Hey friends, how are you today? Can you believe, as I sit here to write this post, it is actually snowing? I mean, we have about two or three inches on the ground and this snow is coming down rather ferociously.  Spring came and went away again in a flash, not sure, she was even here at all, at this point.  Big, fat, wet snowflakes; if wasn’t so disappointing, it would be rather beautiful.  Beauty can sometimes be hard to find in the midst of disappointments, isn’t it?  

What causes disappointments though, if not our expectations? It is the nature of man to have expectations of people, events, activities and even things.  On a Costco add, I saw a coffee machine for $999.99.  What!? For a coffee machine?! What does it do? For that price, I expect it to not only grid my coffee beans to perfection, but I also expect it to make my cup of coffee, with cream and sugar (thank you), at the right temperature and I also expect to be served at 6:30am, in bed.  Then our girls ruined the image, by saying there were even more expensive ones.  Unbelievable! 

Or how about that time that was used to study for an exam, except none of what was studied appeared on the exam.  Maybe that time, after completing every known task in order to get pregnant, and month after month came without the expected response.  Or maybe the application for that school or job that arrived with a rejection instead of the acceptance that was desperately wanted.  Where is the beauty in these disappointments? Can it be found?

As wives, we have expectations of our spouse. Throughout the years of being married, I’ve learned to lower the expectations.  High expectations quickly give way to impatience, frustrations, animosity, and anger.  The “why can’t you(s)’ and ‘why didn’t you(s)? become ever present in our speech.  These expectations have the tendency to destroy relationships.  

I found myself in such a quandary earlier today.  My expectations versus my reality were in quite the battle.  This usually happens, when I focus on my circumstances, rather than on my Lord.  Do you know why the Lord says to ‘be constant in prayer?’   Because He knew that once a day really isn’t sufficient to win these spiritual battles.  And life is really about those spiritual battles, aren’t they? The flesh against the Spirit and the Spirit against the flesh, because never shall the two meet, they are constantly at war against each other.  

But what about my expectations about the Lord? Should I have any? As this virus spreads, I must admit sometimes, I get a tad bit concerned; well actually anxious may be a better word.  As COVID19 steadily marches across New York, I knew it was inevitable that it would find its way into my neck of the woods.  

Now that it’s here, I find the desire to keep my eyes fixed firmly on the Lord has become quite the struggle.    But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, my friend.  As a matter of fact, this battle right here, brings me to the place where I have a choice to make at this time.  

Yes, the Lord said I should expect some things from Him.  He said…

I could expect Him to love me unconditionally, unwaveringly, unfailingly. 

I could expect Him to be faithful; He will always be, even when I am faithless.  

I could expect Him to be good; always, all the time, every second of every day, He is good.

I could expect that because He loves, He works everything out for my good.  Even in this situation, He is working it out for my good.  

I could expect that He gives rest to the weary and hope to hopeless.  

I could expect that He is strong enough to carry my burdens, and that He does such a good job of that, that it leaves me free to help with your burdens.  

I could expect that every morning comes with fresh mercy and grace.  

Yes, I have these expectations and He is faithful to keep these promises without any assistance from me.  

But He never said…

That I should expect to live a life free of trials.

That my actions today, would not have consequences. 

That the liberty found in Him frees me to sin.

That the decision to choose His way would be easy. 

Therefore, today, I choose to trust the Lord.  In spite of what’s happening around me, I choose to believe in the goodness of God.  I choose to hold on to the promises and find beauty in the things this time affords me. One beautiful thing this virus brought to me is time; a commodity that was negligible in my life.  Time… just a few weeks ago, I wanted more time, just a few weeks ago, time moved a speed of light; now the Lord says, ‘there’s just no pleasing you, is there?”

How are you doing? What are few of the emotions you’ve experienced during this time? What are you doing with the time you have? 

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