Hey friends, how are you today? How do you feel, today? Today, what are your plans?  I love new days, fresh, shiny, barely opened days.  Days filled with just enough grace and mercy from the Lord, to last the entire day. A brand-new spanking day which begins when I enter the presence of the God of the Universe.  In His presence, I am reminded of His great love, I accept His forgiveness, I trust His wisdom.   New days that begin with the surrender of my will to that of the One, Who loves me best and most. This day, as it begins, He says that I can choose ‘to rejoice and be glad’ in today despite what may come my way and He also says, ‘sufficient for today is its own troubles, so there is no need to worry about tomorrow’. 

This day almost twenty-seven years ago, I more than likely acted like a bridezilla. Our wedding was in two weeks and so many projects still needed to be completed.  Although I am not in the perfectionist group, I am in the ‘I want it done now’ group.  If I could, I would tell myself it will all work out in the end, but at that time, I saw the million and one things that had to be done in a seemingly impossible timeline.  Ah yes… I remember the bridal party walked rather gingerly in my presence during rehearsals and fittings and that party had twenty-six members and that did not include the bride and groom.  What was I thinking!!

As our anniversary rolls along, I look back on that time with a smile.  Almost twenty-seven years later and we have all maintained our friendships, (praise the Lord).  Twenty-seven years later, I would do it all over again, but perhaps try to lessen the stress levels.  With everything I know now, I would hasten to marry this same man, under these same circumstances with all my friends and family around me.  At the end of the day, three hundred and fifty people attended our wedding and most of them belonged in some way to our parents.  Looking back, that wedding was for our parents and for me, of course.  Our girls call me the drama queen. I consider that a compliment.  Today I thank the Lord for time.  Time to get to know this man I married.  Time to learn from the mistakes I’ve made along the way. Time to do better and to grow. Time to become… 

Today I write my 400th blogpost.  That number simply blows my mind.  Do you know how many projects I’ve started and stopped in my lifetime? Too many to count is the number.  This past few months has been a struggle, I’ve taken more time off than on.  More than likely, I would have arrived at this number sooner had I been more consistent. But I am thankful for today.  Today is a good day.  The sun is out, the cicadas sing their summer song, the neighborhood is quiet (for now).  The Lord has blessed me with today to write 400 blogposts and to Him be all the glory.  

Reflections are good but living in the moment is better.  The past is profitable, but today is a gift.  Reminisce, remember, recall; Cherish the memories of yesterday but thankfulness for today is a must.  Take a deep breath, take five if necessary. Deliberately go slow today, smell the roses, enjoy the coffee, smile at a stranger.  The Lord is in today, as a matter of fact, today is already written in His book. He can be trusted with our todays.  Nothing is hopeless with Him, not situation is beyond His control.  He has us covered.  We are loved beyond measure; we are never out of His sight, and He has blessed us with everything we need to be victorious Christians today.  

Let us make today matter.  Today’s happenings make tomorrow’s memories.  How are you today? What are your plans for today?

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32 responses to “TODAY’S MILESTONES”

  1. ‘Live in the moment!!!’ Love that reminder, I need it to fall fresh on me daily!!
    Congrats on 27 years of marriage and a 400th blogpost!! Celebrating right along with you!!!❤️❤️❤️

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  2. “The past is profitable, but today is a gift.” Brenda, I think it’s wonderful how you thank God for the almost 27 years of marriage and the 400 blog posts, but look most eagerly to the future. The past is behind us. The future is uncertain. But the present is where we should do our living. Blessings!

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  3. Congratulations on your anniversary and your 400th blog post! You are an awesome blogger and encouragement to all who read your words. I can just imagine all of those people in the bridal party. Oh, my! I had my sister and my husband had his brother and that was all. Small ceremony and reception at my house in VA. Lots more adventures to come…enjoy them together!

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  4. Congratulations on both the anniversary and the 400 posts! Both take commitment; the marriage, I think takes more, but has more life blessings and joy in return. Funny how, the more we pour into something, the more we get out. Tenacity is a gift, and you are using God’s gift wisely.

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