Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? Although, throughout the past week, our days seemed to end with passing thunderstorms, we had a good week, over here, in my neck of the woods.   This week was about being intentionally present.  In the past I would keep a daily event/activity/chore list and I realized lately that I missed doing this.  Of course, if I could go back in time, I would tell my younger self that ticking off all the boxes on that list isn’t the most important thing.  I would tell myself that people matter most, that a good thing about a list is the fact that it leaves room for flexibility and adjustments.  Although I have been known to forget at times, I’m doing better.  People always matter to God and should always matter to me.  Life is too short and too uncertain to make my list a priority over people.  But to feel accomplished about my ‘matters’ of life, my list is good for me.  Do you keep a list? 

On the recent Independence Day holiday, we took the girls to Enfield Falls in Ithaca. I say the girls because my hubby and I enjoyed the scenery while the girls enjoyed the experienced of the falls.

Do you keep a list? If you do, how does it help?

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34 responses to “MORE MEMORIES”

  1. Yes!! I’m glad you have pictures to share, how fun!!
    You know from how much you and I have in common that I’m a list person!!😂 But you’re so right we have to allow God to change those self made plans if needed, especially if making time to love on others is involved!❤️

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  2. Im a list and schedule girls and then allow Holy Spirit to lead room for change. For example, tonight was supposed to be movie night but when we arrived we felt some type of way so we left and enjoyed a good dinner and conversation.

    I love how peaceful this looks. Like a truly fun and restful time while being active.

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  3. Oh, I love my lists! Especially in this time of foggy brain! 😂
    I upcycled a large picture frame into a memory board.
    I strung four rows of jute string down it. Each has a heading pegged with a tiny craft wooden peg.
    1 is ‘Fun Projects’
    2 is ‘To be paid’
    3 is ‘Reminders’ for birthdays etc.
    4 is left blank for other stuff (Miscellaneous)
    I write each thing/event on little notes & peg them in place.
    I haven’t forgotten anything since I created it 🤗

    Lovely photos of your day out Brenda,
    Bless you,

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  4. Hey Brenda, I never was a list person. Now if I don’t write things down I can’t remember so started caring a notebook. Problem is they fill up to fast then I’m lost. Trying to use WordPress to record my thoughts or think out load. Still need the notebook it has all my personal information and yes a list or two. Things to get done, Grocery list, things that need to be repaired, etc. My website, other than “My Thoughts” is all about lists. the start page originated as browser bookmarks [a list of websites] cus can’t remember where anything is or addresses. Totally lost without a list but Don’t have an agenda [Daily list of things to do] but keep a calendar so I know where to go. Anything out of the routine noted in the book. Have a good weekend. Love the Pics, that beach under the waterfalls looks so inviting.

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  5. I like your photos of the falls, Brenda. I used to keep more lists to stay on track, especially when we homeschooled. It feels good to mark items off a “to do” list!

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  6. Ahhhh, thank you for the gorgeous photos!
    I am not a list person. I’ve noticed, though, that the four times in my life I have created a list for the day, I was more purposeful and I got ‘er dun. (I made a list two days ago, that’s how I know).

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  7. I’m a list girl. In fact, I wrote about my list in my last blog a few weeks ago. One of the items on my list was to get out of the valley and write a blog. Right now I have a foggy brain as we walk my husbands journey with cancer, so the list helps keep me on track. It looks like you had a wonderful day on your trip. Fabulous photos!

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  8. my husband calls me the list master…there’s never a list far from reach.. a beautiful area though my situation has burned me out on people, I’m afraid. I still help certain inmates, but I had to set some firm boundaries recently. The falls would be enjoyed from a distance away from the crowd.

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