Hey friends, how are you doing?  How was your week? The weather has been cooperating this week. Can you believe a thunderstorm had the temerity to come calling on our anniversary date night? Truthfully though, I love thunderstorms; the lightning and thunder and heavy rains, I love it all, even on that evening, I enjoyed it all.  I had to run in my heels (because, you know, gotta be cute) through the rain to the restaurant, but still we had a blast.  The service and food was delicious and my company was the best part of the evening.  By the time we left the restaurant, the rains had moved on to its new location, I was quite disappointed.  I delight in the rain around bedtime.  

Yesterday, I received some really discouraging news. I admit, it made me run to the Lord. My Source of comfort and strength has to be found in the Lord during times like these.  This news did not affect me personally, but it was really disappointing. It brought to mind this verse is “And let us watch out for one another to provoke love and good works.” – Hebrews 10:24. 

It’s hard to warn our friends, when they seem to be heading into dangerous, spiritual territory, especially when the response is bound to be unsavory, which is usually the case.  Most people, myself included, don’t like to be admonished and sometimes the initial response does not reflect the humility that our Lord has called us to practice. Sometimes, although I know I should, I hesitate at the thought of reprimanding others because of what I believe will be the reaction.  Most times, I have to remind myself that part of encouragement is also warnings and reprimands.  

Can I truly call someone my friend, if I fail to warn them of the dangers ahead? Am I loving when I allow fear to dictate whether I tell them that this way leads to death? Should I be content to remain on the sidelines because I’ve decided ‘it’s not my business’? Lord, forgive me.

Have you ever had to (I Thess. 5:14) ‘warn the unruly’? How did you do it? 

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  1. Experience Tuesday and the verse that came to mind and I expressed to this individual was Hebrews 12:15. As well as a gentle reference to the Eighth Commandment. I, too, ran to the Lord, by way of my Pastor picking me up when I received a response from this individual that was, I will just say “disappointing”. I am glad you “liked” my post, so that I could find your blog. Though this individual is a “regular acquaintance” I felt in my heart I’d be doing a great disservice to them not addressing the situation. What scares me is as a society, doing the right thing has taken on a negative stigma, somewhere along the way. May we be strong and keep on doing the God’s work!

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  2. I feel the same way as you. I feel that if I don’t warn someone then I am not being a true friend. Hmmm…this might be the answer I was looking for. The thing is, it also has to be handled carefully —with love. Sometimes I hold onto things for too long and then they burst out of me, not so gently. So I’m working on handling things with patience and love.

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  3. Thanks Brenda. I agree it is difficult to reprimand others. And of course they don’t always receive it, but at least we did our part and can also continue to pray for them. ❤️

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  4. I followed you on IG. My name there is Lea Wilson-Reynolds. It’s the name I used when I was still teaching public school and wanted to be on social media without my high school students stalking me. 😆

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  5. In my positions as parent and teacher, it was a little easier, being in the authority position. Too many times I wanted to blurt out, “What were you thinking????” and give ’em a dope slap. But of course God intervened.
    I do think it is appropriate to intervene when God prompts us. When it is done in love, and with God’s heart, then we are not accountable for the other person’s response, only for our own behavior. (Even when it rips our hearts 😕)

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    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love the ‘good slap’ part 🙂 🙂 but even our girls are too old for that 🙂 🙂 Sometimes, I think that this person should know better, but most times, the shift can be so subtle, that at times they may not even realize it. 🙂

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