Hey friends, how are you today? What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? I love cloudy days; gloomy, glum, grey days.  I do enjoy sun-filled days, but after long stretches of sweltering, steamy, sticky, stifling, stuffy days, dreary, drab, dismal, dull days are a welcome respite.  But days like these are good, aren’t they? Dreary, drab, dismal days remind us to be thankful for the sunny days in our lives, while at times, too many sun-filled days allows us to be thankful for the sun-less ones.  Of course, thankfulness is also a command from the Lord.  We both know that the God of the universe never makes suggestions.  Yet why would He command us to be thankful? 

  1. Being thankful allows us to live in the moment.  Today is what we have, the situation is what it is; whether good or bad. C’est la vie
  2. Thankfulness gives us another perspective. We now can ‘see’ this situation through different lens.  
  3. Thankfulness brings us hope. Even though we may not see it yet, sunny days are coming.  
  4. Thankfulness disables anxiety and worry.  It frees us from fear.  
  5. Thankfulness frees us of self and inward thinking. We are able to encourage and uplift others because we know that our ‘help’ comes from the Lord. 

Lately in my neck of the woods, sweltering, steamy, sticky, stifling, stuffy days have been rather disappointing, discouraging and dispiriting. Not that dreary, drab, dismal, dull days are any better.  I would rather have a cool 72°, sunny, but not too sunny, perhaps with some clouds, but not too many, just the perfect day.  Surely, I’m not asking for too much? Why must most days be on either end of the scale? Too hot or too cold?!! I am so sure I could do a better job of this weather! 

Our lives, just like our days can be sun-filled or rain-drenched, that’s inevitable and unavoidable. Unfortunately, Christian, or not, saved, or unsaved, we are not exempted from tough, trying, testing times.  But unlike those in the ‘not’ and ‘unsaved’ category, we have been told what to do when trials and tribulations come our way. And no… it isn’t to complain nor is it to live in fear.

How are you today? What’s the ‘weather’ like in your neck of the woods? 

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28 responses to “THANKFUL OR THANKLESS”

  1. It’s freezing here today on the east coast of Australia Brenda!
    It’s only 11°C but the sun is shining & it’s a clear blue sky so a walk down to the waterfront & back is on the agenda for today ☺️

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  2. It’s hot and stuffy here too, Brenda. The “feels like” temps are miserable, as the dew point is like that of the tropics. I thank God for working AC! You are so right about being thankful. If we start counting our blessings first–before complaining–maybe there won’t be anything worth griping about. Blessings!

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  3. I completely agree with you. Thankfulness is so important and something I’m working on daily.
    I’m sorry your weather has been less than enjoyable. It’s been beautiful here, sunny but not too hot and we are so thankful. 💖

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  4. This post is so timely for me. God has been putting thankfulness’ on my heart as of late, and His leading is for this woman I’m mentoring. I love your thankfulness points, especially 2, 4, and 5. I will share this post with her, with prayer and thanksgiving to God and to you for your wise words.

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