Hey friends, how are you doing today? Can you believe it? This is it, my friends, today is the 3rd of December, the end of 2019 is in sight! What a quick but busy year, this was for me.  How about you? Were there any major changes in the year for you? How did you respond to these changes?

Although I relish and look forward to the changes in seasons; still cannot choose just one season as my favorite, they all bring such drastic differences both in the temperature and in the physical appearance, don’t they? I love the changes, I bring to my home, by rearranging the furniture and the placement of decorations; perfect for each season (yep, I’m one of those people).  I like the changes in my wardrobe, when I add more clothing, or shoes or more handbags; sometimes, I even remove some items from my closet; I know right?! Who am I? But yes, sometimes it comes to that.  

Today, change has arrived in my neck of the woods.  By the end of the day, yesterday, after a day filled with constant snow fall, we had accumulated almost a foot of snow.  But today, although the snow is still on the ground, the sun is out and although it’s cold, 22°, the arrival of the sun can make even the snow seem beautiful.  I really do appreciate these changes.  

But I do not like major changes; you know, those that have the ability to derail the trajectory of our lives.  ‘Good’ change is fine and acceptable, but ‘bad’ change usually births fear and anxiousness.  2019 brought such changes into my life.  I suppose in retrospect, there were some good changes, but honestly, the ‘bad’ changes are easier to recall.  Huh! Something to think about! 

Four months ago, my mom called to tell me, she had skin cancer.  You know, cancer is a scary word.  The possible outcomes of such a disease flood the brain. The real desire to fix the problem and make everything ok was at the forefront.  Of course, I did what all ‘good’ Christians do; I ran to the Lord but found myself in a pickle.  I vacillated between leaving the ‘change’ with Him and fixing it myself.  I wasn’t sure I could trust Him to give me the answer I wanted, you see; after all, ‘His ways are not my ways’.  Funny thing that… the idea that I could, somehow alter the outcome of such a problem, for a minute there, I forgot, I am not God.  

Just a few months later, my grandfather died.  Although he had lived long life, (he was 95) I was not quite ready to let him go.  I wanted our girls to experience him like I did. I wanted them to know him and love him like I did; but I suppose that was my story, not theirs and I trust the Lord to write my story.

Then less than a month later, while at a store in Ohio, our girls were called the ‘n’ word and literally cussed out, by some guys.  Can you imagine how fearful they were? According to them, they thought their lives were on the line!  Now for most of us as moms, it is better to attack us, than to attack our kids; the mama bear comes out at this point.   I was quite shaken by that, I must admit.  I was disappointed and sad that we were not there to shelter them and keep them safe.  Do you know, I’ve never been called such names?  But then, I suppose that’s their story, not mine and I trust the Lord to write their story.

Most times, instinctively I do not readily accept change.  I prefer the change I can control; the change that heralds’ laughter and instant happiness and joy.  But I have come to appreciate the drastic changes in life.  It is usually these changes that tighten my grip on the Lord.  It is usually these changes that strengthen my foundation in the Word of God.  It is usually these changes that remind me that I have a formidable Anchor in the Lord.  It is usually these changes that hasten my steps into the Lord’s presence.  These changes cement my trust in the Lord, because their demonstrate His absolute and always timely, faithfulness. The changes allow me to see the goodness and grace of God.  No… I don’t always like change; but I have come to realization that change is necessary for my growth as a Christian and even as a person. Change is for my good; even when I cannot ‘see’ the good.  

How about you? Did you have any major changes in 2019? How did you respond? 

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  1. Thank you for your bravery and transparency. My condolences to you on your grandfather. I am sorry about what happened to your girls. That is heartbreaking. I was called the N-word as a child and it shattered me. I am praying for your mom’s healing. 2019 was turbulent and the last 90 days have been breathtaking. I needed this blog to remind me that God is with us in the ups and downs of life. I am on IG as adascorner1. Thank you for having this safe place to lift up God’s name.

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  2. Those two dreaded words can be so scary! – change and cancer…I don’t like either one of them!…So sorry you lost your grandfather. 😢 That is a blessing to live to be 95 though…So sad that your children got treated that way! It was a good thing you weren’t there! You are right, us mothers can be bears when it comes to things like that! We want so much to shield our children from people who don’t know how to act like normal humans.

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  3. Most definitely change happened in my life as a constant. I know that sounds like it can’t be but Mom’s journey home put her and my family on a road filled with continual change as her dementia progressed. We laughed and cried. But mostly we learned faith, love, and perseverance. Now, we rejoice with her for she finally is at home with our Lord. And we will see her again whole -no more broken body or mind.

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  4. This post, although noted some sorrow, it reminded me of a psalm…the way you laid it out and then proclaimed that because of those negatives, faith will be strengthened!!! So thankful that even though changes happen our God is steadfast and unchanging!!!❤️thank you for your words…praying peace and comfort over these battles.

