Hey friends, how are you today? We’ve had the best weather over here. Not very warm, mind you, but sunny and bright and beautiful. Who can complain with weather like this? Even last week’s snow has melted, like it was never there.  Spring has returned, thank You, Lord.  

first spring blooms

How you doing with social distancing? Truthfully, I’m not a people person, necessarily, but I love to observe people.  It brings me joy when I see people, I don’t instinctively talk to them though.  Social distancing hasn’t been too bad, but I miss people.  I miss the hustle and bustle, I miss the movement, I suppose I miss the socializing, even though I most certainly did not do much socializing. My husband is more of the social butterfly and occasionally, I would get the unexpected visitor(s), especially on Sundays after church.  I don’t mind the social aspect of life, I just very rarely initiated it.  

while social distancing

Can you believe this is my 300th post? Yeah me!!! 300!! I could say it again and again.  300!! 300!!  I still cannot believe I made it to three hundred.  Great is my Lord and indeed He is greatly to be praised.  Thank You, my Lord.  What a milestone this is for me! Let me explain why…

One thing you may not know about me, if I’m not obligated to perform a task, it will very rarely be done, especially if I’m the only one to benefit from it.  If I have to do something for someone else, it will be done. I have started so many projects throughout the years, like jewelry making, scrapbooking and others, all assigned to the ‘veni, vedi, veci’ (I came, I saw, I conquered) drawer and then left there, never to be seen again. Usually, I need encouragement and validation from others to continue projects for the long haul, most times my family fits this bill.  

When I started this blog, my prayer was “Lord, please help me to  see this through”.  At first, I didn’t share this space with anyone when I started, not even my family, not even my husband.  I wanted it to be all mine; for me. I didn’t want anyone to have expectations for me. I didn’t want anyone to tell me what to do or what not do. This was mine.  So, I started and learned so much along the way. And the Lord grew me  and molded me and gave me an identity here. You see, that’s the beauty of the work the Lord does in our lives. He uses what we have and where we are, to shaped us into His living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). He makes us beautiful (us; collective, but me, individual). Before, I was mom, I was a wife, a daughter and friend, but I was still missing from the equation.  I was something for everyone, but me. Blogging allowed the LORD to use me, not through my husband, my kids, or through homeschool, or through teaching. 

But even this journey to 300 would not be possible without your presence and encouragement. Inadvertently, you became my validation and I appreciate you. Thank you, old friends, we’ve been together a while, like Elizabeth of writingfree1, thank you to  ‘new’ friends like my old friend ‘forwhcyn’. Thank you to those who’ve commented and liked my post, like jesusluvsyou. Thank you to those who’ve shared my posts like countryripples1 and Vickie of Vickie’s Book Nook and Meditation Corner. Thank you to the friends I’ve made along the way like Kathy of Maggie Tiggles, and Roses at Dawn and Tina of Pippi’s Poetry. Thank you for sticking with me, thank you for your support and cheers along the way. Thank you for celebrating with me.  I truly do love you all.  Thanks again.  So, cheers and here’s to many more. 

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72 responses to “300 IS FINALLY HERE!!!”

  1. Congratulations!! I’m so thankful God helped you reach 300! Your blog truly encourages and inspires me every week. It’s my favorite to read because I know I will hear God-given wisdom and wind up with a smile by the end!

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  2. Oh dear; I have those projects, too. 🙄 If I have no accountability, then I do not act like I’m accountable.
    Happy spring!! Your blooms are gorgeous. We have tiny little sprouts, but I am excited.
    Yaaay on the 300!!! You continue to encourage and inspire so many; you have a blessed ministry. I love to see what God gives you, and I love how you give those gifts to bless us. Thank you!

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  3. 300!!! Congratulations! Wish we were seeing “first blooms” like you are…unfortunately, snow on the way tonight. But March has been unusually un-snowy in our part of Colorado. February produced a bumper crop…but pretty low snowfall so far. Congratulations, again!

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  4. Good on you…your consistency encourages me. I’be been gone from my blog then I come back and you are still always going with yours. Keep going the future holds much more than what you have seen🤗🤗

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  5. Congratulations! I can totally relate, in a sense. It’s easy for me to want to accomplish 20 tasks at once. I become so overwhelmed that I have to slow down or cease what I am doing. While I want to continue writing, I am wondering whether I should change formats. Any thoughts? Blessings!

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