Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Do you remember in the last post, I said that the ‘sick one’ in my house and I spent time together when she should have been quarantined? Well… do you want to know what happened for most of last week? In fact, I’m sure some of you may have suspected already! Yes, if you read that post, you know what happened when one walks where angels fear to tread.  It never ceases to amaze me how at times, I live life as though actions come without consequences. Do you know actions are never without consequences? Go back to that post (here) if you want to know what eventually happened to me because I failed to observe the necessary precautions. 

So… how are you today? Guess what? We got our first countable snow fall today. We have had a few flurries but today heralded the first actual snow. I love the first snow.  It is usually so white, so bright, so beautiful.  The first snowfall usually brings to mind that wonderful old hymn; ‘Whiter than Snow’ and that verse found in Isaiah 1:18.  

Actions and consequences; actions versus their consequences; actions have consequences.  Another of my favorite verses in this one in Psalm 130:3. 

Isn’t that a most wonderful verse? The God of the universe sent His Son to pay the price for my sins.  He took on the consequence of my sin, which is total separation from a Loving and Faithful Friend and gave to me in return an ‘abundant life’.  He knowingly took my place when He died on the cross because He loved me that much.  He gave me new life and freed me from the consequence of my actions.  Not only did he buy me back from the enemy’s clutches, but He also fulfills me with joy and peace and rest.  He took that filthy rag that was my life and made me ‘whiter than snow’.  

Jesus Christ brought me salvation and because I accepted that most precious gift, change was inevitable. They say you can’t have an encounter with Jesus and remain the same and I concur.  I mean, ask the apostle Paul. well actually read about his life in the book of Acts.  It tells of his actions and their subsequent consequences which brought about a radical change in his life.  Salvation demands change, does it not? 

A new life was given to me, I could not remain the same.  Where hatred once existed, love had to replace it, where there was once selfishness, generosity and compassion have taken over.  Once pride had authority over my actions, humility and patience are now trending. 

Unfortunately, there are still times, I live life as though I I do not know Him.  But even there, He has made provision for if the Holy and Righteous God of the universe should count my sin against, surely, I will fall.  But my God remains ever faithful, and He gives grace and mercy.  He gives free forgiveness to all who desire it.  

How do I say thanks? With what do I say ‘thanks? How are you doing?

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  1. Aww. Sorry to know this. Hope you are recuperating and feel a lot better? I pray for full recovery for you by His grace.
    That’s nice. We had our first snow yesterday and was my first time experiencing it so it was great too. 😊

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  2. It’s been a while since I have stopped in 🙂 Glad you are feeling better!! My husband has been sick this Thanksgiving weekend (always tends to happen when he has time off unfortunately). We actually got some significant snow last night which means excited kids this morning! 🙂 Hope all are well now! God Bless!

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  3. Glad it was not Covid and that you are doing better. My granddaughter and family had to be quarantined for Thanksgiving because she was exposed to someone in her class. So far no symptoms for them but it meant we could not get together for the day. I fixed the meal and we took it and set it on their porch. No snow yet but predictions are we may get some later this week.

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  4. Sorry to hear you caught the bug. 😕
    We caught it from somewhere, and “it” turned out to be covid. Very yuck. Looong recovery.
    We haven’t had any appreciable snow; today we reached 66! Good day for some yard work, and I saw a couple neighbors putting up their Christmas lights.
    God bless you, Brenda, and a quick recovery time before you’re up & at ’em again.

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