Hey friends, how are you today? How was your Independence Day weekend? Was it long enough for you? We had a great weekend, here in my neck of the woods, church service in the morning and fireworks display later that night, on Sunday.  And swimming among the waterfalls on Monday (well not me, but the kids; you know I can’t swim, and I was told parts of the swimming area dropped to a mere seventeen feet.  This 5”2 individual decided to stay on land, just in case. Plus, the water was only 63°, for crying out loud!).  Anyway, it was wonderful making memories with our little clan.  

Do you know that the Lord likes to make memories with us too? These memories are our testimony of His faithfulness and His love and His mercy and His great grace.  Our memories along with the truths of His Word provide us with a solid foundation in our walk with Him.  Sometimes, our memory can be faulty though, which is why it must be held up against the Bible (that is where truth is found).  It’s good to remember the goodness of the Lord because our enemy will take every opportunity to deceive our minds.  Yes… our enemy plays mind games.  He knows if he captures the mind, he has captured the thoughts and the emotions and pretty soon the actions follow.  

In I Samuel, David tells us, he encourages himself in the Lord.  He talks to himself about the Lord.  He reminds himself of that time and that other time and that other time when the Lord’s faithfulness was on display.  He recalls the promises found in the scriptures and tells himself those promises because he knows how easy it is to give way to the enemy.  

There’s this old saying that goes; out of sight, out of mind.  It’s easy to occasionally remember or at times, completely forget what is not in our everyday lives.  Time has this habit of replacing the unseen with the the seen. We forget about the wind until it becomes gusty, we forget about old friends, until something or someone jolts our memory. Sometimes our Lord falls into the category of the forgotten when our time with Him is not consistent, when our thoughts are busy with the completion of tasks.  

Now some may say, the same happens to the enemy also.  Uhhhh unfortunately not! See, we’ve been told that our godly nature is at war with our spiritual nature.  There is a battle going on for godliness in our lives and a life lived with an inconsistent relationship with the One, who nurtures the spiritual nature is destined to resemble that of the enemy of our souls quite easily.  

Encouraging ourselves in the Lord is at times is our best defense against the traps of lies and half-truths the enemy sets for us.  Believe me friends, as Christians, we are in the enemy’s crosshairs.  We are his target, not because his battle is against us specifically, but rather he battles against the King of kings who lives in our hearts.  Of course, we know that the battle has already been won; we know the end of the story.  But we do get to live out that story in our everyday lives while we are here on earth.  

Each day provides us with a blank page filled with fresh opportunities to make memories with the Lord.  We begin with time spent in His Word and time spent with Him as we recall His faithfulness to us. During that time as we reminisce, it becomes easier to be grateful and thankful for His works in our lives.  And you do know that the Lord never makes suggestions in His Word.  He commands and He never leaves room for negotiation; it’s for our good.  Too many options and we will never get anything done, tell us what to do (even though we may not like it) and we are more likely to actually do the thing.  

Although the God of the universe is ‘unseen’, His handiwork is displayed throughout creation. And as Christians, His work in our lives should also be on display for us to see and also for the good of those around us.  They need to see the evidence of the before and after effects of our time spent with Him.  As we make memories, we strengthen our relationship with the Lord, His effects become more visible.  As we remember that time He provided our finances, that other time He kept the pain at bay, that other time, He brought our love ones safely over, that time He gave us bread, and that time He supplied all our needs, whatever they were at the time, we solidify our foundation.  We encourage ourselves with these memories when difficulty comes our way because chile, they will come.  

The Lord has done great things in our lives, now is not the time to forget, but rather to remember and continue to make new ones as long as there is life. Share your testimony. What has the Lord done for you?

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30 responses to “MAKING MEMORIES”

  1. Preach sister!!! Awesome encouragement! Reflecting on those good memories where He’s worked through before can create a positive perspective in this most difficult of current circumstances.
    Love that y’all went to a swim area with waterfalls, I’m sure that’ll always be a treasurable memory…no worries I don’t swim either😉❤️!

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  2. I’ve never thought about our testimonies being precious memories that He’s made with us. That He might be thinking on the way He’s delivered me with the same fondness as I am.

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  3. I love to remind my kids of the great things our God has done for us… things they remember personally, and see them get excited by how certain they are that they can trust and rely on Him.

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  4. It was a good weekend Brenda, I worked so others could enjoy the river and park. It was good to see people enjoying family, friends and celebrating our [USA] independence from Great Britain. It was all peaceful and good family fun. He has been made known in His creation, is sovereign over all and only He has the right to rule. He is the King of Kings, Great is the Lord and worthy to be Praised! Life in Him is eternal, abundant and free! I repent of our my wicked ways and turn my heart to You, oh my God, asking You to bless America again as You did when she first began!

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  5. Amen, Brenda! I started keeping a record of God’s faithfulness to our family in 1983, the result of a Bible study question during my quiet time. There are now nearly 1400 entries! Just hefting that notebook in order to record another blessing feeds my faith. God is SO good–even through the tough times. One especially challenging year, when I counted up the entries on December 31, there were more than any other year previously! Such memories do indeed provide a solid foundation in our walk with him.

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  6. I love that concept that God likes to make memories with us – it’s so true!
    We had a God thing today – – well, several:
    We got rain! After upper 90’s and 100’s and NO RAIN for weeks and weeks, we got a whacker of a storm last night, and more rain today.
    We called a tree guy this morning, and he came at noon to look at our linden tree that is splitting. In the rain. While he’s dealing with that, we mention our very dead weeping birch in the front and center of our lawn. (We love our beautiful weeping birch, but it died of old age. 😥) Our idea was to shape it a bit and leave it as “lawn art” and for a big bird feeder. (The birds love it, and we love the birds.) Right there, still in the rain, he does a perfect job of pruning the tree. After he left, my husband and I worked together in the pouring rain, picking up branches and cleaning up the yard. It was all such a blessing! God made a beautiful memory with us.

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