Hey friends, how are you today? For those who live in the US, how was your thanksgiving? As for us, we had a wonderful time. Thankfully, although we have no other family near us, we’ve been blessed with the best church family. We spent the day with a few other like-minded friends, which ensured our time was filled with laughter and free encouragement.  Times like these are always well spent.  

Then later, the girls and I went to the mall (you knew that was coming) and of course, you noticed I said, ‘the girls and I’ because hubby won’t be caught dead at the mall in times like these; not even for me.  That’s okay though, the girls were more than enough company.  Do you brave the stores for Black Friday deals? Today though, I know we’re not brave enough to face the cold. It is a miserly 28° but feels like 19°.  Not even the thought of shopping will encourage me to go outside in this cold.  

We are literally four weeks away from a new year, can you believe it? 2020 is right around the corner.  Have you began making plans and setting goals? While having my quiet time with the Lord, this morning, I took the time to reflect on the past, but look to the person I am becoming.  I want to BE a woman of grace and virtue. I want to ‘open my mouth with wisdom and kindness’ (Proverbs31:26).  I want to listen faster and speak less.  I want to use my time wisely.  I want to BE a woman who fears the Lord.  I want to BE this woman who loves more and is less self-centered.  

But I realize that in order to BE takes time.  BEING is a process; it begins with BECOMING.  In order to BE, I must be intentional.  I must be dedicated to the goal of ‘BEING’, and because I know it takes time; I’ll start today.  How about you? Will you join me on this journey? 

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34 responses to “LET US ‘BE’ TOGETHER”

  1. Your blog posts are always so warm and friendly. You always paint such a vivid picture which captivates us with your loving spirit. GLAD YOU HAD A WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING.

    Beloved, since you follow my blog; I hope you will also read and share my prayer journal and workbook: Journaling with Intentionality for My Beloved.



    My blog post:

    I would love you know your thoughts. Hugs,
    Georganna W. Lewis

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  2. The journey of truly ‘Being’ for me started when I became chronically ill.
    No longer could I be His ‘Doing’ child in all the ministries I had been doing!
    I have to completely rely on my Heavenly Father for all my energy just to have a daily shower, strength to get dressed, supply as I can’t do my work anymore & provision more then ever before!
    Yes, the last 14 years have been a time of crucible burning off the dross, shaping & molding to be the woman He created me to be & while I’m still in the shaping process.
    I can see Him more & more in this time of ‘Being’ in His precious presence…Then at any other time in my life!
    Bless you Brenda,

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  3. I, too, aspire to BE a woman of God, to adorn His Word, to bless His people, to worship and glorify Him, and to abide in that peace only to be had through Jesus.
    I so appreciate your blog, Brenda; you bless with wisdom, humor, and human insight.

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