Hey friends, how are you today? What plans do you have for today? Do these plans include the God of the Universe? I love God’s wonderful world.  As I look around me, I am convinced that the God of the Universe loves color.  The birds are clothed with an array of colors, there are the blue jays, and red cardinals and yellow finches and grey doves, and black-birds and white gulls and so many others.  The Lord invented color, I think.  The beauty of fall is its wash of color among the trees, the bright oranges and reds and browns, There is color among all His wonderful creation, color among the trees, color within the animal kingdom and certainly color among His people.  There is diversity and with this diversity comes beauty.  Only Someone, who loves unconditionally, unfailingly, unwaveringly can give such beauty.  

You are beautiful, my friend. You are special in His sight.  He loves you far more than You can imagine, far more than you can love yourself.  There is beauty in not looking and being like everyone else.  The God of the Universe had a reason for that; you were always meant to stand out.  Delight in the person the Lord has formed in you.  Take pleasure in the re-molding and re-shaping of your life, remember He is still working on you.  You are His work in progress and the re-making can at times be painful.  

Throughout the past few months, a few things have remained somewhat consistent in my life, thankfully one is thrift shopping. Here are a few things I picked up along the way.

Of course there are mores dresses in the line up, it was just too hot in my neck of the woods to wear anything else.

Zara Dress
Karen Scott

The God of the Universe brought color and diversity to his world, to show us how much we are loved by Him. We were not meant to be like everyone else, let us take pleasure in our unique difference, it is a blessing. Have you ever gone thrift shopping? What are your plans for the weekend? A

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24 responses to “AUGUST THRIFT HAUL”

  1. Well, whatever political correctness requires, I am a GUY, and shopping is definitely NOT on my list of favorite activities! Kind of like going to a dentist; good for you if you need it, but not something over which one would jump for joy. 😅
    However, this blog does raise a vital question: “Do these plans include the God of the Universe?”
    Far too many so-called Christians live as “practical atheists.” God is “okay” for Sunday morning or Life Group meetings, but “I have things I have to get done today; no time to pray.”
    We NEED Father in EVERY situation, whether shopping, deciding business, driving our kids to school, choosing an outfit, or sharing Jesus with a coworker. When He is present, everything in life becomes an act of worship and HAS value for eternity.
    “Do you know that nothing you do in this life will ever matter, unless it is about loving God and loving the people He has made?” (Francis Chan)

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  2. I’ve been a thrift shopper for years. There’s even a place here where we live called the Room Exchange that has some really nice furniture and bric-a-brac. Loved the shoes…Happy hunting…Blessings and Peace.

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  3. I’m catching up on reading and laundry since I’m hope from seeing my family. I have gone thrift shopping, but I’m not as good at it as you are because I rarely find such good deals!

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