Hey friends, how are you today? Well, we did it.  I suppose it was inevitable though, wasn’t it? Time just keeps on ticking, it really could not be bothered with the events happening in our lives at this time.  The month of July has finally arrived.  Happy month of July, my friends.  

What are your plans for the month? I would suggest we do not hold on to those plans too tightly.  The Lord may have better plans for us, and unfortunately most times, there is no consultation. I’m afraid His plans are at times nonnegotiable.  It’s in our best interest to adapt. Plans are good though.  When we make plans, we are more likely to accomplish these activities and events, rather than attempt to live life without any plans at all.   I think this second part of the year calls for plan making. But rather than look at the entire year, we will look at just the month of July.  What are some goals you would like to complete this month? Do share in the comment section below. Here are a few of my suggestions.

Daily read the Bible.  Be consistent and plan to use one book from the Bible (if you are not) or use a devotional.  This is the time we listen in this two-way conversation.  

Pray daily.  Now we take the opportunity to talk.  If you are like me, we love to hear ourselves.  Talk about everything, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Talk, baby, talk.  Talk about friends, family.  Talk about the goals, share the desires and the wants, share everything.  The God of the universe is listening. 

Keep a prayer journal.  If you are like me, there are so many things we must bring before the Lord, we will need to write them down to remember, plus of course, we need to remember when He answers too.  The remembering forms part of our testimony.  

Go for a walk. Take at least four nature or neighborhood walks, one each week.  The purpose of the walks is just to smile and say hi to those we encounter on way.  We will also need our phones; it’s use is for taking photos of whatever catches our attention.

Listen to music just for pleasure. Slow, fast, moderate, our favorite singers and songs will be on repeat. Lately Riley Clemmons (Healing) and Tasha Layton (Look What You’ve Done) has been my jam.

Do some form of exercise at least three times each week.   Whatever is most comfortable, perhaps with a friend or family member.  

Call, text, email or go old school and send a card to a friend or family member, we have not seen for a while.  Remember someone’s birthday or anniversary during the month and say hello.  Pray for that friend of family member.  The goal is to use our knowledge of that person(s) to encourage and uplift their spirit.  

Pamper ourselves with a manicure or pedicure. Or perhaps a haircut or new hairstyle will do.  Perhaps even a facial (sometimes at home) or a massage if the opportunity presents itself. 

Read a book of pure fiction Perhaps a book we read as a child, or a suggestion left by someone.  A book that will require very little brain activity. 

And finally, we will do a ‘hard’ thing.  Something that takes us out of our comfort zone.  Perhaps something scary, something big.  Something we have always wanted to do, but perhaps we have been a bit fearful of trying.  The beauty of a ‘wringing hands’ activity isn’t necessarily the success of the activity, but rather the ability to move beyond the fear and do it anyway.

Fear allows us to run to our Lord, it forces us to take cover under His wings.  It puts life into perspective and reminds us of our fallibility. Our God is big and powerful and mighty. He can take away our fear.   Do you have any plans for July? Share with us in the comment section. Have you read our last post? Read it here.

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28 responses to “10 ACTIVITIES FOR JULY”

  1. I love the Bible time, prayer time, music time… A fictional book! Now there’s something I haven’t done for years, but instead, I started keeping a dream journal. I actually remember my dreams more often now, and I see ways that God is teaching me things that I never would have thought about before. 😉

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  2. We have a teen camp this month. I am to teach a class for a couple of days. And will attend my daughter’s book launch for her fourth book. And get back to preparing for my bible study. Along the way maybe my husband and I will have a chance to get away for a day or two of rest and relaxation.

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  3. Awesome July activity ideas! The one that stands out to me most is prayer journaling, I don’t know why I have yet to do this, it always sounds so neat!! I need to jump aboard!!!

    My kiddos have more plans this summer than me—my oldest daughter will go to a Bible youth retreat, the youngest daughter has 4H week coming up, as a family we’ll go to a church campout weekend, and then my girls have church camp to attend at the end of the month..in the mix of all that I just set up our new pool so I’m sure we’ll all splash around and before we know it August along with school starting will be here before we know it!!

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  4. Some great suggestions. My husband and I are walking daily now while the weather is so beautiful. We have so many birds in our neighborhood and I love hearing them all singing as we walk. Praising God I think. One big plan I have this month is to celebrate my anniversary with my husband by having a meal at our favorite steak house.

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  5. What a cool post, and thank you for the invitation. As per your list, here’s what’s in my life:
    I’m still lovin’ my daily Bible reading and prayer journal.
    About once a week I walk to my friend’s house to catch up with her. I exercise, but am vowing to increase my time with bouncing, yoga, and walking.
    I plan to do a write-up of our family reunion and snail -mail it to my sister (she is the keeper of the Reunion Journal), with another copy to my folks, who couldn’t be there.
    I got my monthly massage yesterday. 😊
    I’m in the middle of a fiction book.
    My ‘hard’ thing? God gave me a younger woman to mentor a few weeks ago. He is teaching me a lot.

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  6. Hello, Brenda! Thanks for asking about my plans for July.

    I’ve been serving as a lead teacher this summer at the elementary school where I work. It felt like a stretch for me, at first, but now all is going well. We are off for the week after the 4th, but will return for the last three weeks of July. I certainly feel like I’ve done the hard thing first this summer!

    I enjoyed the picture of you running! You look like you have good form.

    Trying to think how a man could pamper himself–without spending a whole bunch of $$$.

    I enjoyed your 10 activities for July! It’s a well-rounded list.

    God Bless.

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