Hey friends, how are you today? It is a beautiful day in our neighborhood. Jazz has, of course, taken up most of the space on the kitchen window ledge.  As the morning sun rises, the birds seek shelter among the trees. I love the sounds of the red cardinals; they sing so beautifully; I wonder what they’re saying? Perhaps they thank the Lord for their supply of worms this morning, or maybe they thank Him for their protection throughout the night. Maybe they share with other family members, their testimonies of near misses or their blessings.  Wouldn’t you like to know what they say to each other? 

We’re not perfect people, are we? We know that and most people around us are very aware of that fact too.  Many are quick to remind us of our failures; in fact, we remind ourselves of our failures! Too many times, we look back and dwell on these failings and our primary enemy likes us to stay there.  My friend, T.r. Noble over on Inside Cup had a very similar post called An Old Foe Appears in the form of a poem.  Check it out and while there, stay awhile, you won’t be disappointed. Sometimes, I think to myself, “Lord, I can’t believe I’m still here, I thought I was over this issue!” We keep ourselves in the past or keep revisiting the past which can potentially cause us to hinder our progress, as we walk with the Lord.  We ask for forgiveness, but we’ve not accepted that forgiveness completely, so years later, we’re still there.   We’ve allowed ourselves to be placed in bondage to our past sins.  

A revisit to the past can be good; a reminder of what not to do, but too many times, these visits keep us trapped.  Instead, Take these burdens of memories to the Lord, lay it at His feet again and leave it there. Use that liberty in Christ, not as an occasion to sin (Galatians 5:13), but to live life abundantly.

Although our accuser (Satan) daily brings our past before Lord and back to our minds, we can take hold of the promises of God which are found in His Word.   Eyes forward, dear friends, chin up, our Redeemer has paid the hefty price for our sins; every single one.  Spend time with the Lord, let Him remind us of His oaths.  He is trustworthy and true.  

What do you have to leave at His feet? What plans do you have for the weekend? 

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33 responses to “EYES FORWARD”

  1. Beautiful pictures and truth and a great reminder! I am often guilty of beating myself up over my past but am getting better about not going that route!!
    Great inspiration and encouragement Brenda!

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  2. God showed me that I had to give him the guilt I still felt from my past sins. The High Priests in the Old Testament made two sacrifices, one for the sins of the people and one for their guilt by placing it on the head of a goat and releasing it into the wilderness. God showed me that I had received His forgiveness but I was letting my guilt beat me up and keep me in bondage. When I asked God to take my guilt, I was set free to love myself and to love others better. Praise the Lord.

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  3. Thanks for this post. I have also been dwelling on past poor decisions,etc. The Lord reminds me I’m to dwell on “what is pure, true, and of good report…” (I am paraphrasing).
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

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  4. Amen! It’s often been said that we tell of the forgiveness and healing of God for others, but often forget it for ourselves! However, I believe that when God heals us and delivers us from something, we will carry the scars! Scars are not bad, even though they remind us of our previous pain, they remind us that we have been healed as well!!! And I believe God NEVER wastes our pain, but desires to use it for His glory. If only we would let Him.

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  5. Ah, your nature photos brought a breath of fresh air to my soul. We are languishing in high temps and high humidity. 😝
    God’s Truth is that He has vanquished our foe. This Truth will set us free; we must not pick up the chains again.

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  6. So much to look forward to when we have a relationship with God. Looking back on the past is what Satan wants us to do. But when we have repented and been born again we have become a new person and our old self is no longer alive.

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  7. A very helpful post! Negative rumination has been a struggle for me lately. I wake up in the morning dwelling on disappointments from years ago. Thankfully, God is boss of the past, present, and future!
    I checked out the blog you recommended. So much good content! It will take awhile to read everything I want to. Blessings.

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  8. Thank you so much for this Brenda! I have been writing a series of blog posts looking back to where my journey of faith really began and the highs and lows along the way, with a bit of guilt creeping in as I near the time when I lost my way. When I leapt forward to the here and now in my post yesterday, suddenly I had something to say to others which resonated. Maybe the past still has too much of a grip. Your post spoke to me. Keep encouraging! best wishes Diana

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