Hey, friends, has your week been good? Think about it, for a second, how was your week? In fact, how was the month of July? Can you believe this is the last Friday in July? Where did the time go? Time is moving so fast, that I am convinced that the earth must be rotating on its axis at a much faster rate, which means it is spinning around the sun faster also, that must be the only explanation. As a child, I thought time moved so slowly, but now even kids think time is moving at the spend of light. What’s going on? Perhaps a better explanation could be, that as children, we had quite a bit of time for spontaneous play, whereas in today’s world, most of our kids’ time is used for structured play. Do you have another explanation for this phenomenon?


Two verses that the Lord has brought to my attention are these:

Now I know you maybe thinking that this girl talks way too much, even the Lord had to intervene.  And although you wouldn’t be completely wrong, (I have admitted I talk too much) the Lord has placed me in positions where I’ve HAD to do a lot of talking lately. See… I had no choice.  But there is this verse that says: 

Rather than the number of words, I believe the Lord has called my attention to the quality of my words. In the past, I’ve placed a lot of attention on the fact that I do indeed talk TOO much, and not necessarily on the actual purpose behind the words coming out of my mouth. That’s a whole topic in itself isn’t it? I’ve come to the conclusion though, that it’s harder to control the quality of my words than the number of words.  Inevitably if I’m not careful and intentional, honoring the Lord in my speech travels to the bottom of the list, before I’m finished talking.  Do the words of your mouth, glorify the Lord? 


During the month of July, I’ve found myself wearing more rose gold jewelry than any other.  Perhaps the reason for this is that it’s newer than any other.  Most of these pieces are Swarovski, which Benny normally buys for me.  I love the look of this color against my skin.  

Bought on eBay Monica Vinader bracelets
Benny bought me these (there were two) bangles on our wedding day 🙂
Aren’t they pretty and shiny? I love, love Swarovski, of course Benny bought them for me.
Cleo (our first born) bought these for me for my birthday. They are from TJ Maxx
Also from TJ Maxx is this Ted Baker watch and it was on sale!!

These shoes have been my go for the month of July. By now, you know that these shoes are thrifted.  I love the Nine West because of the minimalist look and its heel height.  It isn’t too high, and the heel is somewhat of a block, which makes it cute, chic and comfortable. 

Flat shoes are not really comfortable for me. But these Apt 9 took the chic and cute and tripled it, though it’s still not that comfortable (I think it’s because it is so very flat) which is okay with me.  

It’s hot in my neck of the woods; HOT! Most days I don’t bother with a foundation, but then my friend recommended this one and it changed my life.  


This NARS Sheer~Glow foundation is everything. It is a lightweight, medium coverage foundation, which allows my skin to breath.  

The slightly dewy look looks and feels great because of my dry skin and this Becca setting powder needs a whole blog post.

Initially I thought my brush was wet, but then I realized this foundation literally has water or moisture or something wonderful that feels wet. That’s the best setting powder I have ever used and chile… I’ve used a lot.  

It feels good when it’s being applied to the skin and looks even better after it’s done.  The down side to these two; it’s ridiculously expensive.

I’ve had this Anais Anais perfume for a few years, maybe two.  Every single summer without fail, it will be added to my favorites.  I absolutely love the scent, I will always, always repurchase this perfume.  The floral scent isn’t cloying, it is fresh and light and beautiful. I love it.  

I believe that because time is moving so fast and is also fleeting, let us enjoy each day as the Lord grants it to us.  Let’s take each opportunity to live life in a manner that brings glory to our Heavenly Father. Let’s choose to life everyday like it’s our last day, for truly no one knows when our time will be up.  Live life to its fullest, live life abundantly. 

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  1. I’ve been praying that verse here lately-set a watch over my mouth…and I have wondered what’s up with that ‘time flying by’ thing myself! It sure was slower when we were kids! 🤔😜 Girl you are looking great and rocking those shoes! Loved all of them!! I love those flats, but I’m having to get away from the totally flat ones and the really high heels. I wear a lot of wedge heels now. And just recently got some really comfortable St. John’s Bay that looked like those white Clark’s you got here while back. They are awesome!Thanks for sharing your finds…I need to check out that perfume..I love light and flowery.

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  2. How cool is it that not so long ago, my mother and I were discussed the quality of our words and minding our tongue. It has been a prayer of mine for the past week cause I know I can let my mouth run pretty fast😂😂 thank you for that reminder.

    The shoes are cute though🙌❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Proverbs 31 is my favorite. I wish I could wear high heels again, they are so sexy and makes one slimmer. But age and artheritis has taken that from me but that is ok. I had my years for fun shoes and always knew aging would bring sensible shoes my way. Lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the high heels, but this month I have been stuck wearing walking shoes with inserts due to tendinitis. High heels are out for me now but hopefully I can soon get into some stylish flats.

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