Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Phew! The past few weeks have been quite challenging, I must admit.  Challenging, interesting, different, just a few words to describe this place of life.  I feel as if I am trying to hold on to water with my hands. Have you ever felt that way? My life has taken on this lack of control and every time I think I have it together, control slips through my fingers.  I suspect the Lord is telling me something, but I keep missing the point! Perhaps you can help a sister out? 

Control… Lord, how I love that word! But how very little I have over the happenings of life! After every incident in my life, I say to the Lord, “I trust, You, Lord”, but at the onset of the next upheaval, I realize that trust in the Lord is a constant work in progress, especially when ‘control’ is your middle name.  Help me, Lord with these new normals in my life.  

With that in mind, I’ve decided to take a guilt-free month off from the blogosphere. This past month I have been trying to hang on to my routine, but the harder I try, the more problems I create.  You know by now, I HATE changes, but I do know that changes are important to my spiritual well-being. Changes are good for me and at the end of each change, I am thankful.  But the Lord knows I struggle every bit of the way throughout the process of change.  I always want to go back to what was comfortable; sounds familiar? 

As I sit here and write, I realize how much I’ve missed. I miss reading your posts and I miss you all and I want to take this opportunity to say ‘THANK YOU!! Thank you for the comments and the shares and the likes and for all the encouragement throughout the past year. Thank you, thank you! May the Lord truly bless you abundantly.

Anyway, the winner of the giveaway is someone I think of as a beautiful friend.  I believe that if we were to meet, we would discover a multitude of similarities between us and although we’ve never met, I do consider her my friend.  To Alicia of ForHisPurpose; if you are not already a follower of her blog, please do so, you will not be disappointed.

Merry Christmas and a fabulous new year to you.

Check me out on Instagram. Let’s continue the conversation over on Instagram. Follow my Instagram and I will follow back, just let me know in the comment section. I would love to meet you 🙂

42 responses to “LIFE AND WINNER”

  1. Happy New Year, Brenda. I hope that this month has been refreshing for you. My life has been very crazy the past two years (not even Covid related). We are in a transition again and I do hope it brings some simplicity along with it. Saying a prayer for you!

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  2. Control? GOD wants you to lose yourself( your will to be in control) in HIM. He wants to control your life, be more, do more, so you SOO much more. And when you surrender all control of your will,giving it ALL to HIM (Holy Spirit inside you) then you will be at peace and drink from the rivers of Living waters( wells that never run dry) and refreshed you will be! Let go and let GOD. Let HIM have you, ALL of YOU. You can’t top GOD( I hope this does not offend you in any way). HE IS WHAT YOUR SOUL NEEDS AND IS LOOKING FOR THAT REFRESHING. FRESHNESS. IS THE SPIRIT OF GOD. Be blessed

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  3. “Trust is a constant work in progress.” AMEN to THAT statement, Brenda! And though some might see it as glass half-empty statement, I see it as a glass half-full. We can always grow in trust–the level we experience this year is better than last year, and next year will be better yet! And as we progress in trust, so grows our peace, joy, contentment, and more. With your other readers, I look forward to your return to the blogosphere in 2022, Brenda, and the insights you always share!

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  4. Control is such a funny thing. We all think we have it and we all hold onto it SO tightly, but when it comes down to it, we really aren’t in control of very much. All we can actually “control” is the way we interact with our world and the events that happen in it. Every, single, time, I “hand” control back over to God, I marvel at how tightly I keep trying to control things that I actually have no control over. It’s a humbling lesson each and every time. I also admit, to not having great control over the way I interact with the world or events in my life (I’m looking at you traffic, my reaction, not the traffic itself, lol) It’s a life-long lesson, I fear…thankfully, God is patient, so very very patient with me. I would have written me off as a lost cause long ago, thankfully, He never will! God Bless!

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  5. Ahh hard to let go of control, my grip is tight there too but I’m learning to loosen because boy like you it’s been one thing after another this season. I’ve also had to let up a bit on blogging just to allow myself to not feel overwhelmed, gotta rest in Him.

    Thank you Brenda soooo very much for the gift, so much fun!! And you are so right, we have so much in common that I told my husband you’re the sister I never had growing up!! …And as Christians, we really are ‘sisters in Christ’ so that’s not too far off.😉❤️

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  6. I feel like I can relate to this in that I used to have my life mapped out and plan every day. I have tried to get back to this a few times as far as planning, but with these times it’s very hard. I’m trying to find the balance between wake-work-eat-rest-repeat and allowing the holy spirit to have its way while still being able to pay bills. It’s been a battle.

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  7. When I started blogging again. God told me it’s ok to take breaks every now and then. Just don’t quit. Its in our breaks that we find rest in him. That he refreshes us so that we don’t burn out. We are no good to anyone when we ourselves are stressed. Good read!

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  8. I have found that life sometimes comes in cycles, like traveling in waters. It might be the ocean, or a river, but sometimes the waters are calm, and you can keep all your stuff organized and go where you please. Other times, there is white water, or waves, and you have to start tossing things overboard, and you don’t know your route any more.
    God has planned out all our days, and calm or white water are all on His schedule. Wherever we are, we’re in the palm of His Hand, deeply loved and cared for.
    I pray God’s peace in your hiatus. I miss you when I don’t see you; I will be blessed and happy when you come back.

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  9. Knowing God is in control-knows the end from the beginning-brings good to us out of the bad things of life-and withholds nothing good from us-brings a settled peace into our lives. So, why do we keep on trying to take that control back!LOL

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