Hey friends, how are you today? Really… today… how are you doing? What plans do have for today? Some days I must remind myself to live in the present.  Too often, on some days I find that I have lived either in the past or the future.  Some days, I long for the past, long for the days of ‘I remember when’, days when ‘this or that happened’ simple, uncomplicated days of yester-year.  Other times, I long for the ‘can’t wait until’ days. On those days, I suspend time (if only time would be suspended), I merely exist on those days; those ‘waiting for this or that to happen’ days.  On days like these, time is measured by the hours I’ve slept.  Doing nothing because I’m waiting.  Each day granted displays the beauty of God’s faithfulness to His people.  How are you doing today?

Can you believe we are almost in the seventh month of the new year? As a matter of fact, 2021 can no longer be considered new.  Six months have gone by, today is the 180th day of the year.  Wow!  There are 185 days left in this year.  Almost half of the year has already been lived.  Some people have gone through so much already this year.  Some have lost loved ones due to terrible diseases and disasters, some are divorced, some have suffered financial loss, others have moved from one country to another, one state to another, one city to another, one home to another house.  Some have decided this journey of faith isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; some said the words, others acted it out.  The past seventeen months have defined most of us, if not all of us.  Very few of us remained the same because of the past year, but then again, it would be a shame if it did.  

If we remained the same, what would have been the point? Obviously, we all know that the Lord does, and He allows.  He actively participates in the happenings of this world, or He allows the happenings of the world to take place.  We see throughout scripture that everyone answers to the Almighty God.  That is especially made clear in the book of Job.  But this verse here puts it into perspective: 

Everyone and everything is God’s creation.  Does the Porter answer to the clay? Of course not! No one does anything ‘to’ you and me without first the Lord’s permission. And if He permitted it then it will accomplish what it was set out to perform.  

A Christian’s besetting sin is pride, I think.  As Christians we are a prideful lot, generally speaking of course.   The Lord makes us look good, does He not? We are kind, we love, we give, we forgive, we show compassion and pity, we speak wisely and after a while, we think we’ve done that all by ourselves. “Look at me, I’m so much better than you”, we become the standard for others.  Except we’ve forgotten we were not born this way, ‘back in the day’ our sin nature ruled. At one time, we were just as ‘bad’ as everyone else.  

We all know the story of Peter’s betrayal and the truth is we’ve all been Peter at one time or another, maybe even two times or three times or another.  We have been sifted or sifting is in our future.  There is or will be that deciding moment; that ‘all in or not’ moment. And for most of us, like Peter, there is a prayerfully brief, ‘not’ moment.  The past few months, there have been plenty of ‘not’ moments, plenty of ‘not todays’.  But God…The good you see in me, isn’t me after all… (imagine that).

But Jesus was not done with Peter, and He isn’t done with us. There is hope to be found, there is grace to be found, there is joy to be found, there is beauty to be found.  But God… 

Look up chile, look up.  Our work isn’t done.  We still have work to do.  2021 isn’t over, although 2022 is in sight, today has just begun.  What are your plans for today? Do they include time with the Lord? What about time with others, is this on the list? Today, instead of eyes on me and on my woes, I will think of others.  I will pray for others.  I will talk to others to encourage and uplift, perhaps even to admonish. Today, I will live in the moment, I will live in the present, I will accomplish what I’ve been called to do.  Today I will live life, I will thank the Lord for the past and give Him tomorrow. I will seek forgiveness for the past and live in today’s grace and mercy.  Today I will bask in the faithfulness of the God of the Universe. 

Today, we have a choice to make, we have decisions to make. What are your plans for today? How are you doing today? 

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38 responses to “TODAY I WILL LIVE”

  1. […] Fear allows us to run to our Lord, it forces us to take cover under His wings.  It puts life into perspective and reminds us of our fallibility. Our God is big and powerful and mighty. He can take away our fear.   Do you have any plans for July? Share with us in the comment section. Have you our last post? Read it here. […]

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  2. I needed this message today. I am sitting in my prayer chair allowing God to wash over me. I feel peaceful in his presence. God loves us today. We don’t have to live off tomorrow or yesterday’s grace. Today is enough and a great starting point. This post has allowed me to feel some peace. Thank you.

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  3. “Very few of us remained the same because of the past year, but then again, it would be a shame if it did.”
    Change is so hard, yet it’s what God is bringing us through all the time. And as you say, Thank God it is so. He is so good to us, changing us daily into the likeness of His Son. Glory! Yes, I look up.

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  4. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!! Felt like I was reading your honesty and I felt passion when reading your words…such an encouragement to live in the moment of His timing and His plans!❤️🙌

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  5. I can so relate to the feeling of “I can remember” or “I cant wait until”. You reminded me not to dwell on those things but on today and how I can live for God in the now, allowing Him to use me today. This was very encouraging.
    Thank you.

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  6. I have praying about that verse from Luke for several days now – asking that the Lord would not allow the enemy of our souls to sift certain people at this point in their life but, if He did, that He would bring them through more steadfast in Christ! Yes. But God!!!

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  7. “Christians are like teabags. You find out what they’re like when you put them in hot water.” Unknown, but perceptive. 😉
    I wonder about our pride; I am so guilty of this, as well. But Paul seemed to recognize his sinfulness more as he got closer to his Lord. “The saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.” (1 Timothy 1:15). So how do I get wrapped up into thinking ‘God is so lucky to have me!’ 🙄
    When a diamond comes under the cutter’s spyglass and tools, the flaws are more evident than when it comes out of the ground. The more the jeweler works on the diamond, the more it would “feel” like it was unworthy. So Christ working in us should make us recognize how much junk He still has to trim and cut away to make us into the jewels He created us to be. We just have to keep remembering the dirt out of which we came and the work He STILL has to do in us. Thanx for a great blog!! Again and again! ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  8. You do a great job putting things in their proper perspective, Brenda. These past 17 months HAVE defined us all. But troubles often bring out the best in us!

    I appreciate your optimistic spirit. Blessings!

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  9. Wow! I can definitely relate to the thought that this christian walk is not what its cracked out to be. Last year, I told God I was through. That I was through with him, through with christians just through, but he lovingly reminded me that I am his. He lost nothing. He loved me through my temper tantrum. Loved me in my depression and suicide attempts (all in this past year) stayed when everyone in my life (besides 2 people) walked away and he reminded me that I still had purpose after a mental breakdown and great fall. Because of him. I will live not live just for me, but i will live for him. Live to proclaim his name because he loved me at my worst. He loved me when others told me that I wasn’t worth loving.

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