Hey there friends, how are you doing today? How was your weekend? Mine was absolutely fantastic.  The Lord blessed us with beautiful weather; we did have periods of showers, but it was spotty at best and the sun always crept out of the clouds, by the end of the day, blessing us with an array of colors for our sunsets.  

Creation speaks clearly to my soul.  It whispers of the greatness of my God.  It tells of the beauty of our Mighty God.  The birds bring to my remembrance the trustworthiness of my Savior.  The beauty of nature says, “look up, child”. Sometimes, I spend too much time with my head down, trying to do everything, feeling the frustrations of trying to complete every task, I’ve assigned to myself. Then the Lord sends days of sunshine and laughter my way and He again say, “look up”.  

Today, it is cloudy, rainy and gloomy.  Today is completely at odds with yesterday. Yet even in the rain, the Lord says, “look up”.  Even in the midst of the storm, He says, “see me, child”. Are you looking up? Can you ‘see’ the Lord in the storms? He has not abandoned you, He promised to never leave your side.  

In the busyness of life, it is so easy to cast the Lord to the sidelines.  We don’t intend to; it certainly isn’t intentional, it just happens.  We do spend time with the Lord, it just becomes one of the chores to be completed from the list. There’s still so much to do, meals to prepare, laundry to put way, after it’s been folded, and cleaning and that was just the house.  

Then there are the kids and the husband and family members and friends all vying for your attention and then add in an outside job along with a blog and it’s not at all surprising that some things (hopefully not some ones) fall to the wayside.  Usually the One regulated to sidelines is the One we can’t see.  It’s not like, He gets to complain.  We’re done with Him so fast; He didn’t even get the time to blink. “Lord, You already know, right?”

We will spend more time together, after this task is done.  Tomorrow will be better, except tomorrow never comes.  One week later, we are not even opening our bibles.  Talking to the Lord is all we can manage at this point.  Two weeks later, we can barely string two sentences together, after all He already knows.  

Beware of the enemy. It’s a very slippery slope and it doesn’t get better, unless we do things differently.  It doesn’t get better, unless there is intentionality in our steps.  The desire of our enemy is to keep us as far away from our Lord as possible, because there, we don’t have His wisdom.  There, we make decisions with lasting consequences. There, we forget on our own, we are not ‘good’ people.  There, we forget the laws and precepts set for us, right becomes wrong and wrong is confidently right.  

There, we forget our need and dependence on the Supreme Savior of the world.  How did we get there? Disharmony begins to tear at the fabric of our relationships; complaints and frustrations begin to be at home in our homes.  Little problems develop into monumental issues.  We began this journey but somehow it has spread like a disease and has infected all with whom we’ve come into contact.  

Beware of the enemy, Beware! The slid is easy, but the climb will take work and effort.  But it’s worth it.  Look up, see’ the Lord.  Our relationship with Him keeps us. In His presence, there is hope and peace. In His presence there is healing and forgiveness. He gives grace and more mercy.  There is joy and harmony, enough for us and others. We are assured of His perfect love for us; a love that keeps on giving and giving and giving.  He is compassionate and gentle.  He protects; He leads and He guides, always taking us exactly where we need to be and always giving exactly what we need. He stays even closer in the storms He cradles us in His arms, when the winds and waves rage.  Stay close, it’s worth it.  

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32 responses to “LOOK UP, CHILE, LOOK WAY, WAY UP”

  1. Brenda! Sooo good! Look up child💗

    “The slid is easy, but the climb will take work and effort.  But it’s worth it.” So much truth in this statement right here. God bless you and thank you for such an encouraging word. Big hugs💗

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  2. Such a blessing this has been. Even when we ignore our heavenly Father, He waits patiently for us to return with arms wide open. Thank you Jesus for your endless love!

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  3. Oh, gorgeous sunset! I love it!
    Why must it be so hard, sometimes, to step in His direction. We KNOW He is the right way! It is easier to give in, sadly. Lord, increase our faith. Remind us again of the blessings You shower on the other side of obedience.

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