Hey friends, how are you today? It’s another wonderful day in my neck of the woods.  Although we still have snow on the ground, several feet in some places, the temperatures, which has been above normal, gives the illusion that spring has sprung.  

Even the birds seem to be more energetic, there seem to be a spring in their flight from tree to tree.  Yesterday, I saw the most beautiful bluejay and with her were the sounds of juncos and although the sounds of the crows are not at all pleasant, they all apparently signaled spring is in the air.   Today the sun is out, the skies are blue, and God still sits on His throne.  Creation as in time past, responds to the commands of the God of the universe.  He speaks and without negotiation, they obey.  

The sights and sounds of the birds in my neck of the woods are usually a balm to my soul, especially in the winter.  They ‘toil nor sow’ yet they are not littered on the ground dead from starvation when the ground is covered with over four feet of snow.   They sing their songs whether the days are bright and beautiful or cold and cloudy.  They live their tiny lives without a care in the world because they trust our Heavenly Father to ‘provide for them’.  

Spot the woodpecker
I could not resist, I’m not sure what she was doing

How much more does He love, care and provide for us, His most precious creation? Stand, my friends, let us stand on His promises.  Together, let us keep the faith.  How are you doing? 

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