Good morning friends, happy third month of the year! March is here, friends, and this month always signals change.  Usually March whispers ‘change is coming’, especially in my neck of the woods, it is usually a whisper.  Small and most times, the changes are so gradual, they are very rarely noticeable.  Temperatures gradually rise from the 20s° to the 30s°, incremental changes to trees as they begin to bud, and slowly the snow begin to thaw.  Ahh but last year, March literally shouted, “here I am!”   The changes that month brought us last year, was very impactful and definitely unexpected if I do say so myself.  Who knew March could be so loud? Loud enough for the whole world to take notice, loud enough to make history.   

March reminds me of Eve. You know… Eve; the first woman, ‘the mother of all living’ as her husband called her.  Seemingly, Eve got her name after ‘The Fall’.   Poor Eve, as a woman, I would not want to be in her shoes.  If the months could talk, I’m sure they were thankful, they were not called March.  If you’re a March born, how did you celebrate your birthday? 

Back to Eve… I wonder if she knew the exact repercussions of her sin, if she would have travelled that path? That’s the thing about sin, isn’t it? We choose to disobey, but the Lord chooses the consequence.  Now I do know that ultimately sin came into the world a result of Adam, you can agree with the Word here.  

Poor Eve, she made such a mess of things, didn’t she? And it was so public! Her husband blamed her, well actuality he blamed God, but she was ultimately the cause.  Could you imagine the conversations that would take place in the ‘house’? Perhaps she tried to encourage her sons in the ways of the Lord, but of course they would know that their change of address came as a result of her action. Her heart must have broken when her precious boy Cain killed her other precious boy Able.  I could imagine the tears when Cain was banished.  If only she could undo; if only she could press the reset button, I’m very sure she would.  

Eve has been blamed for every downfall known to man both today and in the past.  Instead of being known as the ‘mother of all living’, she is known as the ‘mother of all evil’.  Her name is synonymous with The Fall.  More than Adam, Eve is blamed for the state of the world, today. Poor Eve… I would not want to be in her shoes.  Her name goes before her and it isn’t pretty. Every pain, women endure today, is as a result of Eve’s action.  If people know nothing about the Bible, they’ve heard about Eve.  Cunning, sly, manipulative, these are a few of the characteristics attributed to Eve.  Nope, that’s not the kind of history, I would like to make at all; not me.  One action (ONE!) brought about eternal consequences. 

When the girls were younger, we would admonish them with this reminder, “you choose the action, we choose the consequence”.  Sometimes, I too wish there was a reset button.  There have been many times, I too, would run headlong into a situation that changed the course of my life and perhaps those of my family.  Too many times I wish I could undo this action, but unfortunately that’s not possible. 

‘Actions have consequence’, we’ve all heard that old adage, at one time or another.   ‘actions have consequences’ yes we’ve been told this at least once. But still here we are.  Eve didn’t know what the consequences of her actions would look like, but we do.  We’ve read the Book; we know the beginning and we know the end.  As a matter of fact, today we probably have more knowledge of good and evil than perhaps Eve did, yet today we still disobey God’s Word.  He says love, yet we show love like the world.  He says forgive, yet we say it depends…, He says give, we say ‘how much exactly?’. 

But to know Eve is to know God.  Eve sinned and yes that sin has consequences but much more there is grace and mercy.  The consequence of sin is great, the consequence of sin can be deadly, but it doesn’t have to be so.  The Lord tapered the consequence with grace, He cushioned the Fall with much grace; His name is Jesus.  Today Grace brings forgiveness and forgiveness brings liberty and joy and peace and beauty.  

Today is a good day, how are you doing? 

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  1. I am way behind in my reading, but you posted this beautiful post on my actual birthday – March 2nd! I was busy eating cake and playing with my grandchildren that day. 😀 Great reflections on sin and grace. Thank you so much.

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  2. I have often thought of Eve and felt sorry for her. Nobody would want to be “that woman”. Yet I wonder if Adam’s sin was worse. I notice scripture talking about how Eve was deceived, and yet it says that sin entered the world through Adam. “She gave me the fruit of the tree, and I ate.” Makes you wonder!! So thankful to be living this side of the cross!!

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  3. So thankful my sin is covered by the blood shed on the His love, mercy, and grace…thankful I choose Him and His ways and even when I mess up there is unconditional love for me to accept!!
    Great post!!

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  4. Could this be the reason why even today women are blamed for failed marriages, or when things are not in order, people blame the wife first,yet the husband is watching as things are falling apart?

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  5. Oh yes, many times I think “what if”. But, there are times I think, no, the risk is too great. We pay the price for our decisions, but how many times have we reaped the rewards of good choices, good decisions, and trust in God? …and PS yes, it’s been a crazy past year. My heart breaks for all those trying to solve the world’s problems without God’s love and grace. 💔 We simply can’t win this battle without him 🤗🙏🏻

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  6. And aren’t we all just like Adam and Eve – don’t we all want to be like God Himself, deciding what we want to be good and evil? Therein lies the sin nature that is bound up in everyone, and the sin that only Jesus can cleanse.

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  7. I honestly don’t remember what we did for our birthday last year. We usually go out to eat so we may have just had a takeout or nothing at all.
    Thinking on Eve, God knew the consequences of making her. He knew she would lead Adam to sin and He knew He would have to play the long game in bringing salvation to His creation, and yet He still created them. He knows the long game of our lives and when we turn to Him, the consequences He chooses are still for our good, discipline instead of punishment.

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  8. There has been much written of late adding blame to Adam, or to the serpent, or to God for letting the serpent in the Garden, even for putting the Tree of KoGaE in the Garden. Father gave them everything He had made that was “very good.”
    But He wanted their choice to love and trust Him. That ToKoGaE was just as good as everything else, but they were to wait for Father to tell them it was time to eat from THAT tree. Instead Eve was willingly deceived and she gave to her husband “who was there with her,” and they ate before permission.
    Bottom line is both were involved, both distrusted Father, Eve willingly deceived and Adam with clear view. Both sinned by disbelieving Father and choosing to believe the serpent.
    As for “unintended consequences,” it is always true that “Sin will take you farther than you ever intended to go, it will cost you more than you ever expected to pay, and it will keep you longer than you ever intended to stay.” (Kay Arthur)
    Thanx for a great blog … again!

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