Hey friends, how are you doing? Can you guess our temperature today? Can you? Can you? Today’s high temperature is a beautiful 75°. It is cloudy with rain and a chance of thunderstorms, but who cares? It is absolutely wonderful; spring, here we come.  There is an old saying that goes…”you never miss the water, until the well runs dry” which reminds me of all the times, I complained about the heat, during the summer.  Welcome to the first full day of spring.  

I love this time of the year. I look forward to the visiting birds on the way to their homelands and those returning from their home away from home.  Jazz, our cat can’t wait for warmer weather, if she had hands, the windows would already be open to let in the fresh air.  Too soon, she will be vying for space near my window, but it’s ok, I am willing to share my space  with her. 

this is our daily ritual, playtime begins when I make the bed

But enough about me; how are you doing? Most of us are in the midst of exercising social distancing.  Schools and some churches have all closed their doors in order to safeguard the health of their students and congregation.  Most businesses have cut the staff in half while others have closed altogether, even our mall have closed, (ahhhh, the horror!). Who knew this would be part of our story, when we began the year? So many plans, so many goals; all about to evaporate into thin air.  But God….  So much time on our hands.   What are we to do? Here are 10 activities that can be done during this time of social distancing.  

Clean! Clean! Clean! Spring is here and with it also came this unwanted virus. Use this time to deep clean (if you can find any cleaning supplies in the stores, that is, but maybe you can make your own (google it, I’m sure there’s a recipe out there).  I love scent of fresh lemon  floors and windows.  Get all hands-on deck, good music and get set; ready; GO! 

Declutter your space! Combine the two, clean and declutter.  Although, this may take much longer, but who’s counting? We’ve got time on our hands; days, weeks maybe even months of time on our hands.  

Re-organize; this time of the year invites us to change the curtains, rearrange the furniture.  Reorganize the pantry and the closet spaces, those cupboards, you’ve always meant to clean, but never had the opportunity. Well, guess what? We’ve got time. 

Or you can do quite the opposite. Get on that recliner, have that cup of coffee with that book, you’ve always wanted to read, but haven’t had the chance.  Remember, there’s no gym to get to, no after school programs, no sporting activities for the kids.  Just you and that good book. I suggest ‘Trust God to Write Your Story’, by Robert and Nancy Wolgemuth. I highly recommend; it’s very appropriate for ‘such a time as this’.  

Solitary walks are good.  If you’re healthy, go outside, into the wild and breathe in the fresh air.  Of course, we need to avoid large groups of people, but still we must be smart and maintain our safety.  Stay in the neighborhood or close to it. 

Try that new recipe or learn to cook!  Now that most restaurants are closed, what are the choices? Take out is expensive, it’s ok, we have the time to perfect that experiment.  

Learn a new hobby; lean to paint, or crochet.  Knit that new pattern or begin that book, you’ve always wanted to write.  Become a brilliant photographer or jewel maker. The sky is the limit, remember you’ve got time.  

FaceTime, WhatsApp those friends, you’ve always wanted to call.  This is the perfect time to keep in touch with our lost friends and reignite relationships, without getting too close. Now we have no excuse; we can talk to each other, without getting too ‘close’… perfect! 

What are some things you can’t wait to tackle during this quarantine? 

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