Hey friends, we are now experiencing the last full month of summer.  August is here, can you believe it? We are four months away from the end of the year. We’ve officially lived more of 2019 than there is to be lived.  Do you know in one of our local craft stores, the Christmas decorations are already on display? Perhaps they never took it down, perhaps the ‘powers that be’ knew that Christmas would be here in less than a blink, so they just decided to leave the decorations right there.  Perhaps I will join them next year, because at this rate, December 2020 will be here even faster than this year’s.  The temperature has already indicated that it is aware of the approaching fall season.  It was a cool 56 degrees this morning, a signal of things to come.  I am looking forward to fall though, I hope the season sticks around long enough for us to actually enjoy it.  Winter has the sneaky and very bad habit of encroaching on Fall’s time. 

The girls are leaving us again for college in less than a week.  These three months of summer break simply flew past.  I will sorely miss them. Did you know that the girls attend school less than half hour away from Sunday morning’s mass shooting in Ohio? As a matter of fact, they attend church in Dayton.   

Sometimes, I want to hold on to them so very, tightly, I want to hide them under my wings and keep them safe, where no one and nothing can hurt them.  I want to cuddle and coddle and cosset them. I want to be their protector and savior.  They are my babies and in spite of their ages, they always will be my babies. I want to place shields around them and force them in my protective bubble.  Sometimes, I wish I could do just that.  But the truth is, I can’t.   And my desire to control my environment is telling me I should freak out because I am not in control.  I war between trying to be in control and allowing the Lord to lead, even though I know that the idea that I can control anything is ludicrous and very delusional. 

I know they are safe in my Lord’s Hand, yet what if something happens to them? My heart goes out to the parents of the people killed over the weekend.  I could not imagine their grief.  I guess the most important question, that can ever be asked, isn’t what if something happens, but rather what if they don’t know the Lord? What if they died in their sins? What if they never accepted the Lord as their Savior? 

Isn’t that really the true calamity here? After all, safety isn’t the absence of danger, rather it is the presence of God. May God be with our us.  

I am reminded in times like these to be diligently in prayer for my kids.  Sometimes, I lose sight of the power that is found in prayer.  Prayer, at times, can just be words that go no further than our ceiling, because of our lack of intentionality.  We can’t pray without thought, else just words will flow from our lips.  We must acknowledge the One, on the other end of the line.  There is nothing ordinary about Him; in His presence I can lay my fears for our kids and rest assured that they are safe there.

Because of my relationship with Him, He has granted me full access to Himself and I can share with Him my concerns. He has demonstrated to me time and time again that He loves the girls far more than me, far more than I can ever conceptualize.  He is the author of love.  He is far better at protection than I can ever be.  In His presence, He gives hope, because it is so easy to think that the enemy is winning.  But we know the end of the story, don’t we? 

We win, my friends.  Don’t give up, hang on, for greater is He that is in us, than he that is in the world.

How are you today? Do you trust the Lord with your loved ones?

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45 responses to “HELP!!! I CAN’T LET GO”

  1. I agree Winter creeps in too quickly! I’m so thankful you had a fantastic time with your girls over the summer!!

    I understand what you mean about wanting to “control freak” them in protection but our Heavenly Father can do a much better job than we can, a hard truth to accept at times though..I’ve been leaning on Proverbs 3:5-6 when I feel weak and unsure!! Thanking Him for His good word of assurance in a rough, messed up world.

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  2. Great post my pretty lady!! It’s so hard letting go isn’t it? Miss our daughter who just recently got married😢 Joining you in prayer for them. May this be their best year yet🙏🏻🙌🏻
    Big hugs💗🤗

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  3. Sometimes it feels like the more I try and trust God with my fears over my family, the more I start to feel panic and see worse-case scenarios. However, you are so very right, I’m not actually in control of anything anyways! I have been trying to lay those fears down at God’s feet, but honestly, kind of feeling like it’s an attack. After all, we all know who doesn’t want us to let go and let God be actually in control like He is. Just some things that have been on my mind lately and that you just articulated. 🙂 God Bless!

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  4. Great reminders! We have no guarantees in this life, except that He is trustworthy. I pray for your daughters’ safety — and that they may be a light and joy to a grieving community when they return to school. I do worry about my children, but what a privilege to put those worries into the hands of a God who loves them more than I do! (He probably wishes I’d do that a little quicker!)

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      • True! And my brain is capable of conjuring worst-case scenarios even when these events aren’t front and center! I’m reminded of the lyrics of an old praise song: “Trusting in you in so easy to do when I see you as you really are.” Whether it’s a mental game or a real, living threat, we need to look closely at him so that this whole trust thing gets easier. Praying for you! Thanks for your post.

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  5. Powerful!
    Lord is almighty and with his protection your daughter will be safe and I don’t the the exact words put it does say in the bible to leave all your worries and problems to God.
    So when you worry about your daughters, pray to God and a positive outcome will always arise no matter how bad the day is going.

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  6. Amen Brenda! It is so important to remember that the Lord loves our kids perfectly and their lives are in His hands. I know it will be hard for me when our kids get older and leave home. They are going back to school tomorrow (where did summer go?) and I am going to miss them even with them just being gone for the school days. Amen to praying for our kids too. That is something I do all the time every day. 🙂 I am so thankful the Lord loves us all more than we could ever imagine! God bless you all!

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  7. I hear you! There are days I totally trust in God for them – and then days when I start worrying. My worry is more about my grandchildren now who are young adults like your girls – a time when so many decisions are made that effects their whole life. I have to remind myself I am not God – and He is trustworthy.

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