Hey friends, how are you today? How was your Christmas and how did you usher in the new year?  Happy, happy new year to you and yours.  I love this quote by Oswald ChambersFaith is deliberate confidence in the character of the God whose ways you may not understand” and again this one by Chuck SwindollI am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it” and finally this one by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself in John 10:10

Well, we have entered a brand-new year. 2022 is here with twelve months of blank, unwritten pages.  For the God of the Universe, our steps have already been ordered according to Psalm 139:16 because nothing of course, takes our God by surprise.  But for us, we have choices to make, decisions that ultimately will tell their stories about our beliefs with subsequent actions that prove these beliefs.  If the Lord allows, we will look back at 2022, just as we did 2021 and see the results of a life that told a tale about our walk with the Lord because ultimately all of life leads back to this one truth.  Did the life I live bring glory to my God? 

2021 is in the rear view now, it is a tale filled with past news and plastered with forgiveness and grace. Now we have been given brand new opportunities to fill brand new days; one day at a time.  What are your goals for 2022? Of course, the primary goal of every Christian is to be more like Christ.  But what are the steps to attain this goal? 

Glad you ask; here are eight steps to accomplish our goals for the new year.

Daily spend time with the Lord and in His Word.  In order to accomplish any goal whether it relates directly to our spiritual life or not; because it involves us, we need to bring it to the Lord.   All of life relates to our primary goal as Christians; to be more like Christ.  That can only be accomplished when we spend time with the Lord and in His Word.  

Sometimes to completely reset a new year, it is necessary to begin a new Bible study.  The change of a different book can at times captivate and keep our attention focused on the Lord. 

Although knowledge of the Word of God is profitable, it is always more beneficial when we actually obey the Word of God.  Our lives are enriched and and our goals are better aligned when we do when the Word of God says. 

Chronicle your journey through the Word of God and your time with Him.  It really is for our good, this activity helps us to recall what He has done for us, especially when difficult times come, and our faith is depleted.  It is good to remember the faithfulness of God.  

Write tentative plans for 2022.  Take note of the word ‘tentative’ because our God has His own plans for our lives, and we must be swift to superimpose His goals over ours because He always has the best plans for our lives.  Include the impossible because we serve the God of the impossible.  

Categorize these goals into groups.  This gives us an opportunity to first notice where we have focused our goals and secondly perhaps the aspect of our lives that need more attention.   

Break down these major goals into smaller, monthly goals. Smaller bits help to achieve the main goals.  

Go until God says to stop’; this is a phrase one of our daughters’ Bible professors told them. At times we allow fear and anxiety to hinder our progress or to stop us altogether from accomplishing our goals.  Go until the Lord says to stop.  

The beauty of a new year is it’s unwritten pages.  The belief that I can do and be anything; a new year provides the opportunity to do and be better than the year before.  This year will include its trials and troubles, but with the Lord we can have triumph. A new year says become more like Christ, allow Him to continue to weave the threads of His most precious tapestry which is life.  Talk to the Lord, spend time with Him, then start the project, complete the venture. Go until He says to stop.  What are some of your goals for 2022? 

Success! You're on the list.


  1. Thank you for sharing these goals with us Brenda!! I’ve started this year out with reading a chapter or two in Psalms a day and then reading a bit of the gospels with my kiddos each day also. His word is so refreshing but you are right, to obey it is better than just head knowledge.

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  2. I actually stayed awake for the New Year for the first time in years! I was a bit proud of myself 😆
    I love that phrase, “Go until God says stop.” I don’t recall hearing it out that way before. It’s one of those things we should know and yet rarely actually think about. I think it’s something that comes with keeping our focus on God and not the circumstances around us.
    I’ve heard of a few journals specifically designed to keep track of and meditate on our time with the Lord. There’s a part of me that wants one, but I’m not very good with tracking consistently. So for now I’ll stick to keeping notes on my Bible study and the things God says to me in prayer.

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  3. I resonate with some great themes in your post and the comments. I want to pray more and then obey that still, small voice…and my word for 2022 is JOY! Bless you, Brenda, for letting your light shine in the blog-o-sphere 🙂

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  4. Lovely post as always, Brenda 🙂 My goal for 2022 is to seek joy. I don’t always see the joy that God gives to us, so I am going to work on being more intentional in seeking it out. We shall see how it goes 🙂 God Bless!

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  5. I spent last evening studying Psalm 138 and 139, and today you focused on this for your post. 🙂 I have been asking God for priorities in this new year. So far, I am doing some deep cleaning and purging of closets, and 1 Corinthians is where I am going to begin my new study focus. Camp is already interviewing staff for summer… Bless you.

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  6. I belong to a women’s Bible study group at our church. Participation helps to keep me accountable! Next week we start Melissa Kruger’s book, The Envy of Eve–Finding Contentment in a Covetous World. One recommendation says she shows us the way to abiding joy amidst life’s varied ups and downs. Now there’s a goal worth pursuing: abiding joy no matter what!

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  7. Great advice for the new year. My husband and I have started a walk though the Bible beginning in Genesis. We have not done that in several years and I am enjoying it so far. We both are trying to spend more time in prayer this year. I loved your comment about obeying the Word is more important than knowledge of the Word. That is one of my goals this year – to be more aware and obedient to God’s Word and His speaking to me through the Word.

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  8. Loved this blog. I couldn’t agree more. I especially loved the “Go until God says stop.” Did you ever notice how many times in scripture, God gave guidance to people as they were moving and doing things? I think sometimes we forget that God expects us to take steps of faith, not sit there until we have the full plan in front of us. Don’t let fear keep you from taking those steps. My goal for this year is to publish my book.

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  9. Thanks for a perspective on a fresh new start!
    Last year I went through and studied the minor prophets. This year I bought a spiral notebook, and am creating a written chronological order of events of the Bible. I already have a chronological Bible, but I can meditate and study it better when I write it.

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