Hey friends, how are you doing? What are you doing to save your sanity during this quarantine? Have you noticed that spring has sprung?

It has been raining on and off (more on than off) throughout the week.  In my devotions with the Lord, this morning, I reminded Him (not that He forgets anything) that I love routine.  I did not realize how tightly I held on to my routine, until it was annihilated completely.  

This week, we HAD to go to Ohio to clear the girls’ dormitories and we have a graduating senior this year, so, we had to bring ALL her stuff and fluff back home with us.  Thankfully the sophomore had acquired storage on campus, because after packing the senior, space was limited (I can’t even be mad, she is her mother’s child). Now it’s as if there are two sets of household items in the house and she has only one room; her bedroom.  Things are all over the house and I can’t stand it! Send help!  Needless to say, one cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it anymore. Now that I’ve ranted…. soooooo…… how are you doing? Really?? 

When chaos reigns, when trials are sent my way, my instinct is to control my immediate surroundings.  I can’t control the disorder, specially COVID’19, therefore I seek routine, because it gives the illusion of control.  Sometimes the Lord says ‘yeah’ to the semblance of control and most times He says ‘nay’.  “Trust Me, Brenda”, is what He usually says, as a reminder,  “You can trust ME”.  That’s a very true statement, friends. Our God is trustworthy.  Join me, let us surrender; hands open wide, hand over the burdens, which will only mount up the frustrations and ramp up the anxiety anyway. Let’s give Him everything, He can handle it. Deep breath in, deep breath out… 

Venus vying for 1st place
on our way home, from Ohio
on one of our walks
our views

What will you give to the Lord today? 

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53 responses to “HELP ME, HELP ME, HELP…”

  1. Ohhh I can so relate! I’ve got that control freak mannerism downpat…but I hear the Lord saying “surrender”!!!! In fact in a women’s group zoom meeting recently that was my word that I described how I was feeling (each of us ladies had to say a word and that one was mine!) I pray that I would allow it to happen by the power of the Holy Spirit!!

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  2. Here’s always near to our call and cry to Him. I’m keeping it by continuing to trust and rely solely on Him. I need to so just more and more. You won’t believe just last night God led me to pray for you. He showed me your name in a vision while I was before His feet. He cares about you and loves you forever. Thanks for sharing such lovely images! God bless and you guys keep safe. ❤

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  3. Thank you and the Lord for the beautiful photos!
    What helps me keep my sanity? When things (can be anything) get to me, in my mind I picture giving the bundle to the Lord. He takes the heavy bundle as though it’s featherweight, and says, “Trust Me; it’s Ok; I can handle it.” Then my job is to trust Him.

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  4. I love your purple bloom! It looks like your neck of the woods is spring-y-er than ours is. We have ice and snow on the ground. 😕 But the birds have been back for a while, and they’re still singing away; we did hit the 70’s a few days ago; tiny green shoots are poking out. We accept from God’s Hands what He gives. He loves us that much.
    Hug your girls. And all their stuff. 😉

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