Hey friends, how are you today? How was your weekend? Phew! Our family has been on a whirlwind of trips and activities, which you probably would have seen if you followed me on Instagram. Just in the past few weeks, we’ve been to the hills in Vermont, to the crowds and traffic of NYC, and to the busyness of settling our baby in her new dwellings as she completes her senior year at her university in Ohio.  Our lives took on a busy it had not seen since the pandemic and now that I am back at home, I’ve concluded that although busy has its place, I do enjoy the quiet.  But then I do suppose, it is entirely due to the busy, that I appreciate the quiet, right? Can man ever be pleased?  I do miss my space here though, I never intended to take so much time away, but time just somehow flew away from me.   

Our family enjoyed a wonderful vacation in the boondocks of Vermont.  Actually, it truly was a beautiful place, the people were friendly (which is something to be thankful for, especially with this pandemic, we will not name), the sights, although not plenteous, were historical and informative.  But chile… because of where we were, the internet was spotty and sometimes, nonexistent, but there was much to keep us entertained, if we so desire. My favorite was the absolute quietness of the mornings.  Because we had been held back in our ‘doings’ due to this pandemic, I know personally I was excited for our ‘world’ to reopen. While in the hills of Vermont, I was reminded that time away is good for the soul.  Time: a little four-letter word that turns the engines of our lives. The older I get, the more valuable time becomes to me, the more appreciative I am to the God of the universe for every day, He allows me to see. With everything that is going on in the world today, time spent with loved ones is an absolute blessing.  Time to love, to forgive and to serve.  Time to RENEW my mind, time to REFRESH my spirit and time to RESTORE my soul.  

Renew my mind when I deliberately slow down. Deliberately make choices because I know today’s choices will reflect themselves in tomorrow’s behaviors.  As I bask in the Lord’s presence, as I surrender to His will, He renews what I think.  Decisions take place in the mind first before it is acted out.  

Refresh my spirit in the Word of God.  My spirit is regularly at war with the Spirit of God; the Bible warns me about this fact.  Paul, himself, says he struggles to do right and if he struggled, do I dare think I could walk the journey without saturating myself in the Word of God? I dare not! This quietness provided the perfect opportunity to go back to what I know to be true.  The truth about God (He is good) and the truth about me (I am not).  

Restore my soul when I do more than read the Word of God.  When I go beyond reading to actually obey what my Master says, then my soul is restored. Because it is in obedience, joy and peace is found.  Obedience to the Word tells of my love for the One, Who, provided my salvation.  

Sometimes time away is necessary, it takes away the humdrum and produces strength to face the future.  But time away is not necessary for us to renew our minds, refresh our spirit and restore our souls. The word of God does not need a vacation for it to be effective.   The Lord will perform His work in us anytime and anywhere, thankfully.  

What we believe matter, it affects what we think; what we think matter, it affects our actions; our actions matter, they become behaviors; behaviors matter, they form habits, habits matter, they become characteristics.  We become our beliefs.   We know what to do, we just must choose to do it.  I thank God for this time away, it provided time to play, to laugh, time to cement relationships.  

Did you take time off for vacation? Where do you go? How do you find renewal, refreshing, and restoration? 

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31 responses to “THE THREE R’S”

  1. I get renewal from quiet time with the Lord. Life has been so rushed recently. My quiet times are not long enough! We just took our 3rd baby to college. They are growing up so fast. Have a wonderful, blessed week! ~Linda

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  2. The best vacation I had was being a group leader of six 4-6 year olds at a Good News Day camp. What absolute fun I had, but then I had to come home and put in 3-6 hours of work at my job. I am blessed to have a flexible job I can work at home. Then my husband and I hiked the Mid State Trail from Williamsburg, PA to the Maryland border (about 80 miles). I learned a lot about perseverance while hiking difficult trails on the mountain ridge around Everett, PA.

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  3. Glad to hear you had a peaceful and refreshing vacation. I agree relaxing time spent with loved ones is an absolute blessing! I am looking forward to your vacation photos. 🌺

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  4. Refreshment is no further away than our back deck that’s level with the treetops. When the weather cooperates and I can enjoy my quiet time among the birds and breezes, that’s just about the best refreshment there is! Earlier this month we reveled in a three-day getaway in the Appalachian foothills with our extended family of thirteen–kids, in-law kids, grandkids, and my husband’s sister and her husband. Glorious!

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  5. I love vacationing but I’m always ready to be home after about 4 days away…I’m a true homebody…I love that those words (renew, refresh, restore) point to Jesus and can happen on vacation or in our own home, He is everywhere!❤️

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  6. 😂 – Sorry, I had to laugh when you said Vermont was “chile.” Did you mean the nation of Chile or the pepper!? (Feel free to edit this comment after you edit the blog. 😉)
    Now, I suspect I speak for many of your followers when I ask, “Where are the PICTURES?” Vermont is beautiful and we would love to see your views of it.
    Time apart with our Lord is vital. Even Jesus spent many hours away from the crowds, and we look forward to hearing how He blessed you from your time apart from the bustle of this life.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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