Hey friends, how are you today? Wow! Can you believe we’ve lived through the first six months of the year already? For some, six months have simply flown by, while for others, these past few months have perhaps moved at a snails’ pace.  Our beliefs determine what and how we think, which also determines our perspective of life.  2020 has been a very unusual year, if I do say so myself, between coronavirus and the BLM movement, this year will certainly go down in history.  And then of course, life does not stop, does it? Life, with all its curve balls and lemons must be lived in spite of the world’s calamities. 

Sometimes it’s hard to see the Lord’s hands in life’s circumstances, especially when they are unexpected.  I find it a bit difficult to adjust to this new normal, at times.  Changes make me leery; I know they are good for me, but I instinctively shied away from changes, especially those I don’t like.  Although I’ve walked with the Lord while, it’s hard to naturally trust Him.  It’s usually after my third or fourth or more ineffective attempt at solving the problem that I hasten to His feet.  It’s not that I don’t talk to Him about it, I do, I just have not really given it to Him, or I do give over the issues, but with certain conditions. “I would prefer You to do it this way, Lord, and in this manner”.  

Why, after I’ve walked with the Lord for so many years, do I still find this so difficult? Why isn’t trust instinctive yet? Will it ever be? How much longer will I struggle, because trials will come my way,  can it be because I do not believe He is trustworthy? Why do I not believe? 

Perhaps it’s because I have not completely accepted the love of God. God loves me! Me! He loves me! Perhaps I need to remind myself of this against and again.   I am loved by the God of the Universe.  I am loved! How do I know this? Here are five reasons…

Christ died for my sins; all my  past, present and future sins.  He paid a debt He did not owe, so that He could  bridge that gap between the Father and me.  He loved me, when He left His throne and took on the form of a Servant Man.  He loved me when He died on the cross and was later buried.  He loved and continues to love me when He rose again and is presently preparing a place for me.  He loves me.

Creation tells me I am loved by the Creator of the Universe. The variety in the birds and their sounds tells me that if the Lord cares for and loves these creatures, then He must certainly love me.  The trees testify of His love; the sun and moon and stars declare His precious love for me.  

My friends and family tell me of God’s love for me.  In their love for me, I see God’s love.  Through their sometimes very conditional love, I learn to appreciate the Lord’s unconditional, unwavering love for me.   

The Word of God tells me I am loved.  From Genesis to Revelation, scriptures declare the absolute love of God.  I see the reflection of this love in the lives of Ruth and Esther. I hear it in the voice of Isaiah and Matthew.  I am loved and I know it, because the Bible tells me so.  

I know I am loved because the God above all gods have given me free reign in His presence.  He has granted me permission to talk with Him without a human mediator.  I have access to Him, I can share all my worries and cares, all my weaknesses and supposed strengths, I can take to Him.   

I believed I am loved when I see all my blessings.  When I begin to name them one by one, my belief in His love for me is strengthened.  I am loved by the King of kings when I am thankful for our home, our family, our friends, food on my table, shoes on my feet.  I am loved. 

There is so much around us that declares the love of God. We can rest, secure and confident in the everlasting love of God.  We are loved beyond measure and His love for us sure outweighs the mountains in our lives.  2020 may not be exactly how we imagined it at the beginning of the year.  Our vacation plans and our wishlist or bucket list may not materialize, but we can trust the Lord because He loves us.  Oh, how He loves us!  How do you know, that you know, that you know, you are loved?

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