Good day beautiful people.  I decided to change the greeting slightly, to remind us all today, that beauty is an attribute we call can cultivate for ourselves.  Fortunately, because beauty is more than mere appearance, that description does not have to belong to a certain few. Each of us can portray a picture of God’s beautiful people.  Throughout this day alone, the Lord will provide opportunities to display this characteristic.  Perhaps He will use our many words today to encourage, edify and build up.  Or perhaps our actions will showcase His love, patience, forgiveness, and grace.  Today, we will look out for the opportunities placed in our way to be beautiful.  How are you doing today? 

Have you ever prayed and prayed and prayed for something? Have you ever wanted something so badly that it consumed every thought, every speech, every prayer?  Perhaps your life has been in limbo; neither up nor down, neither left nor right, while you waited for an answer from God? Of course, we both know that not any answer will do, oh no…. not any answer will do, my friend. 

A few years ago, I was this person.  I wanted something from the Lord; something I knew only He could give; so, I waited for Him to do what He does best; perform a miracle.  I waited and I waited, and I waited.  But in this regard, He said nothing.  Not. One. Single. Word! I begged and I pleaded with Him, I just knew that if I had this ‘thing’ surely life would be perfect, now.  So, I prayed and waited and prayed and waited some more.  Still, in this regard, the Lord said nothing.  This went on for about two years, I was just existing, not really living, I routinely performed my duties. Thank the Lord for His infinite patience with simple minded people.  

Now, I must preface this post, by saying that I always spent time with the Lord.  Well… I guess I had to, He is my Miracle Worker, remember? But there is something rather astounding about the Word of God, isn’t there? Eventually it does, what it was intended to do, our God is truly amazing.

Eventually the Lord allowed me to remember because it’s so easy to forget His tender mercies.    Did I really love the Lord, or did I love His gifts more? Did I trust Him, or did I trust Him to give to me? Did I love Him only for what He can give to me? The answer to these questions laid in my reaction to the silence.  The non-existence life, I lived proved I didn’t really trust the Lord.   The constant longing for something I didn’t posses indicated my obsession and belief that my life or at least my happiness depended on it. 

How did I get there? When did I forget how great my God was? When did anything become more valuable than my God?  Thank the Lord for His absolute faithfulness.

I did not set out to make this ‘thing’ more important, that was certainly unintentional. It’s a slippery slope isn’t? Even the ‘good’ things can begin to replace the Lord if we’re not careful. But that was the problem! I was not careful; I was not intentional. I believed, albeit unknowingly, that I was in control; I forgot I had an enemy.  The silence eventually makes us believe that the Lord is untrustworthy; that He doesn’t love us; that He couldn’t possibly understand or even care about our circumstances.  Unbelief slowly, gradually, inevitably sets into our hearts.  But by continuously reading the Word of God, (which is alive, by the way) it finds that tiny, slither of fertile ground left and begins to give hope again; it gradually brings restoration, brings peace.  The Lord does that for us through His Word and even through people and by answering other prayers.  He refuses to forsake us and leave us where we are, in our unfaithfulness. 

You, who are losing hope; you, who are feeling desperate, the Lord has not abandoned you, He has not left.  I know you may not want to hear it; but truthfully you are the one doing the leaving; doing the abandoning. You are the one drifting, but even there; even in that place, the Lord is there.  He promised to be there, and He always keeps His promises.  Don’t stop reading your Bible, dear friend.  Don’t stop going to church when possible, continue to surround yourself with faithful people, especially on the days, you don’t feel like it.  There; you will eventually remember, God’s faithfulness. 

Have you ever desperately prayed for something? How did the Lord answer that prayer? How are you today?

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  1. Brenda, this is truth in love. I have spent the past year battling unbelief for myself. I believe BIG things for others, never doubt that God will answer them, and trust Him to provide for them. But for myself? I’ve been battling the complete lack of belief that he will come through anymore. I’ve been combing through my life with a fine-tooth comb trying to identify with him where things must change, because it’s just felt so stagnant for too long. I can believe He will change someone else’s life because I don’t know better but have struggled to believe in my own because I’ve seen recently the evidence that they remain the same. BUT I also know that He prepares us and I can be in a prep season for exactly what I’ve prayed for. We’ll see.

    Thank you for this reminder that getting into the Word and truly studying it and working through the unbelief will be the only way through this! ❤️💜🤎

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  2. Yes, I remember praying quite fervently for something dearly desired. God answered that prayer, but not the way I I’d hoped. He didn’t change my circumstances; he changed ME! Later I could see the wisdom behind withholding that heart’s desire, AND I didn’t even want it anymore. Seems to me that’s just as much a miracle as if he’d interceded with that “gift.”

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  3. So happy to say that God does answer prayer, but not always the way I want or when I want. I even prayed after my stroke when I could not speak. I was still speaking to God, and He answered because I am fine today. Six years ago, I couldn’t move my right side or speak. I had to learn to walk again and to read again and I’m feeling so blessed.

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  4. I am praying over some thing currently, (a prayer over health concerns) but I’m praying God’s will and peace this time rather than anything else. I used to pray quite selfishly when I was afraid etc or really in hopes of having something go my way, now I’m learning it needs to be God’s way only.

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  5. Great words of wisdom here! Sadly many turn away from God and church in times like that. To me, that is like going to the doctor for regular checkups while you are well and then when you get sick, quit going to the doctor. That’s when you need the doctor most. That’s when we need God and the church most.

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