Hey friends, how are you doing? A few of you probably noticed that I’ve been rather sporadic with regards to my presence here, on the blog lately. We’ve actually been on vacation and combined conference in Atlanta, GA, (which you would know if you are following my Instagram; just saying… the link is at the end of the post).

Cleo was on her ‘phone, I was deliberately annoying her

The conference was spiritually uplifting and enriching, exactly what my soul needed. It was a wonderful pleasure to fellowship with other like minded people, with service to the Lord as their goal, and also renew relationships with others, exactly what my heart needed. The hotel was okay, not great unfortunately, but thankfully they provided a shuttle, which enabled us to visit the nearby mall (which was amazing, by the way, it literally came with a TJ Maxx Runway; yes, please!) and that was exactly what the body needed.

I hid the evidence for this photograph

The travel was filled with laughter and encouragement and teasing, exactly what I needed. The temperature was in the 90°s every, single day: it was hot! I spent most of my time, at the pool; of course I did not get into the pool. My kind of hair and water don’t make a good combination, while on vacation. How has your summer been so far?

We have just a few more weeks with the girls, before they go back to school. Can you imagine how quickly time flies? Well, I suppose you don’t have to imagine, I’m sure you do know that time is simply moving faster than the speed of light, blink and you’ve missed entire days. This year, we made the conscious decision to spend most of our free time with the girls. I suppose the fact that they are both away at college has surely impressed upon us the value of time and the importance of relationships.

On our way down to GA, last week, we were told the grandson of one our members was killed. He was only 18. Sometimes, the death of those so young, puts life into perspective, does it not? I wondered whether he had surrendered his life to the Lord? Although I know that ‘safety is not the absence of danger’ but rather the presence of God’, at such news, I tend to hold tighter to our girls. I prayer harder and more fervently for them and their safety. I don’t think I took life nor time for granted, but I am more intentional with the use of our time, although I suppose if I’m now intentional, then perhaps I did take time for granted.

I am thankful the girls know the Lord as their Savior and I want my time with them to be precious, filled with joy and laughter. I want to leave a legacy that demonstrates faithfulness and trust in our Lord, Jesus Christ. I want to be known as a woman filled with inner beauty and yes, outer beauty too, who loved the Lord, Who strived to obey His Word, who loved his people with abandon.

How do you want to be known? Let’s start leaving a legacy today.

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