Hey friends, how are you doing? How was your week? What did you do this week? The weather has been topsy turvy in my neck of the woods.  On Monday we had a beautiful, bright sunny day.  On Tuesday, we had so much rain, a few neighborhoods experienced flooding.  On Wednesday was another beautiful, bright, sunny day, with slightly cooler temperatures. On Thursday, it was a dark, gloomy, rainy day, with thunderstorms.  Today, Friday, another beautiful, bright, sunny day, should be in our vicinity.  Then Saturday should herald some more rain and you get my drift.  

I actually love days like these, don’t you?   It looks like the Lord covered every weather-related prayer, because no one is praying for snow (at least, not quite yet; and not me.  This morning, my husband reminded me that we needed to take our snow blower to be serviced and my response was noooooooo… I’m not ready). Why can’t fall be just that? Fall! Why must winter even be in the equation during fall?  I don’t like it!  Alicia of For His Purpose said there has been no rain in her neck of the woods for quite time.  I absolutely love her blog; you should check her out.  You will not be disappointed. You can thank me later.  How is your weather?

I have agreed to another task (why do I do that?). Every year, during Christmas time, the kids at our church put on a performance.  They either sing a few Christmas songs or they put on a Christmas play.  For the past few years, alternating the year, I’ve led the Christmas play.  When our girls were younger, every year, they were provided the opportunity to participate in such activities.  Something strange happens, when one becomes an empty nester.   Somehow all the free time, you looked forward to, disappears and somehow, you suddenly find yourself very busy. It’s the strangest phenomenon. How did that happen? How can I make it stop? Do I want to make it stop? I don’t know… I’ll have to think about it.

Well… I guess I must not be too busy, if I still have time to shop, right?  These are my husband’s words; certainly, they aren’t mine.  One must never, ever be so busy that they can’t add some girly shopping to the schedule.  We will make the time for that.  

These are a just a few pieces I picked up, while we were on vacation in Myrtle Beach, (what’s vacation without shopping?) and of course it continued when we came back home.  It wasn’t really my fault, even the thrift stores had sales (can’t you imagine that?).   They were practically giving the things away, I just had to save a few pieces…. 

Jazz feels left out when she isn’t the center of attention 🙂
Yep, she took over completely
SOHO skirt bought at Goodwill in Myrtle Beach ($4.99)
LOFT Polka dot blouse -Salvation Army ($2.50)
yess, honey.. my favorite find.. White House Black Market -Salvation Army $5.99
This jacket had me at first glance, but the back (it had my name on it)
MONTEAU blouse -Goodwill in Myrtle Beach $4.99
LOFT Blouse -Clothes Mentors (Consignment Store) $2.00)
CHARDWICK full length (on me) skirt – Salvation Army ($2.50)
I had to save the shoes
I do not own a pair of pointed toe shoes. I thought I should give it a try
they were brand, spanking new 🙂 $3.00 – Salvation Army
another happy find: These are Diane Von Furstenberg
Chile… for $14.99 (which is always more than I like to spend) BUT they are DVF!
These are cute, I had to save them, Plus they were only…
$3:00 – Salvation Army

Do you thrift shop? What are your favorite pieces?

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