Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Already it is 70° in my neck of the woods with beautiful, bright, brilliant, beaming sunshine.  Today will be a delightful, dazzling day, not because I can determine the incidents of the day but rather, I will choose to trust in the will of the God, who not only created the day, but He also directs the incidents of that day.  In His Word, I’ve been told, I can find rest, comfort, and peace for my soul.   

The God of the Universe told me, He will never ‘leave me nor forsake me’.  He said, ‘even before the formation of the world, He knew me and my innermost being’.  He told me He loved me whether I choose to believe it or not and today, I choose to believe it.  

Today, I choose to be confident, certain, and courageous in what I know to be true because I know He ‘holds me in the palm of His Hand’. Today, let us choose to see the beauty in a smile, a kind word, a friendly wave, an encouraging visit, a giving hand. Today will be a good day because I choose to change my approach and say, ‘not my will but Thine be done’.  

Take a walk on the wild side and trust in the strength and goodness and greatness and love and mercy and grace of the God of the Universe.

We have choices to make today, what will you choose to do when difficulty comes?

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22 responses to “YOU CHOOSE…”

  1. Beautiful flower pics! Thank you for sharing. I choose to see the beauty in the flowers, and in your sharing heart. We DO have choices: our attitudes, our thoughts, actions, perspectives. That’s a powerful truth, to which we must hold fast.

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