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  5. Wow, before reading this post few minutes ago I woke up to a funny smell and I started praying about it, but my prayers was more of God coming to do the needful 😁. Ie to just come and let there be a cleansing but in the midst of prayer I got this nudge to be calm and allow the holy spirit do as he please just as he would want to, 🤔you could imagine the struggle in my spirit to control the situation I just had to relax knowing that I can only go so far with my own strength and Lil knowledge.
    “His ways are not our ways”.
    Thank God for helping you trust him.
    I’m sorry about your mom, I pray the spirit comfort you

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  6. Trusting the Lord to write your story is such good advice. I have a 65th birthday coming up, and my story does not look like I thought it would. That is how I see it in the natural — full of deficiencies. But when I think about the “surfacey” stuff that troubles me so much as never troubling God at all, I remember Philippians 3:5-7, Paul proclaiming ‘I count all things to be loss in view of the surpassing value of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord…” And that is the Rock upon which we can always stand. I am so sorry your girls were subjected to such behavior. There is so little respect for the preciousness of children, any more — but I am always bewildered at such behavior.

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    • Sometimes in our suffering, its hard to ‘see’ the goodness of God; but its during these we learn to hang on a little tighter, because somehow, somewhere ‘good’ is coming our way. It may not come in the form we expected, but that means it will be better than we ever expected. Thanks for sharing this comment, my friend. May the Lord continue to bless you


  7. Thank God for all the changes. Mine has been full of major changes. And grateful for how far He has been there.

    Your mum is healed completely in Jesus’ name. And strength for your daughters. He is their shield and will ever abide with them.

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  8. Thank you for taking the time to write this and include such wonderful promises of God. It’s been very tough year and I’ve had lots of them. This one just seemed to really wear me down. But you are right , I have turned to God more and more and I couldn’t make it without Him.

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  9. Wow! Continue to hang on solider! I’ll keep you and the family in prayer for sure. It’s not easy to lost a love one. To be honest the changes that came this year in the way it did was not easy at all. They were very heart-wretching and painful. But I’ve seen where they have make me and continues to make me grow in my walk and relationship with God. How it continues to mould more into His character. Do keep my family and myself in your prayers. Thank you! God bless & strengthen you always in His name. Amen. ❤

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  10. What happened to your girls is horrible; the world needs Jesus! Two children I knew and my boyfriend’s grandpa have all passed away, all sad and heavy losses, and my dad stopped paying me from his business, so I was worried about having an income for a little while. On the bright side, though, I started getting disability aid and got a part-time job that I enjoy but isn’t too demanding for my fatigue. I feel God has been good to me this year! 🙂

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  11. I feel the same, change can knock me off my feet. The “bad” stuff that is. But, as you said, change makes us what God wants us to be. It is transforming. I wish your girls hadn’t had that experience. I wish we were through with racism. I wish your mom didn’t have to walk through cancer or you all didn’t lose a loved one. But, God is rich in mercy and He will give comfort and peace even now.

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  12. I will be praying for your Mom Brenda. What happened to your daughters really makes me mad. If I would have seen that in the store, I would have been all over those guys preaching up a storm and I would have protected them. I will pray for your daughters too. We are living in insane times. So thankful God is in control and I am not. God bless and protect you all and may the Lord heal your Mom!

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    • Thank you Ryan and thanks for the encouragement and yes these men certainly need the Lord. My mom has already had the surgery which removed the cancer but is waiting for the final results from her doctor. Do continue to keep her in prayer; may the Lord bless you abundantly

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  13. Life is not easy, but it’s always an adventure. That’s for sure! I’m sorry to hear of all that’s going on in your neck of the woods, Brenda, but you’re so right, change is good for our growth. Hard, but good. Have a peaceful Chrismas, and a Happy New Year, sistah. ❤

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    • 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement Tina, I truly do appreciate it; May the Lord bless you, and yes, we are prone to get comfortable fast which sometimes can indicate stagnation; which is never good; therefore the Lord allows the change because its for our good

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  14. I enjoy reading your wisdom and calmness in your posts. Thank you for this. And I also agree that we often remember the bad, more so than the good, things that happen to us. I wish things like what was said to your daughters wasn’t ever a thought for people. In the moment it’s frightening… when I’ve had men harrass me in college it shook me to my core because I tried to stand up for myself which escalated to more aggression on their part. Somehow I learned to grow from those situations and use the experience to empathize with and empower others. It’s so difficult in the moment though and requires healing to come out stronger on the other side. So focusing on the good…we bought a new house closer to our family, got a new puppy about a month ago, and we’re on our way to more fertility treatments. Looking forward to what 2020 has to bring. ❤

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  15. Oh, Brenda, I do love to read you. I’m sending a cyber hug, comfort as you grieve losses and snuggle down into God’s loving Hand.
    I look back at major changes in my life, and you’re right: the hard ones come quickest to mind. There have been terrible sufferings. But God. He brought me to this place, and He has drawn my lines in pleasant places.

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  16. I’m sorry about your mom but I know she will be fine. I’m also sorry for what happened to your girls. I can honestly relate to that because it happened to me on several occasions but let them know as bad as that experience is, it by no means define who they are. It just shows the ignorance of some people of the world. Being a Christian it doesn’t change your core values either or I would be a very different person than I am today. I can tell you are a strong God fearing momma bear and that is wonderful. May God continue to be with you and your family.

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