Hey friends, how are you today? In my household, we are doing much better today, thank you for asking.  Earlier this week, we suspected we had a case of the virus in our house, but thankfully it turned out to be ‘just’ a case of the flu’.  Of course, to the one affected, there was nothing ‘just’ about it.  She said she felt awful.  I said, ‘she said’ because we had her quarantined, ‘because we are NOT trying to get that virus.  I know someone is thinking, ‘what a horrible mother’.  My child, it gets easier the older they get, trust me.  

Gotcha, that’s the kind of mother I would like to be, one day soon. In the meantime, every time her father’s back was turned, she was either in our room or I was in hers, which defeated the whole purpose of being quarantined. Thankfully the virus turned out to be a case of mistaken identify and today, she is back in the classroom.  Perhaps it’s a matter of time, before the ‘case’ comes home? 

Do you know as Christians we’ve been called to be ‘quarantined’? It’s a case of being ‘set apart’ from everything ungodly. We’ve been commanded to godliness.  As you already know, the Lord does not make suggestions, He leaves no room for us to negotiate. He says to be ‘in’ the world not ‘of’ the world.  We are to quarantine our hearts and our minds from anything that will cause us to take our eyes away from our Heavenly Father. As we stay in the Word of God and in His presence, we are being renewed and strengthened so that we will not be affected and infected by the viruses of the world.  

As Christians, do you know we’ve been given the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds? ‘In’ the world allows us to see and appreciate the beauty all around us.  When we view this world through biblical lens, even the problems that arise as a result of living ‘in’ this world shrink because we know we can trust the promises of the God of the Universe.   ‘Of’ the world frees us of the tethers of this world. Because of our relationship with the Lord, we have joy and peace despite the problems.  How are you today? 

This small gift is for you.  It is how I say thank you.  Thank you for sticking with me in a year filled with uncertainties. Thank you for your staying power even when the blog posts took unexpected hiatus. Thank you for reading, liking, and commenting on each blog post.  Thank you for the sharing of each post. Thank you.

This small gift awards the winner with a sparkly, shiny bracelet from Swarovski, a beautiful face makeup palette from Iconic with brushes and because we are also ‘of’ the world not just ‘in’ there is also this updated book by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth ‘Lies Women Believe’. Thankfully the Bible remains complete throughout generations, it never needs updating.  Anyway, I digress, of course you know I have favored at one time or other everything in this gift.

Now I know that this gift is for the woman and I’m sure even the men can appreciate this fact. In most men’s lives there is a woman somewhere in the equation.  There is a mother, wife, sister, friend.  So, men, you are not exempted.  

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  1. Love this! Yes, we are quarantined in the spirit when we guard our hearts… Thankful for so many things, but in this moment I will say I am thankful for God’s creative powers of inspiration which brings us this power to connect in Him, throughout the ages and the world. At no other time in history have we had this ability not only to connect and draw strength and encouragement from believers all over the world, but also to share the good news well beyond our physical locations. Keep on doing what you’re doing, sister. Love that through this, you & I get to be threads in each other’s tapestries in Him, even though we have never met. Love to you.

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  2. This statement caught my attention: “As we stay in the Word of God and in His presence, we are being renewed and strengthened so that we will not be affected and infected by the viruses of the world.” You are so right! Our quiet times with God most mornings and practicing His presence throughout the day do provide powerful inoculation for the viruses of the world. We’d do well to keep as fully inoculated as possible in the current environment of uncertainty, upheaval, and anger!

