Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? What is your weather like, in your neck of the woods?  The past few days have been simply gorgeous. Although a bit chilly to start off the day, the temperature rose to mid-40° throughout the day, which is my kind of day.  And guess what? Today’s temperature is supposedly going to be a beautiful, bright, sunny, warm 56°. Thank You, Father! I love days like these; days that remind me to be thankful that for warm temperatures and sunshine.

Isn’t it surprising and perhaps a bit disappointing that it usually takes temperatures falling to the 20°(s) to appreciate the 30°(s) and never mind the 40°(s); it’s a heatwave! Does it take ‘not having’ to appreciate and be thankful for ‘having’? On Sunday, our church gave away turkeys and instead of being thankful, someone wondered why they were not also given food to go with the turkey.  Ungratefulness is never a good look, is it? Yet, how many times do I go before the Lord with my list of desires and wants without saying ‘thank You’?  Why is saying ‘thank You’ so very important? Gratitude is good for the hearer and it’s also beneficial to one who says the words. 

Why are the words so important? 

It reminds us of the goodness of others

It reminds us of our blessings

It gives us hope 

It encourages others to keep giving

It makes people feel good 

Thankfulness should always be a daily practice, especially to our Lord, He is the best Benefactor around.  My God is always good, and He always does good.  He has been very good me; He has blessed me beyond measure.  As we get ready to celebrate thanksgiving this week, I am most grateful to our Lord:

For His precious Word

For salvation

For His presence 

For grace, mercy and His everlasting faithfulness

For His forgiveness which goes on and on 

I am also thankful for:

My wonderful husband, the best man in all the earth (according to me).  He is my confidante and friend and my favorite fixer-upper.  

My favorite girls; my precious, precious gifts from God.  

My sisters and brother; always there, always ready to listen 

My mom; I can always hear the smile in voice, whenever she talks to me 

My extended family; every cousin, every aunt, uncle, niece, nephew

My friends; located all over the world

My church family; love my church, they encourage and motivate me to keep serving the Lord.  

You; every single one you.  You bring me joy when you like, comment and also follow the blog 

The list can go on and on, but I want to leave space for you. Tell me what you are most thankful for as we approach this coming week.  

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