Hey friends, how are you doing today? Well… spring has exited the chat in my neck of the woods.  Thankfully even amid the snow, the sun continues to shine, but still 28° is a bit chilly for this time of the year, after all spring is just about two weeks away.  But still, we give thanks to the God of the Universe for prolonged daylight and sunshine, and we remain ever hopeful for warmer days.  How is the weather in your neck of the woods? 


A few months ago, I began a study on the women of the Bible.  The woman I had a bit of difficulty in the assessment of character is Sarah (Abraham’s wife).  In I Peter 3:6, we are encouraged to model after Sarah in her submission to her husband.  Certainly, we see this when he tells her, not once but twice to proclaim their sibling relationship rather than their spousal, she agrees without argument.  He led and she was a willing follower. I must admit I do admire Sarah.  

Unlike Eve, she allowed her husband to lead her, in so doing he received the credit as well as the disaproval for their actions.  The one time on record, she decided to lead, two people groups are still paying the price today.  I like Sarah, I desire to be like her.  I am not a natural follower, in fact I admit, I prefer to lead, I like to determine the outcome of my circumstances.  Of course, that’s never possible is it? We cannot even control ourselves, far less our environment.  As wives, we’ve been called to submit to our (own) husbands, which is exactly what Sarah exemplified.  She honored the Lord when she submitted to her husband’s authority. Yes… yes… Sarah typified wisdom and integrity and dignity. 


For the month of February, I enjoyed giving my face a break from make-up.  These skin care items made it to the top of my list simply because they provided the moisture, the cold drew away from my face.  The combination of these two products helped to reduce the black spots and hyper-pigments which troubled my skin throughout that month.  This is my third Ordinary Glycolic 7% Toning Solution, and Elizabeth Arden Toner, that I always buy from TJ Maxx, are a perfect combination. Together, they cost less than $20

When I did go out of the house, this MILK Kush Waterproof (not really) mascara which gave my eyes all the drama and attention they needed.  And along with it, this IT Cosmetics lip product which again provided the moisture and enhanced the color of my lips were all I needed.  


My sweetheart bought me this watch for Christmas, and I take every opportunity to wear it.  I absolutely love it. Along with the watch, these bracelets, (wait for the sales) from Swarovski are cute and look fabulous. 


I wore these shoes a few weeks ago, when warm weather mockingly made us think spring had sprung, but its okay, I thought I would share them with you anyway because they are most certainly my absolute favorite; well one of them anyway.  Aren’t they absolutely fabulous? They are a pair of Kurt Geiger shoes which I bought from Ebay.


Temi of Christian Mommas and I have been ‘friends’ for a minute and we are certainly sisters in Christ.  We have so much in common, I hardly know where to start.  Temi has a heart for mothers, especially young mothers.  She encourages them to look to the Savior and reminds them that there are others just like them out there.  She share activities and makes suggestions on how to entertain the littles and she does all this as a young mother herself, while she homeschools and runs her Etsy shop.   Chile.. I don’t know where she gets the energy, but if you are not yet following her, I encourage you to do so. 

Lloyd is a photographer, and he shares the most fabulous photographs on his excursions. What I enjoy the most about each post is his narrative about the photos.  It is always interesting and informative, too many times, I found myself saying, “I did not know that”.  His blog is called Lloyd’s Lens Photography LLC.  Check him out, you will not regret it 

What were a few of your favorites throughout the month of February? What are your goals for March?

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29 responses to “FEBRUARY FAVORITES”

  1. Oh my! I cannot imagine wearing those shoes! They are beautiful but I would fall and break my neck! I recently took a personality test and it showed that my personality is bossy and loves to be in control. Sarah I am not, but I am trying to allow God to remind me when I get too bossy and that He is the one in control.

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  2. Your thoughts on Sarah reminded me of a few months ago when I looked at Abigail. She was strong in God, soft of heart, and brought about Peace in hard situations. She completely fascinated me.

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  3. Weather favorites: That beautiful snow last month at a time we didn’t have to be anywhere. But also glad it didn’t stay around too long looking dirty and bedraggled. I love to watch the days getting longer–a promise of spring. Then again, I do love winter–the coziness, the soups (!), candle-glow and fairy-lights, a fire in the fireplace. Still a few weeks before those things feel out of place in the warmth of summer.

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  4. My favorite posts in February were from The Wee Flea and David Ettinger’s blog. Of course, I always love yours! ❤️ I, too, would rather lead than follow, but I discovered many years ago to press down my natural tendency and encourage my husband to be led by God. Thus, we both follow the One True Leader (most of the time anyway). I will check out your blog recommendations.

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  5. I enjoy reading John’s work at rockroad.blog. He is one of the best writers, in the life story niche, I’ve ever read. He usually posts about one a month. Which makes me look forward to his next offering. All of his writing applies biblical concepts to every day life.

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  6. It is SO spring-like around here! I can’t believe it, and yes, I’m afraid to believe it. We’ve got 50’s and 60’s for a 10-day stretch. I just know we’re going to get our March blizzards and dumps. But flocks and flocks of geese are overhead, making their ways north. We have ROBINS, for heaven’s sake! The birds are so busy chattering and singing. They must certainly know something I don’t, right?

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  7. Afraid I nor my bride of 31+ years are into makeup at all.
    But the scripture with which this blog started is significant in our times, because of the bloodshed of innocents who are murdered before birth. Israel was punished for the thousands of babies killed in worship of Moloch and Ashera. Planned Parenthood has been at war with the African-American community murdering millions of babies who were viable, only for the convenience of the mother and dad, and the profits to the corporation. 😢
    So sad, we must pray that the slaughter of our babies ends before Father brings these words against us.
    Verse 12 goes on, “In you are people who accept bribes to shed blood; you take interest and make a profit from the poor.”
    Thanx for your great blogs!

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