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  3. I’m glad your daughter doesn’t have the virus!!
    What a great analogy Brenda!! I love this!!
    “We are to quarantine our hearts and our minds from anything that will cause us to take our eyes away from our Heavenly Father…”
    I’m thankful for finding patience in the midst of my health hurdle!😉

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  4. Wow. Thank you Jesus. Reading through the comments just makes me more thankful as well. God is amazing at keeping us all. And for healing in it all. 🙌🏼
    May we remain separate for Him. 🙌🏼

    And what I am thankful for is Family. I couldn’t have gone through these past weeks without them, most especially my hubby. In it all. God is always good. 🙌🏼

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  5. Hi Brenda, I got COVID along with my whole church, including those who got the shots. Thankfully no one died. I was not afraid because I knew that God create our bodies to fight viruses but we have to support our immune system with foods God intended for us to eat in the garden. I was sick for three weeks but my husband was only sick for one week. Neither one of us had to seek medical attention. I wrote a post describing how I helped my body fight the virus. https://hopeforcompletehealing.com/2021/09/25/how-i-survived-covid19/ Thank you for sharing your perspective about quarantining from evil.

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  6. Quarantined minds and hearts. I like that example. We should shun anything that is tainted by the world while still caring for those who are still under its influence. I am thankful for the Lord’s constant guidance and provision, and for the peace and joy that is always available to me when I remember to focus on Him first. I’m thankful for family, friends, and the fireplace that is currently keeping our home warm. We have so much to be grateful for… and I’m thankful to hear from you. Thank you.

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  7. Brenda such great news it wasn’t CoVid!
    We had a similar scare recently that turned out to be another bug too! Phew!

    Talking about isolation we have recently come out of lockdown in our area of Australia, although some state borders are still closed.

    But to answer your question;
    What I’m very thankful for is my wonderful hubby!
    He is such a lovely man to have been in lockdown & isolation with for these past many months, especially when we have been isolated from all our family & friends…
    This I have been truly grateful, for he is a lovely blessing.

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  8. I’m glad your daughter is okay. Our daughter was very sick from last Friday until Wednesday this week. We took her to the ER on Saturday night and thankfully she tested negative for Covid. She also tested negative for strep and the flu. She just had a bad viral cold. We are very thankful she didn’t have Covid. Well said about believers being separate from the world, amen. God bless you and your family!

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  9. From what I am seeing right now, being in the world but not of the world sometimes has a fuzzy line. I see things being acceptable to some people that do not seem to follow the bible teachings. Thankfully I am not the judge, that alone belongs to God. This virus has hurt people in more ways than we can imagine. I pray every day that I listen to God, treat others the way Jesus would, and trust God’s plan. Thank you for spreading God’s word and helping us to unite for his purpose. Many blessings! 🙏🤗

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  10. I’m glad to hear that she didn’t get “the virus,” and the rest of you all stayed healthy! My family’s just been coming out of a cold we’d been passing around to each other, so it’s a blessing to all be fairly healthy now. I’m thankful for my family and the good (or mostly good) health that we’ve been blessed with. Having a wonderful, supportive family and siblings is definitely something I don’t want to take for granted.

    I wanted to thank you for today’s post. It was such a convicting and really encouraging reminder for me.

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  11. Anita is not into jewelry at all, so I’ll exempt us from the contest.
    One thing for which I am thankful is your blog, among others, that whenever you post, reminds me to keep my focus on my Lord.
    A friend commented to a group of us at our church fellowship, “In the 21st century, what will make Christians distinct from the rest of the culture is not what they do or don’t do or shouldn’t do. What will make them distinct, make them stand out, is that they won’t be afraid.” (Marilyn Elliott)
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  12. I’m so happy for your family it was not ‘the virus!’ The flu is awful too, but it sure seems a lot less so these days by comparison. Bless the LORD for this mercy and your daughter’s recovery. (Raise your hand 🙋🏼‍♀️ if you would have been a rule breaker too on that quarantine. 😬) Today we have so much to be thankful for because it is the last day of Danny’s 6 month chemo treatment! Yahoo!! He has tests next week, then we get results on the day before Thanksgiving, but I’m claiming victory! Bless the LORD!

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  13. So thankful it was not the virus. Right now our church family is really getting clobbered either with the virus or having to quarantine because of exposure. I love the comparison to quarantine as Christians from the things of the world. Good thought. What am I thankful today? So many things come to mind but I guess one of my greatest thankfulness is that I have had my husband with me through this time – I feel for those who live alone facing this crazy time of quarantine.

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