Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? What are your plans for the weekend? My week was filled with rain and more rain.  As a matter of fact, parts of our county have been under flood watch warning throughout the past two days due to the rainfall.  I must admit though, I do enjoy the rain.  On Wednesday evening, I sat on the porch with my mom, who is visiting from St. Lucia. We both took pleasure in the beautiful barrage of thunder and lighting, which was a by product of Tropical Storm Fred.  Storms very rarely frighten me, and I do believe as time past, the girls also enjoy the beauty that comes with a storm.  Another favorite is also the beauty that arrives after the storm, especially when the sun sets.  The colors that array skies reminds me the greatness and the goodness of God.  I am reminded again that the God I serve loves beauty.  He takes pleasure in remaking his people into beautiful people when we surrender to Him.  He chips away at the ugliness and continues to mold and shapes us until we are beautiful, to Him, to ourselves and to others.  Our God is a God of beauty, nature confirms this.  

In the past few weeks, we’ve been to Vermont, NYC, and Ohio.  We vacationed at the Holiday Inn Resorts in Brownsville, Vermont, a beautiful mountainous region known for its winter activities. During the summer, the village is quaint and very scenic, but there wasn’t very much to do. A few of the activities, we planned to see and do were closed due to the pandemic. We hiked a trail that was according to the people, was light to moderate.  Honey, that trail was strenuous, ok? It was hard, we gave up without ever reaching the top.  Hubby and I seized a few opportunities to golf and left the girls to their own devises.  We were able to drive through the Windsor-Cornish Wooden Bridge, you start off in Vermont, but the end of the bridge takes you into New Hampshire.  We also saw the Bennington Battle Monument  It was fascinating. Of course, there will be very little photos with the girls, they usually hide from the camera. Can it be because they think we are old??

The ‘light’ to ‘moderate’ hike… not to us non-hikers

The Windsor-Cornish Covered Bridge

Ice-cream, golf and gentle strolls

This little village had several churches, I mean several, almost every denomination was represented and of course Bennington Battle Monument

I have completely bombarded you with photos of our excursions (sorry, well maybe not). Did you travel throughout the summer? Where did you go? Have you visited any of the places above?

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38 responses to “TRAVEL IN PHOTOS”

  1. Hey let me tell you that you are a blessing you gave me the courage to do what you’ve done which is live and capture those moments on film and pictures I am grateful to you god bless one love much love Tap’N

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  2. Enjoyed seeing your pics, Brenda! Cool covered bridge…we have a few in Iowa too. We went to Colorado this summer where my husband and two of our sons hiked a “14er” (over 14,000 ft.)! I relaxed at campground with daughter-in-law and grandkids 😉

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  3. Very COOL photos! Bombarded!? Hardly! 😎
    I particularly loved the mushroom pics, but, ummm, did you notice some of the tri-leaved stuff around them looked suspiciously like poison ivy! (Google poison ivy pics for evidence.) Hope you didn’t get ‘itchy’ from them!
    And did you walk your horses or risk the $2 fine? ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  4. Look at all your family! I’m lovin’ the smiles and the joy that shines through all your photos. This looks so quaint and relaxing. Nice that you went ahead and chose your own challenge levels God gives us refreshing blessings and breaks. It’s up to us to receive and give thanks. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us.

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  5. Awesome photos!! Sounds like a great time! I laughed outloud when I read this: “Honey, that trail was strenuous, ok? It was hard, we gave up without ever reaching the top.” 😂❤️
    Enjoy your time with your mom!! Will your girls get to spend time with her?

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