Hey friends, how are you today? How was your week? My week has been busy, how was yours’?  Did I tell you, I volunteered to direct the children’s Christmas play this year (what was I thinking?… oh wait… I was not thinking).  Anyway, what that means is, my Saturday is no longer free and now I have an activity every day of the week.  What does your week look like; anything like mine?  

I grew up in the church.  I do not think I have missed a total of 10 church services in my lifetime. I accepted Christ as my Savior at a very early age.  It’s hard when I compare my life with others to think there is anything wrong with me.  I can always find someone whose life ‘needs work’.  I am really not that bad, when I compare my life with someone else’s. After all I don’t do this nor do I do that, like this person.  I am a pretty good person in my humble opinion.  Of course, I am not perfect, BUT… When I was younger, I focused quite a bit on what I did not do; you know the ‘big’ sins.  So maybe I disobeyed my parents and I may have lied and taken something that was not mine, but that’s small compared to what this person did.  

Comparison does one of two things; makes us think we are better than others or we may think we are worse than others.  The outcome depends on who we think we are compared to who we think they are.  The result is very rarely flattering or healthy; not for us nor for others. It would be a lie to say Christians don’t do this. 

Throughout the Word of God, we are reminded again and again that people are not the standard.  Yet churches are fraught with bitter, discontented and angry people because of our jealousy and envy. We fail to love others because our eyes are fixed on the possessions or on the seemingly perfection of their lives.  Haven’t we lived long enough to know that no life here, is perfect? Don’t we already know that no life is without trials and problems? Do we want the unknown problems in their lives, along with whatever blessings they may have obtained? Will we take the good but not the bad? 

As a child, I thought as a child and I didn’t always understand the consequences of what I was doing.  I lived between wanting what someone else had or with the belief that I was better.  As an adult, after having gone through my own trials and tribulations and living through the problems of others, after obtaining my own possessions along the way, should I not already know that no one’s life is without issues?   With all that knowledge, why do I then still struggle? 

Does my salvation mean so little to me that I fail to love others as Christ has demonstrated His love for me, because of their possessions? Love and envy are on opposite ends of the scales.  The two oppose each other.  I can’t envy you and love you at the same time.  There is only room for one in my life and right now I choose to love you. Today I choose to pray for you, because I know that trials are part of life and you are not without them. I choose to cherish the price that was paid for my sins. I choose to bask in the unfailing, unwavering love of Christ.  I choose to be content with all that the Lord has blessed me.  I choose to name them one by one, because I am prone to forget, when my eyes slip.  I choose to say ‘thank You, Lord’ because Your work in me is not done.  I choose the Word of God as my standard, it equalizes everyone. Let’s remind ourselves that people are not the standard! 

How are you today? How can we better show Christ’s Love to others?

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37 responses to “I HAVE DONE YOU WRONG”

  1. It sounds like you have a lot going Brenda! And you are so right! We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others, but only Christ. We all have had to fight the feelings of thinking someone else’s sins are bigger. No one is perfect though…As long as we live in this flesh, we will fight it till we get our glorified bodies! Thanks for this post!

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  2. This post really brought back memories of verses that God has used to change my life and make Himself very real to me. Psalm 51 transformed my life as a new “Born Again with God’s Spirit” Christian. Later in life, Psalm 51 became an anchor to cling to when it felt like I was slipping away from God.
    One morning in a time of great despair because of stresses and injustices at work, as I sat up on the side of the bed I asked God, “Lord I need something from your Word to get me through the day.” Instantly, in my head I heard “read Psalm 73” and I went straight to the kitchen and did, and wept. It was exactly the answer to my dilemma, and put my focus on where it should have been, on God, not the circumstances.
    25 Whom have I in heaven but You?
    And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.
    26 My flesh and my heart fail;
    But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

    27 For indeed, those who are far from You shall perish;
    You have destroyed all those who [h]desert You for harlotry.
    28 But it is good for me to draw near to God;
    I have put my trust in the Lord God,
    That I may declare all Your works.

    Thank you Ms Brenda for sharing your heart honestly to edify the body of Christ.
    Numbers 6:24-26 Blessings Be on You and Yours, Amen!!!

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  3. Great post my sister. Thanks much for sharing and reminding me of the dangers of comparison as well as the blessings of being contented.

    The Bible says, “Godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Timothy 6:6)

    What we fail to realize is the best secret to living our best life is learning to be content.

    I have learned that an attitude of gratitude make a difference in fostering contentment. When we practice an attitude of GRATITUDE we are able to count our blessings and become contented and stop comparing our lives with others.

    Blessings to you as always 🤗🤗

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  4. Yes yes! Love becomes our nature when God’s word is our standard. I like that you used the word “equalize’. We can’t think of ourselves as being better than others when we see them with the eyes of love, when we see others the way God sees them. Awesome post! All the best with the play!🤭🤭

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  5. How so like God that is to put words in our mouth that we just blurt out at accepting a call to help further His kingdom. May He pour out blessings upon you as you begin this ministry!

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  6. How fun for you to direct the Christmas play! I want to hear all about it. I’m expecting some chuckles and perhaps a belly laugh. Kids can so often surprise a laugh from us.
    I have long clung to the fact that God is my plumb line. It’s hard not to compare with other people, but you chose one of my favorite passages of Scripture to keep me clinging to Him, Ps 73. It describes our hearts so well when we let our focus be on things below. BUT. But then comes one of my most comforting passages of all time:
    23 Nevertheless I am continually with thee: thou hast holden me by my right hand.
    24 Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.
    25 Whom have I in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire beside thee.
    26 My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

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  7. I’m learning on my journey to count my own blessings and not those of the people around me because like my mom would always say ” The grass ain’t always greener on the other side anyway and looks can be deceiving. ” I do agree that church hurt and chaos can be the worst hurt at times and I pray that we as believers can make the church better instead of making it look so bad. Our jobs is not to compete, compare or hurt eachother. We are to show Godly love as you mentioned and our ultimate goal is to win souls for Christ. I believe that should be and remain our focal point in and out of Church. Thanks for sharing your thoughts❤

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  8. Comparisons are causing people to be unhappy and depressed. Cultivating godliness with contentment is great gain. But we have to ask God to help us to do that in our daily lives. Thanks Brenda, I enjoyed this! ❤️

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