, and all that goes with it!! Ohm’gosh! I felt like a fifteen year old again!! No lie!! I swear it’s why I am married again! Lol! I’m being serious, though. God knew I wouldn’t be able to be good for long with all those hormones in me! He put the most unlikely man in my path to minister to. Long story short, we will be happily married 8 years this coming July 🙂

    The sad truth is that should you choose a more natural, (as opposed to pharmaceutical), pathway to health maintenance, it’s expensive by most peoples’ standards. Everything is out of pocket for me, except labs. I am sure the money part discourages many from pursuing homeopathy, hopefully that will change. More and more people are seeking alternatives to mainstream medicine.
    I have noticed that we humans afford what we want to afford. I don’t spend money coloring my hair or doing mani-pedi’s. I know some of you just don’t want to do without those things. I get it! It’s all about prorities, and as nice as those things are, I am not good at pampering myself. My 34 year old yells at me. But at this age, especially, those things are not a priority with me. I do the best I can with what I have and spend my money on clean food, supplements and therapies to aid in the things that are failing,,,and I pray A LOTTTT!
    I give thanks and praise for all that this old lady has. For 66 I’m doing okay. He is so good to me. I love my Abba. 🙂 I hope and pray He gives me another 20 years so I can accomplish my purpose for Him.
    Blessings young lady. Love your post. Do your research on adrenal support. 😉

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    • This is so good 😊 thank you for sharing. So far I’ve stayed away from any medication, but I must admit I have been moving slowly lately. I blame the excessive heat we’ve had lately, although the heat is preferable to the winter cold 🥶


  2. Such good words!! I laughed about your husband’s words too!!
    I wonder if I could find a ‘vacation mode’ setting for myself when that menopause time comes for me. I’m already a mess most of the time, can’t imagine what that’ll do for me!🙄😅 The Lord goes before me though, therefore that too shall not define me, like you said!!❤️

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  3. Years ago, I read that the best way to avoid hot flashes and other unpleasant symptoms of menopause is to cut sugars out of one’s diet. I have been eating sugar free for at least 10 years. I have started that transition to the “pause” and I have not had any hot flashes or anything really out of my ordinary, so maybe there is something to cutting out the sugar. Diet definitely impacts hormones.

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  4. It has been a long day and I’m tired, and fighting being a grouch. So, in trying to be thankful, God helped me. I received some wonderful news. My grandson and wife are expecting a baby! I’m not quite as tired as I was.

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  5. LOL My wife and I got older and we switched: Now I’m cold all the time and she’s melting all the time!! (Maybe I’m too old to use the word “hot” to describe my wife? But maybe not!!) heheheh

    Wise words – circumstances do not define us! Thanks for the testimony and the reminder.

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  6. Prayed for you Brenda. Menopause is not an issue for me of course, but I do understand how our bodies can affect our mental health and our overall well being. When I went through a three year ordeal with Hashimoto’s Hypothyroid, it was hard.

    I think is wonderful you are willing to share you experience and by doing so bless other women.

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  7. Ach, I feel for you, my friend. Exercise was my best remedy during those extreme times. And running to God; trying extra hard to be obedient through gritted teeth sometimes.
    Bless you.

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  8. I’d chuckle.., oh wait I did, oops. I’m finally on the other side of that wild ride and it is wild. Your mantra is perfect, but I just have to wonder with all women eventually hitting this journey, why oh why, hasn’t someone created a portable box where one can cool down? It would address so many “needs!” In the meantime, I’m glad you found a “cool” truth from the Lord to guide you on the journey. (So many lovely little fold up fans to slip in your handbag and match your outfits, you just have to look.)

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  9. You are just more living proof that it is not our circumstances that determines our fulfillment of purpose in life. It is how we respond to them. Keeping you in my prayers, my “hot” friend.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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