Congratulations my friends, Someone woke you up this morning. We’ve been granted another day to love better, to be more compassionate, to serve the Lord better.  We’ve been blessed with another opportunity to ‘grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior; Jesus Christ’.  (I thought I would switch around the beginning of this post).  How are you today? Really, I want to know; how are you really doing, today? 

Some days I hit the ground running.  I get out of bed, whisper a cherry ‘good morning’ to my husband (with an emphasis on the ‘good’), pack his lunch bag and send him off to work.  Then I pick up my iPad, find my seat near my kitchen window and spend time with my Lord. Usually, I begin with His Word.  Sometimes, I read Proverbs 31, because I need to be reminded of God’s standard for me.  When my days are ridiculously busy and I feel mentally overwhelmed, I need to read Proverbs 31.  Then I am reminded that the Lord created the entire universe and still holds it all together. He also has millions of His peculiar people walking the earth and never loses sight of them.  But never once is He busy and overwhelmingly frazzled. 

Most times, I continue with Ezekiel. And in there, I am reminded that the God, I serve is absolutely holy and righteous. He tells Ezekiel over and over again, “so you/they will know that I am the Lord, your/their God’. From Ezekiel’s perspective, these words bring with it fear and consequences.  I find myself constantly reevaluating my life, when I read Ezekiel. I guess that’s a good problem to have, right?   

After which we talk (well, I talk, and He listens). I thank Him for the sunshine and the warmth.  Excitedly, I bring to His attention, that new bird.   I describe the colors; that vibrant completely yellow bird, or the red cardinal or that blue jay (why are the males so pretty?).  Then I talk to Him about my day, I share my family. I tell Him of those close by and of those far away. I tell Him about my friends, those that are sick or in financial strains.  I talk and it’s good, I leave everything at His feet. It’s gonna be a good day, I can just feel it.  

But then there are days, like today, when I struggle to get out of bed.  I mumble an extra brief, ‘good morning’.  I laboriously prepare my sweetheart’s lunch and silently wait for him to leave.  Then I slowly make my way to my window seat. I spend a few minutes, just staring outside. Slowly my eyes are opened to the sights around me, my ears begin to filter the sounds.  I read Proverbs 31 and I wait, because you see, I’m moving kinda slow today. I know today will still be a good day.  My Lord has not abandoned His throne.  He is still in control. He is always faithful. So, I will lean on Him a little more, I will hold on a little tighter today. Or perhaps it is He leaning a little more, I’m very sure, it is He, Who is holding on, a little tighter. 

So how are you doing today?

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24 responses to “NO, NOT TODAY”

  1. Hi His tapestry, it appears that you have a perspective which is wrought by God. That’s very good.

    And the reason that male birds in general are more colorful than female birds.

    Is so that female birds can roost on her eggs in camouflage/hiding from predators.

    God is very detailed in His creation isn’t He?

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  2. My days are all slow now with chronic health conditions though not mumbling, I just like to sit quietly with a cuppa, in His presence soaking up His love & strength ♥
    As that’s all I’m capable of most mornings…He is faithful… What a blessed life I have 😀
    Bless you,

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  3. We all have those slow days but thankfully God is still near. Thanks for the encouragement. I liked the switch to the intro. It made me realize right away how blessed we are to see a new day☀️☀️

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  4. Ha! My day started a lot like yours in the mumbly department. 😊
    I love how you describe your reading and prayer time. A good friend told me long ago that in those times with our Lord, it’s important not to get up and start your other stuff until you CONNECT with God. I’ve never forgotten it, and it has become the base for all my days.

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